Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Bliss...and a Precious Rose from the Past Comes to Life...

These sun~dappled days of Autumn are pure bliss to me...I love the rusty colors of mums that grace my front porch, along with a pretty Autumn wreath, pumpkins, Indian corn and gourds...

Our Nature walk each morning shows off Fall's beauty all along the way... as I stop to capture these golden strawflowers against a white picket fence...

Spring and Summer came and went so fast... I am not complaining Autumn is truly my most favorite time of year... I have shown the photo below so many times before on my blog, starting with one of my first posts I did when I began my blog, called "A Haunting Passion", you can read here... about an old, abandoned building that draws me to it, time and time again...the building is old and in disrepair... yet the beautiful roses flourish, as though someone from another time who has passed on watches over them and tends to them..

I have been trying to check into buying the old, abandoned little place... I feel a closeness to it that I simply cannot explain... this summer, when the beautiful red roses were blooming profusely, clamboring up the side of the building, and overflowing across the old wooden fence, I snipped these starts in the photo below and took them home with me... I displayed them for several days in my old blue fruitjar and daydreamed about who had planted them so very many years ago... and who somehow still tends to them... perhaps looking down at me and seeing how much I too love them... and the little abandoned place...

I placed the little starts in my garden, under old glass fruit jars, just like my mama did with the roses she started from my grandmother's garden so very long ago... the fruit jars soon became little greenhouses... as I peered through the mist each day... wishing so badly that my little starts would take root and grow... perhaps the same dear soul who tends to the roses in the little garden that once belonged to her... (and perhaps still does)... is watching over me now too... as my little rose starts have now taken root... each morning now, there appear to be more leaves than the day before... I am so excited!... they are thriving now, with no need for the fruit jars over them any more... come winter, I shall put straw over them to protect them from the harsh winter weather we get here in Centerville...

But for now, I will daydream about how next Spring they will clambor up my house too... and perhaps one day cascade over a little fence or trellis of my own... like the photo I took below... my dear friend Jo~Anne Coletti painted a beautiful picture from this photo for me of my precious roses... she has asked me if she can show my photo below in her new magazine that is coming out this month... I am so excited about these two things... my little roses beginning a new life, and my dear friend Jo~Anne seeing her dream of a magazine of her own come true... I hope you will visit Jo~Anne at Vintage Rose Collection, where you can read more about her beautiful endeavor...designed by Jo~Anne to help women fulfill their dreams... it will be over 100 pages and full of beautiful photos, poems, and spiritual devotionals...

I also want to remind you all of my Barn Chicks party here at Idyllhours on Friday, October 8th... if you would like to sign up, please leave me a comment telling me so, or send me an email... the Barn Chick Parties that Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors has done have been so much fun, and I am guest~hosting this one for her... I will be drawing a name from the comments left on that post only, for a copy of "The Best of Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook"... "Special Collector's Edition"... I hope you will visit all of the Barn Chicks that day as well...

Thank you for visiting me today...wishing you all a most blissful Autumn day too... xoxo


  1. Oh what a green thumb you have my dear friend! How great it will be to have piece of this lovely rose. I think you have inspired me to try this with one of my favorite roses. I have never tried this before. I just go buy a new rose, but this would be a great way for me to save money.
    I loved your master bedroom! It looks perfect for Fall and the coming Winter weather we know we can't hide from. Dale has to deal with foofy rooms too, and he is sweet like Jack and never complains.
    hugs to you...

  2. Hello dear is so great that you took a cutting from that beautiful bush....and that it has sprouted giving you a new beautiful plant to nurture.

    Have a beautiful weekend,





  4. You really are SO good with plants, Julie Marie! Your rose is going to be so beautiful! I have done cuttings from small houseplants but have never endeavored to do something like a rose, which I have never been able to grow at all!

    I wish you luck if you are able to buy the little building. It has your name on it. I know you would beautify it in an instant!


  5. I'm so impressed - they grew roots and just took off! Hooray for you!!! I love the mature roses - what a story they could tell if only we could hear them.

    Your friend's blog is elegant - soft and pretty! I lovely place to relax for a bit!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I am so excited for you and your little roses! How wonderful. Kit

  7. It truly looks like Autumn over here in your corner of the world!
    So beautiful, I wish I had your gift with the blooms. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Love all your beautiful photos. Love your excitement for this time of year. And love Martha. Oh Martha.

    p.s. cute festive photo of you on sidebar

  9. Oh Julie Marie, What a beautiful post, and those roses are just gorgeous!!! Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comments. I left a message for you on my blog! hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. I forgot to say congrats on your rose picture being in the magazine... how exciting!!! Thanks for the link to your friends blog, I have already went by to visit and I love her blog!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  11. Those roses and your photos of them are just beautiful Julie Marie!! I love them and they are gorgeous against the white building. So sad that it is abandoned. Maybe one day it will be yours! :)

    Today on the way home from town I noticed two or three chippy white buildings down a long lane with no house. I told hubby I would love to haul a white table and chairs up there and do a photo shoot. It would be so gorgeous!! Maybe one of these days...
    Happy weekend!

  12. missed you had company and other issues. i also love the colors of autumn. i esp love the coolness in the air. just beautiful flowers. rose

  13. Girlfriend...I am in LOVE with that little know I am! Did your roses take root? I so want to see them growing in your own garden.

    Now...I finally have Miss K's things ready to send to you. I've had a terribly hectic week but things have calmed down now. Promise to mail it out this week. She'd be sooo upset with me if she knew how tardy her Nana was about it all...

    Love to you. Miss our chats~


  14. Dear sweet Julie,
    ahh you are so thoughtful to mention my magazine, thank you angel!
    Will you be dressing up this Halloween? CAnt wait to see what you come up with..
    Love to you

  15. What a wonderful story Julie Marie... these roses look like the same ones that grew at the end of my Grandma Meme's front porch on a trellis. They were so gorgeous and abundant! Such sweet memories I have of Meme sitting in her rocker telling the "old stories" with those roses as a backdrop while my cousins & I listened attentively. Thank you for such sweet thoughts as you dream of what this place could be for you. I'm so impressed with the little starts you have growing! Perhaps the roses are supposed to live on through your tender care in your garden...

    Big hugs,Sherry

  16. Must go see about your rose pic in the magazine, very exciting, Congrats!!

  17. Hi Julie Marie,
    I hope you are having a nice peaceful Sunday with Jack. We are relaxing and eating outdoors in the beautiful fall weather. I love all your pictures but am enchanted by the tattered white home with the gorgeous hot pinkish roses that are growing up the side so beautifully. I love old buildings and the mix of the roses against the old white paint is so charming. What a delightful time of the year it is indeed, my very favorite too. I am swamped with business these days and always have to work around the kids schedule when they are in school or sleeping so it is busy but fun. I'm getting prepared for all my fall teaching/class schedule. Thanks for always leaving such nice comments on my blog, I love hearing from you!!
    ( I too love the country and thats where we live it is very remote but I enjoy trips into the city as long as I get to come back to the peace and quiet of our home)
    Happy Sunday to you

  18. isn't the fall wonderful friend! thanks for the mention of my blog Chick parties- your quest hosting party will be hard to follow I am sure-love your ohotos and that little building covered in red roses is a keeper!

    Karen- Barn Chick

  19. Hi Dear Julie,
    What a lovely post featuring the little building graced by the forever roses. Congratulations on the magazine feature. I am so excited for you and look forward to see it knowing it is from your camera and surroundings.

    Another congrats on your rose root taking hold and growing nicely. I know it will be there to greet you in the Springtime because of all the care and love you gave it for a great start!

    Your porch looks beautiful. I also love all the Fall colors and mums in rust, red, yellow and yes some pink too. This truly is my favorite season.

    Looking forward to the party. It won't be long now. I went on a barn hunt yesterday and had lots of luck!! YEAH!! True Texas style!

    Have a great Monday my friend and see you again soon.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  20. Oh Ms. Julie Marie,
    I'm so happy thay your little starts are growing...Must be PMS but I can't stop crying...Happy tears ofcourse. It is just the way you talk about your little building with the roses and about how you dream about someone from another time still there, tending to them...So sweet!

    Much love to you,

  21. Autumn is my favourite season! I wish I'm as good with blooms as you are, the succulents living in my backyard aren't looking too good at the moment :(

    Can you even kill succulents? lol
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  22. Oh painted me a picture with you words when you commented on my post today. I can just see you outside your home learning to roller skate with your little doggie, Tina, running about.

    Thank you for sharing. I will never move back to Cali but a part of my heart will always live there.

    I can't wait for you to get Miss K's present! :) xoRebecca

  23. Oh gosh Julie Marie~ I wish you could buy that little barn with the roses on it. I enjoy that photo every time you post it. It's so picturesque. I would love to see what's inside. Buy it! I wonder who has been watering the roses? Do you ever see a person there? I love a good mystery and this is one. Also, the PUMPKINS and
    orange mums are Yummy. xoxo Amy

  24. Hi Julie Marie,

    I hope you are ok and feeling well! I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you. Email anytime! I just got home from oliver's back to school night . And I told him you said 'hello' he says hi back! I should fly out there one day with oliver and we will take you and Jack out to lunch! That would be wonderful! I could come out for a long weekend and go sight seeing.
    Stay well sweetie!

  25. BEAUTIFUL red roses with all thoses blooms! Thanks for sharing....Julian

  26. Hi Julie, Gosh I love your post-Your fall porch dispay is gorgeous I cant wait to do mine now--I am so glad the roses you love started! Your like me we both have little buildings near us we want. I am excited for your friend Jo Anne Coletti new magazine,She is very talented-and has a gorgeous style Im sure the magazine will be beautiful!- Sincerely, Jonny