Saturday, November 27, 2010

Somewhere in Time... and Jo~Anne Coletti's "The Feminine Home"...

"Deja vu... could it be a dream that I once knew... coming true"...
I have posted so often about a beautiful little abandoned place that draws me to it... an unexplained elusive dream that calls my name time and time again... yet it is not in a dream... it is real... I have shown photos of the little abandoned building... deserted so very long ago... yet the beautiful roses continue to flourish there... as if someone were still tending to them...
There is something so endearing to me about the gorgeous roses... I asked my dear friend Jo~Anne Coletti if she might paint them for me, from the photo I took of them cascading over the old wooden fence... she captured them so beautifully for me in her painting... my painting by Jo~Anne is one of my most prized possessions, and it sits on my dresser in our bedroom... she too loves my roses and she also has felt that certain enchanted spell that can be cast upon us by objects and places from the past...
This past summer, as once again I was drawn to this precious place, my beautiful roses clamboring up the chippy, shabby sides of the building, I snipped some little cuttings and brought them home... first, I let the beautiful roses dry naturally... their Heavenly scent lingers in my home... then I planted three little starts in my garden... covering them with vintage canning jars... just like my mama did when she started all of her beautiful roses from cuttings from my grandmother's garden... the jars soon filled with mist as the roses were protected in their little greenhouses... soon, leaves appeared and my precious little starts had taken root... my thoughts drift to next Spring... and how my beautiful roses will now clambor up my own home... and hopefully flourish like those planted so very long ago...
Just last evening, I changed my header on my blog to my photo of my roses... I wanted my header to reflect something I love dearly, something I want to leave on my blog always... and my beautiful roses just seemed like the photo to use... then today... I received an email from my dear friend Jo~Anne Coletti, letting me know her new magazine is now ready to purchase... Jo~Anne had asked me some time ago if she might use my photo of these most beautiful roses in her beautiful magazine "The Feminine Home"... I was elated and naturally said yes... Jo~Anne is the epitome of loveliness and beauty... and now she has captured my gorgeous roses once again...along with so many other beautiful photos in her magazine... this magazine will be a keeper for always and always... sitting here now, my thoughts drift even more so... picturing in my mind another beautiful lady, who long ago, lovingly planted these roses... is she perhaps watching me from above... gently helping me with my little starts... happy that her roses are continuing to thrive... I love to think so...

I hope you will visit Jo~Anne and order one of her oh so very beautiful magazines... it is a limited special edition that you will want to look through again and again... please tell her Julie Marie sent you... and perhaps another loving soul from "somewhere in time"... xoxo


  1. This is a sweet, sweet story and I love the painting. I have heard of Jo Anne throughout Blogland so I am sure she is a special lady. I will go right on over to visit her now. I'd love to have the magazine...especially since your precious roses are in it!!


  2. Thank you Jane! I was very excited about having my roses in her magazine, and I appreciate your sweet comments always and how you are always so supportive of me... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. LOVE your new header Julie Marie and that painting is exquisite!!! Lucky you!!

  4. KNOW I share your love of this place. How lovely to see it again in a photo and thrilled to see it painted out by Miss JoAnn. A treasure for sure. The photograph IS fabulous and Magazine worthy!

    Love to you sweet friend~


  5. Hello dear friend....I love it when you post about this special spot with the roses...I think I just might order the magazine you looks divine.



  6. You are a talented writer. I enjoyed your sweet blog so much .Thank you.



  8. Hi Rebecca,
    Oh how I love the story of your building and the gorgeous roses that grow there. JoAnn captured them so wonderfully in the painting for you. I am so thrilled for you to be featured in the magazine. You and your talents for all things natural and beautiful are so worthy.
    The new rose cutting is coming along wonderful and I can only imagine how beautiful they will be next Spring.
    I love your new header too. Perfect to reflect your blogs content of all things lovely.

    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  9. Muy buen puesto. Me tropecé con su blog y quería decir que he disfrutado mucho navegando por tu blog. En cualquier caso, voy a ser la suscripción a tu feed, y espero que escribir de nuevo pronto!