Sunday, October 24, 2010

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

... much like tonight...the sky is an eerie bluish~black with just a hint of last eve's full moon casting a ghostly glow over the countryside surrounding my home... but I digress... I so want to tell you the tale of the Haunted Whaley House as I heard it for the first time on that dark, black night many years ago...again, a night so like this evening...the wind is beginning to howl, no, it is much more like a moan... I believe it is the wind... perhaps not... a chill runs up my spine just thinking about it...
The leaves are rustling about on my porch... I think it is the leaves... but wait, what was that shadow... my nerves are getting a little rattled tonight... perhaps I shall have a sip of something warm and something to eat and rest a spell... I shall need to regain my composure before I tell you the tale of the Haunted Whaley House... please do have something to eat and drink with me before you go... as we French sorcieres say...

... waaaahhhhhaaaaa.... xoxo


  1. Oh my goodness! You are too funny - bone appetite! I'll have to send you the story of my ghost encounter.

  2. Good morning dear friend....So what are you serving??

    Perhaps a witches brew of toasted snails mixed with hair of toad topped off with blood of the bat?? I know you are a vegetarian.....but I don't know what a vegetarian witch would serve(O:(O:(O:.

    I'll be right over for my little treat with you!!



  3. I shall take mine with a little bit of honey~ :D

  4. BOO To YOU Julie Marie,
    You are a funny one indeed! 'My Grama's Soul' has me wanting a little taste of a yummy Witches Brew.
    You must be having so much fun this week, I love Halloween so much.
    I hope you are doing well and feeling no discomfort anymore.
    I read your post below and you are so kind. Animals need our love and support just as much as humans!! As we are all God's creatures.