Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Woodland Christmas...

Step into the Christmas woods with me... if you follow my blog at all (thank you!)... then you know what Nature lovers Jack and I are... much of our home is decorated with beautiful treasures from Nature gathered on our daily walks... so, of course we must have a woodland tree... meet a few of my friends... Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf... in my woods, there is no such thing as a big, bad wolf... they are all beautiful and kind...

Little raccoons are a favorite of ours... we often see them as well on our Nature walks...

This little chipmunk is one of my very favorites...

A beautiful woodland Santa from many years ago stands watch over the forest...

One of many little squirrels who call my woodland tree home for the holidays,,,

My little forest is full of so many of God's precious little creatures, I could not possibly show them all... are you like me... I have a hard time photographing the entire tree and having it look right... and getting everything in the picture... besides collecting vintage Christmas over my lifetime, I also have collected beautiful little Nature decorations... many are one of a kind, hand~carved, some by local artists... they make me smile... I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my little critters... back to my decorating... I am a bit overwhelmed with it this year, still low on energy from my surgery I guess... but they all want to come out... I will post them a few at a time... if you would like to see all of my vintage Christmas collection, I have posted the links to my last year's Vintage Christmas Monday posts on my sidebar under the pretty little vintage pink deer... I will show new photos this year as I finish decorating, but last years posts might give you some fun ideas... xoxo


  1. I pray your body heals quick enough to enjoy your holiday. I know it's not easy. Seems the older we get the harder it is to snap back from surgeries.

    I love LRRH and the wolf. Gorgeous. And the squirrel made me giggle. Cute ornies. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Good morning Julie Marie.....Thank you so much for giving us a little glimpse into your nature world.. Those little creatures look so very perfect in that pine tree.

    Hugs dear friend,


  3. Hi Sweet Friend!

    Love your forest full of natures sweet creatures! I adore the little chipmunk.

    Have fun decorating!!


  4. Hello my Sweet Friend,
    O adore your lovely tree and your pets on it.I wanted to wish you a loving Thanksgiving.I pray you are doing well.I got your card.It put a smile on my face.
    Blessings to you Dear One,
    XXOO Marie Antionette

  5. I like seeing close~ups! The little critters are SO cute. I'll bet your Christmas cards have animals on them! And I love getting those kind, too!

    Happy weekend, Julie Marie!


  6. Hi Lovey! The close ups are wonderful. I have never blogged at Christmas before so we will see what I do. Love that woodland Santa. Feel better and rest up, do not over extend yourself. That's me the bossy nurse btw. ♥O

  7. Oh what lovely ornaments. My favorites are always the ornies that depict birds and insects. Take it slow and you will be able to get all your decorating done. I am having to do that myself this year. Take care, Kit

  8. The woodland tree will be fabulous! I love your treasures . . . very special.


  9. Get Better soon-
    Love your blog- i enjoyed going over it, and love the images... Just Beautiful...
    (a new follower)

  10. I love Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. All are so pretty!! And another thing I love julie Marie, is your sweet and positive attitude!!! You seem to always be happy :)

  11. Hi Julie Marie, I love it all and enjoy nature decorating too. Your sweet little critter ornies are simply precious!
    I enjoy seeing your beautiful decor for Christmas and having fun catching up.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie XO