Sunday, September 12, 2010

That old black magic... has me, in it's spell...

... that old black magic, that youooooo, weave soooo well... Oh!... hello dearies! Sorry, I didn't hear you come in... goodness! I must look a fright!... yes, this is the real me, I just can't do a THING with my hair... and that new moisture cream said it was for wrinkles... yep, I DO have a few more wrinkles today... he he he...

I have been staying up late each night...well after the Bewitching Hour and long after the sky has turned an eerie black ("witch" I love!) ... and the moon is full...perfect for concocting lots of fun for the Barn Chicks party post I am guest~hosting for my "ghoul~friend" Karen of Brayton Homestead Interiors on October 8th... I am calling it "Under October's Magical Spell"... I love Autumn, and October is the most magical, enchanting month of all... Halloween was my sister Jill's and my favorite holiday when we were little girls, infact, it still is, for both of us, and my nieces... so, I decided to put a little Halloween magic into my upcoming Barn Chicks post as well as beautiful barns, pumpkins, Harvest moons, pumpkin recipes, Autumn crafts, Autumn gardens...the list goes on and on... I do hope you will join me and the other Barn Chicks... everyone is welcome to sign up... please leave me a comment or an email letting me know you want to post something wonderfully enchanting that day, and I will add your blog link to my sidebar...

"Just because" I am having sooo much fun, and because it's my very first party I have hosted, I will be giving away a copy of "The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook, Special Collector's Edition"...... the name will be drawn from the comments left on the October 8th post only...

So, put on your cowgirl boots and hat again... (or your pointed witches boots and witches hat!)... and join the fun!...oooh, maybe there is a spooky old abandoned barn near by... with bats hanging from the old rafters... and white floaty images...and barn doors that creak open by themselves... let your imagination run wild... I do!... xoxo


  1. Trying to leave a comment for the second time. I think the black magic is working on my computer. LOL Maybe I need the hat to go with?? Happy day!!

  2. Hi you spellbound one. I am attempting to get ready. Waiting for real pumkins to be sold...none yet! hugs♥olive

  3. I LOVE fall and can't wait for all the decorations to begin. Your post is putting me in the mood to be a wicked witch of the southwest!!! I wonder what I can get away with and if my husband would understand??!! HA!! Love this post girlfriend, Char

  4. You certainly are well ahead of the game when it comes to Halloween!! I don't even know what I am going to be yet!! Cackle!!

    Happy Sunday!


  5. Ooooo, you make it sound like so much fun! I just adore Halloween! And can't wait for our party. Have a great week! Kit

  6. Loved this post! (My sister's name is Jill too!)
    I am just itching for October! Halloween is such a wickedly fun time!

    Love your give-away prize you have too! That will be fun to try and win! :)

  7. I'm polishin' my boots.....girlfriend!! (O:



  8. What a WONDERFUL post! I, like olive cooper am bewitched by your spell. Only you could exude so much caring into a Halloween fright post!

    thanks for hosting my Barn Chick meeting and the mention friend.


  9. Wonderful full moon photo Julie Marie! Looking forward to the Barn Chicks Under October's Magical Spell party :-) Thanks for all the effort your putting into it - and the giveaway is fabulous!

  10. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Oooh!! You are getting me into that Halloween spirit!! You know Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. So many happy memories from my childhood for this holiday. I don't know if I will join the barn party this time, but I will certainly be over to visit you and all of the other barn chicks. Have a delightful week, sweet friend! Vicki

  11. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a wonderful and enchanting post to give some highlights for the upcoming barn chicks meeting. I love your pics.
    Also I enjoyed seeing your party button using your barn pumpkin. I will put that on my sidebar too to display your party.

    I just love Fall and the cooler weather although we are still hot and muggy here. Maybe by the time the party is here it will be cooler. I hope so.
    Maybe you can brew up something to help. LOL Love your creativity!!

    Your pic of the deer are beautiful. I miss seeing the deer each day where we lived in the country in Ohio. Your walks are so nature filled and inspiring. I know they bring you such joy.

    Have a great evening. See you again soon.
    Love to you,
    Celestina Marie

  12. great time of the year for fun,magic,eating candy apples. enjoy. rose

  13. You put a spell on me as well. I do very much want to party with the barn chicks.

    I am not a white shabby chick (well, maybe I am, but not my interior design style) so all your autumn colors are wonderful in my opinion. I wish I had such a pulled together look.

  14. I too get spellbound and want to play along! Can't wait!

  15. I just love the mug you have in this picture. Where on earth did you get it?