Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Bling... Vintage Style...

So many years have passed, yet it seems like just yesterday... I grew up in a small rural town called Bountiful...which borders the little town of Centerville I live in today, to the south...when we were little girls, my sister and I often went shopping with our mama, and while we shopped, many times we would see two other sisters... these two other sisters were beautiful ladies... their names were Helen and Adele... surely they must have stepped right out of a fairytale... as they shimmered and glittered so... even their hair was a beautiful, soft golden color... they wore beautiful clothes and carried shiny gold purses that sparkled like crazy... on their feet were gorgeous gold ballet type slipper shoes... and their jewelry... oooh!... the most glitzy, glimmery jewelry two little girls had ever seen...these ladies were bling when bling wasn't cool... they invented bling...(even though there was no such word back then!)...
Then the years seemed to fly by... the two little girls grew up, but still loved seeing the beautiful ladies they called "the Sarong Sisters"...(you may click here to read my original post I did about these lovely ladies and see photos of them when I first started my blog)...
Several years ago, yes, it was in 2008, a much, (much) older Julie Marie went to an estate sale in her little home town of Bountiful.... as I walked into the home, my eyes filled with tears... I knew instinctively whose estate it was... beautiful Helen... the last of the two sisters to pass away... she was ninety~one years young...I never knew these ladies personally, but always felt like I did... and I loved them, as they were not only beautiful, but kind and caring... many of the women in our little hometown were jealous of their beauty and treated them unkindly... but not my mama... my mama thought they were very beautiful too and always said hello to these ladies at the market, and was nice to them... and these beautiful ladies were nice back...(because nice matters... one of my favorite sayings)...

Both ladies had married, but neither ever had any children... there was only a distant cousin at the estate sale, and she didn't want any of their "junk" as she called it... only the money... how sad... Helen and Adele had travelled the world with their husbands, and had many exquisite tresors... now being sold to strangers... only I didn't feel like a stranger... I loved these ladies... and knew them well... in my, I purchased as many of their wonderful tresors as I could afford... I bought my sister a gorgeous vintage gold rhinestone bracelet, and two for myself...I also bought my sister, my nieces and myself some of the beautiful ladies vintage gold shimmery purses...(my purses and bracelets in photos above and below) as well as many pieces of the stunning vintage crystal that was throughout the home... including a complete set of pretty vintage cordial glasses, several of which are in these photos...
So as I get ready for the holidays... I will remember these pretty ladies...and hope they are smiling down at me as I set about their precious crystal... and wear their shimmery gold bracelets... and let my thoughts drift back to a time when two little girls thought surely these ladies must indeed be beautiful princesses and their castles and Prince Charmings must be close by...
I love that these two sisters were so close their entire life... just like my sister and I are... they lived life to the fullest... and enjoyed every single day...they were kind and caring... and they filled their homes and their lives with beauty...but their true beauty came from within... to Helen and Adele... À VOTRE SANTÉ !... xoxo


  1. What a beautiful post!! This reminds me of an estate sale I went to years ago. Through the rubble I was finding diary's, knitted baby booties, personal items, antiques galore!! I was there a few hours, not believing my wonderful luck w/ all the treasures. Then I happened on a lady with long black hair in one of the back rooms who I started talking with and came to find out that her son and his wife were selling everything she had to put her in a home. It was so-so sad. I had a sick feeling when I left there. I actually wrote a short story about it at the time. Thanks Julie Marie, for sharing this in such a beautiful way. I love reading your posts.

  2. Hi Julie,
    I went to that estate sale last year. The sisters had such fabulous things. I was lucky to buy a few things for the shop which as I recall sold very quickly. I still have a wonderful hat rack that I have kept for display in the shop.
    I never had the privelege of seeing them when they were alive but I could tell by their home that they must have had lots of style.

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. What a sweet and caring post. I wish everyone could see people for the beauty they have on the inside. Some people just probably passed them by , but you noticed and loved them and their style!!

  4. Oh dear friend.....once again you have almost brought tears to my eyes with such a caring post......I agree with you.....NICE MATTERS....and you are.....NICE!!!!

    Gentle Hugs,


  5. Hi Julie Marie

    The story is just wonderful and your photographs just add to the beauty of it all! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just read your last several posts and I see that you got snow. Yikes! I thought it was cold here (low 40's) but your 13 degrees right now is just way too cold for me. Stay inside and warm!


    P.S. Sent your box on Monday, so maybe today you'll be getting a surprise!

  6. What a beautiful post... and I'm so glad you you were able to purchase some of their lovely things, as they meant something to you! Love your photos of the beautiful treasures! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  7. I can't get over how pretty that all is! Beautiful.