Monday, September 6, 2010

Something Got Your Goat??? ...

Look at this adorable little face!...

My sister Jill and her husband Wes took a little day trip south of where we all live the other day, about 80 miles away, and was sweet enough to take these wonderful barn photos for me... (she might just be becoming a barn chick herself!)... thanks Jill, you did a great job!...

Hope you enjoyed seeing some more of the beautiful countryside close to our home... xoxo


  1. Yep, your sis has been turned to the Barn Chick side! Lovely barns. hugs sweetie♥olive

  2. I love that you have family taking photos now.
    That goat looks like it is deciding if it should come over or go find something else to eat.LOL

  3. Such beautiful barns, Julie! I love goats...don't know why! Especially the tiny babies--so sweet!

    Hope you're having a beautiful Labor Day!


  4. It does look like Jill is a Barn Chick! Great photos! I love the goat one, I kinda wish I could have a goat. Well, I'll be lucky if I can convince the homeowners association that I can have hens. I know they won't allow a rooster! LOL


  5. yeah! another Barn Chick- sign her ip- I see talent runs in the family. Another person as sweet as you?


  6. Great photos Jill and what a sweet thing to do.

    p.s. Love your blog title Julie!

  7. I love old barns Julie and the photos you've taken of barns in your little corner of the world are just wonderful!
    I like Goats too (I'm a Capricorn) :-)

  8. Oh Julie Marie
    They are the cutest goats, I want to get some so bad!! I love all the barn photos, your family did such a great job and got wonderful pictures.
    What a great time of the year to capture lovely barn pictures, I hope to get some good ones in Vermont next month when I go up to visit my parents.
    ( how are you feeling, better I hope??) ( tomorrow is my 45th bday, I have friends coming over so we can all hang out and relax with my kids and family, I can't believe how fast the years go by, Oliver keeps my young LOL, he has a lot of energy so I have to keep running all day with him, I love every minute of it )
    Take Care

  9. Hi Julie Marie,
    Oh the sweet goat is so cute. Your sister did a wonderful job of taking great barn pics. They are great pics.

    We had a very busy long weekend with a surprise party and traveled about 70 miles away to a little town to treasure hunt. I looked everywhere for barns. Saw a few, but could not get down the private roads to take good pics. I tried though and many have a few.

    Have a great week sweetie and talk to you soon. (I am just swamped at the moment)
    Hope your barn pumpkin arrived.
    Love ya, Celestina Marie

  10. please sign me up to be a Barn Chick on your October meeting. I have already started on my post as I know yours will be fantastic again!


  11. Like the barns, but love the goat :-) thanks for sharing...

  12. I would love to be a barn chick again-it's been so much fun. Please count me in-I'll be thinking of something magical!

  13. Look at all those wonderful barns! I bet there's a mousie or two in you think?

    "She" just thinks they look wonderfully inviting. Bet "she'd" like them better if "she" found a mousie or three in them ;)



  14. I've very much enjoyed finding your beautiful blog today. I feel as if I've traveled to your area of the country in a most delightful way.


  15. What a sweet sister.
    She did a great job.
    Thanks for sharing with us.