Monday, November 29, 2010

In the Pink...

Hello ladies... today I wanted to share my all~pink tree with you... the tree is not vintage, but the beautiful pale pink balls are all from the '50s... I love how it turned out so pretty with nothing on it but the pretty pink ornaments...
Thank you also for bearing with me yesterday as blogger kept causing me problems... for some reason, a number of my posts went through that weren't supposed to... today I think all is well though!... also, thank you ladies for your kind comments about my favorite photo of my beautiful roses (now my header) being featured in Jo~Anne Coletti's gorgeous new magazine "The Feminine Home"... (see previous post)... I know many of you are often featured in magazines and publications, but this is a first for me and I am quite honored!... wishing you all a beautiful day... it is a winter wonderland here in Centerville as we have had SNOW for the past week, almost non~stop... over ten inches now... time for a hot cup of coffee and a visit to your blogs!... xoxo


  1. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Wish I could join you for a cup of hot coffee right now!! I love your pink tree. It reminds me of the fifties so much. I have always admired those beautiful roses, too. They always make my heart beat just a little faster. Congratulations on being featured in Jo Anne's magazine. Have a blessed week, sweet friend~love always~Vicki

  2. Your tree is beautiful! The vintage ornaments are the icing on the cake! I love seeing bits and pieces from your sweet!

    Have a wonderful week, Julie Marie! :-)


  3. What a beautiful pink tree Julie :) I love the ornaments. You make me want to put my trees up so badly!! I cant wait to get my decor and play :)
    Congratulations on getting into Jo-Anne's magazine!! That is such a stunning photo and definitely magazine worthy :)
    Chad got my painting by Jo-Anne in the divorce :( Now I need a new one, lol!!
    Love ya doll,

  4. Your pink tree is a HOOT!! It's very lovely - it brings back memories from my childhood.

    So - I guess I got a sneaky peeky with the blogger fun yesterday!


  5. Lovely roses!!! And the pink tree is just beautiful... 10 inches of snow??? yikes. Not usually a fan of snow, but I did like our 3 ft. blizzard last year... Stay warm Julie Marie, and thanks for sharing your lovelies!!