Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Shared Passion for the Sea... and a Very Special Lady...

If you have followed my blog at all (thank you!), then you know how much a part of my life Nature and all of God's precious little creatures are... my home is full of beautiful objects from Nature, and many handmade tresors as well... like this beautiful handcarved shorebird a friend of mine painstakingly created for me many years ago... it stands on an old piece of piling out of the Great Salt Lake which lies just to the west of our home... this beautiful shorebird remains one of my favorite things... I love the sea and everything about it... the cool moist sand between my toes, the shell line as you walk out in the water a bit, gathering seashells along a lonely stretch of beach, and finding just the perfect sand dollar... the crashing of the waves against a rocky cliff, the smell of the salty air, the sound of the foghorns at night as a misty fog rolls in... the clanking of the halyards on the masts of the sailboats in the harbor...and of course the beautiful shorebirds that make their home there... I have not been to the ocean for some years and I long for these things...

You may remember a post I did about some special little hand knitted nests I purchased from a beautiful lady named Vicki at 2 Bags Full... Recently Vicki posted about some "designer" shorebird nests she was working on, and I emailed her requesting I might be put on the list to purchase one... today, my beautiful nest arrived... only twenty of these gorgeous creations were made by Vicki, and will not be repeated... Vicki relayed a tale of the time she and her husband found an injured shorebird while they were vacationing in Florida, and how they lovingly rescued the beautiful creature, and took her to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, on the Gulf Coast in Florida, the largest seabird sanctuary in the United States... the beautiful creature was lovingly cared for there, and rehabilitated and released back to the sea life she had known and loved... you may read the whole story on Vicki's blog... as she tells about the very happy ending... right then and there she wanted to do more to help... a lady after my own heart for sure...

Out of the twenty nests she created, two of them were "extra special"... as the proceeds from these "two" nests would be donated to the Sanctuary... say no more... I knew one of the two "extra special" nests was destined to be mine... I loved that the money was going to help these beautiful birds... you can read more about the Sanctuary by clicking here...

My nest is number "20", the last in her series, and signed, dated and numbered...all of the nests are just stunning, but numbers 1 and 20 were designed with the most exquisite adornments of all... this is my nest in the photo above...I draped a beautiful vintage lace scarf around it to look like a fishing net of sorts...look closely at all of the tresors from the sea embellishing my you see the crystal fish and tiny sea turtle?...

My nest is full of petite seashells, little pearls, swarovski crystals, vintage beads and ribbon, vintage estate jewelry, a little glass fish, a teeny little vintage seahorse from Occupied Japan, and so much more...

Gorgeous seaglass from the waters of Bermuda...

A petite little shorebirdie...

The nest itself is out of the softest, most luxurious yarn I have ever seen or felt...

Nestled deep within the nest are three precious little handcrafted shorebird eggs... lovingly guarded by a crystal starfish...

It is absolutely full of beautiful crystals, shells, beads and these beautiful pieces of vintage estate jewelry... a most beautiful nest for one of God's most precious creatures...

Here is my handmade tag, signed, dated and numbered by Vicki...

Dear Vicki... I am totally overwhelmed by the beauty and craftsmanship of my nest... I will treasure this always, and each time I look at it, which will be very often, I will think of you, and your little shorebird you rescued... and from that, you were inspired to create these stunning little nests and also help our seabirds in distress... I will proudly display the Sanctuary's link on my sidebar... and will visit there often myself and help out however I can... I hope you all will visit Vicki... her blog is beautiful as is she, inside and out... please tell her Julie Marie sent you... xoxo


  1. The nest is absolutely beautiful and charming! I'm so glad it has a home with you! Vicki's artistry is quite obvious...I will have to pop over to her blog. The donation is a wonderful thing!


  2. What a beautiful item, and such a lovely gesture with the donation!
    Take Care,

  3. The nest beautiful and full of all kinds of treasures~
    What a beautiful piece to display!!! :D

  4. What a beautiful nest! It is just stunning, and I think the proceeds going to the sanctuary is wonderful.
    I am also drawn to the sea, I am lucky enough to live blocks from Lake Michigan but crave the ocean. It is the most calming to me.
    I keep forgetting to tell you I love the music added to your blog, great touch sweetie.




  6. That nest is unique and beautiful. I know you will treasure it. ♥O

  7. Hi Julie Marie, this nest is just gorgeous... it's so wonderful that they rescued the Seabird and took it to the Sanctuary and was rehabilitated and released back to the sea... I just love stories like this, as I have such a deep love for animals ~~ and how sweet of her to donate to this wonderful cause!!! I'm headed over to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing this great story with us. hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Oh Julie Marie,
    What an incredible creation by Vicki. This nest is simply stunning and the inspiration behind it so heartwarming.

    I love all the little details she added and how special that you recevied the last one # 20. I know to have a home with you is something special in deed. Love your shorebird too and the way you have the nest displayed with the lace. What a beautiful reminder that we are to care for God's innocent creatures.

    Always a lovely post to match your heart!!
    XOXO Celestina Marie

  9. Hearing about things like this puts a Big Smile on my face... Her nests are absolutely wonderful too. I'll be going over there to check her out. Thanks Julie Marie for sharing things like this. I really enjoy happy endings when it comes to critters of all sorts.

    Big Hugs to You*

  10. Beautiful..Thank you for sharing..

  11. That nest is wonderful! The moment I saw your first picture I was curious where it had come from! I love all the details Vicki put in! :)

  12. Those are incredible! I can see why you are so tickled. She does lovely work. Enjoy your wonderful nest! Kit

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a very pretty and unique vignette....thanks for sharing it with us! Happy day!

  14. Hi Julie Marie,
    That nest is truly one of the most beautiful works of art I've seen out here in blog land. Even better is the fact that $$ are going to help something so important and close to your heart. Way to go, Julie Marie. You're always giving back to nature!
    What beauty Vicky has created, I think the crystal starfish is my favorite, but it's truly hard to choose a fav.

  15. Julie Marie,
    I am so touched by this precious and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing the things that you love about the little nest with your dear friends. Your photos are stunning- that shorebirds picture is magnificent. You are so gracious to link to the charity site- don't we all want to help the little shorebirds?

    The nests were a labor of love for me- I am passionate about my creations and that is because of friends like you who seem to love them so. I am honored that you created this beautiful post- thank you does not begin to touch my heartfelt gratitude.

  16. beautiful! & i adore that the proceeds went to such a wonderful cause! just so pretty...xoox