Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkins... Barn Chicks... and my Giveaway...

Everywhere I look, Centerville is decorated with beautiful pumpkins! Even the market today had this cute display with hay, cornstalks, and our gorgeous locally grown pumpkins...all waiting for a home...

If you are like me, you love pumpkins, especially grinning from ear to ear with an eerie glow from inside on All Hallows Eve... Halloween is my all time favorite holiday... and tomorrow, I am going to start my decorating... love, love love Martha Stewart's Halloween magazines... if you visit my Barn Chicks post on Friday, October 8th and leave me a comment, your name will go in the drawing for a copy of Martha's latest, "The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook"... you may comment up through midnight, (the bewitching hour, of course!) on Sunday, October 10th on the Barn Chicks party post only, and I will draw the winning name on Monday, October 11th so I can mail it out priority to the winner in plenty of time for Halloween... you still have time to join the party!... It's all about "Under October's Magical Spell"... barns, pumpkins, Autumn leaves, fall recipes, scarecrows... whatever enchants you this time of year... please email or leave me a comment if you would like to sign up... links are posted on my sidebar under the cute barn pumpkin I purchased from my friend Celeste at Celestina Marie Designs... would love for you to join us!... the Barn Chicks party posts were created by Karen, at Brayton Homestead Interiors... I am guest~host for October!...

Three little pumpkins, sitting in a row...

Sooo hard to decide which ones to buy... love them all, odd shapes are so fun, and the ones with blemishes look like scars when I carve a scary face on them...

Wishing you a beautiful Autumn day... xoxo


  1. Hi Julie, finally getting caught up a bit this afternoon reading blogs. Oh how I wish that I were in your neck of the woods right now. We really don't experience Fall here in Miami and I love that season so much. Looks like you have been busy enjoying life! xo, Janet

  2. Oh girly...I love shopping for Pumpkins! Every year I pick out a sweet one (two, three, four) and remember when my babes were little and it was a tradition for us.

    Love to visit you...

    Did you share your chocolate bar with your hubbs????


  3. Love your pumpkin post Julie Marie!! Pumpkins just scream fall to me!!

  4. It's too hot here for pumpkins yet - I've seen a few in the grocery store - but even on 10/31 they can only be outside one night. Then they're gone. Too hot.

    So - I'm really loving your photos and getting the fall feeling! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi,
    We have a beautiful pumpkin.
    I love autumn and your pumpkin tradition.


  6. I am like you -I can never decide which pumpkin to pick!
    great list for the Barn Chick party- I cannot wait!
    thanks for the mention friend- great giveaway!!1


  7. Hi Julie Marie!! I LOVE to visit your blog...it's always full of charming photos & sweet thoughts! Can't wait for the next Barn Chicks get together...they're such fun!

  8. You are lucky!! Due to where I live, I have to go for hours in search of such eye candy. I sure do miss being able to drive out into the country and spotting road side stands of pumpkins and apple butter and cider and the like...
    ADD ME to the Barn Chic party, please.

  9. I LOVE pumpkins too! They're so unique, each and every one! Especially fun to carve and light with candles! :) Can't wait for the Barn Chicks party!

  10. Hi Julie Marie,
    Can't wait to see your Halloween decorations. Halloween has always been so much fun for me and my family...We love to dress up, decorate and who can forget the best part...THE CANDY...more specifically Candy Corn...Yum, my favorite. Can't wait! Hope you're having a wonderful autumn day my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,


  11. I like Pumpkins, Autumn is my favorite Season. Pumpkin is a very beautiful vegetable, pumpkins are magic, your photos are marvellous. I like so much your blog ! I will come again. I wish you a marvellous Autumn. Greetings from France.

  12. Hi Julie, I am still waiting for two huge pumpkin sales to start here. I need pumpkins! Your images are lovely. hugs♥O

  13. How can one not smile when looking at a pumpkin!? They are so happy and fun! I speak as if they are real and alive beings...but you know what I mean!! Us gardeners have such a love for the earth and what grows from it. Your images are always delightful Julie Marie.

  14. Love all the photos! I can't wait to start decorating this weekend for Halloween. I just adore all those oranges, golds and purples. Have a great weekend! Kit

  15. What a perfect autumn post! I can't wait to go pick out some pumpkins with my toddler!

  16. You looked gorgeous today!

    Wish your sister a very Happy Birthday from me!

  17. back to read blogs. i love to decorate for different times of the year. can't wait for it to get cooler. pumpkin time. it's hard for me to choose. take care. rose