Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This wasn't what I had planned for this week...

I had alot of fun things planned for this week, but going into the hospital for surgery tomorrow was not one of them... I spent most of the day yesterday and way into the night in the emergency room for a kidney stone... they doped me up and sent me home, said they hoped it would pass... but to see my urologist...

Turns out it is huge and will not pass on it's own, so I am set for surgery first thing tomorrow morning...I am not ashamed to say I am scared... I have never been put out, so I am not sure what they will let me wear, but I want to wear something that belonged to my mama and daddy, my guardian angels... I know they will be there with me...sorry I can't go shopping with you on Friday like we planned Jill... but we will go as soon as I can!... talk to you all soon... xoxo


Tanza said...

Hi Julie Marie,
I'm sooo sorry to hear you haven't felt well, and have to have surgery .. I heard those are soo painful .. please know I'm thinking of you, and sending prayers up for you and a fast recovery .. you will be back to your normal, sweet sef very soon .. LoVe and Big HuGs coming your way sweet friend ~
HuGs ~TeA~ xo

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet fried.....I am so sorry this has happened to you. Your surgery will be a breeze tho....and as far as being "put out".....I always say.....better living thru chemistry. Your are in my thoughts and I will be checking on you.



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Oh Julie Marie...
My thoughts and prayers are with you! You just take care of yourself and know it will be alright.

I always love the saying that "Wherever you go, God has been there first". Know you're never alone sweetheart (I know you do! ;)

I'm sending something for you to enjoy upon your recovery.
Much love to you, dear friend!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

AND I'm calling you once you get home.

Celestina Marie Designs said...

My Dear Julie,
Oh I am so sorry you have a kidney stone and will need surgery. I see your treasures in the pic from your dear momma and dad. I know they are watching over you and you are safe in God's hands.
I wish I was there to be with you,and my prayers will be on going.
You are going to be fine and I am sure back to great health once you are healed. All that you do to stay healthy is going to help you now my friend.

Just remember the angels are with you and with love and friendship I hold you close and will be in constant pray.

Love you dear one,
Celestina Marie

Rebecca said...

Oh...girlfriend. I'm soooo sorry you are having to go through this. My Mr. AGPMan had stones about 4 years ago and I never saw anyone in that kind of pain.

Prayers going up that the surgery will go smoothly and that you will be good as new very soon.

Thinking of you~

Love, Rebecca

Kit said...

Sending lots of prayers and thoughts to you! I hope all goes well and you are home before you now it. Take care friend! Love, Kit

Mari said...




Sandi said...

Oh Julie Marie you poor thing! I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I had my first kidney stone in 1987 and was in the hospital for five days because it would not pass and they finally had to put me under and take it out.
Then a few years ago I had my second one. I KNEW I had one for weeks before it really and truly reared it's ugly head and sent me to the emergency room once again. By the time I got there it was way down and they gave me some drugs, sent me home and I passed it the next day. YAY!!
Honey I know how much pain you are in and my prayers are with you for peace of mind too!!
Hugs and prayers!

Jeni said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery my dear friend.

Hope you're back to shopping with your sis real soon.

Love to you!

A Vintage Chic said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Julie! You will be in my prayers--I know you will be fine! I'm sure you'll have some stories to tell us!

We'll be thinking of you & will talk in a couple of days...feel better, my friend.


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, Julie, I am so sorry. I know how scared you are as I would be too. I panicked just having to go the urologist!!

I'm thinking of you. It will be okay.


Dawn said...

sending you lots of positive thoughts and healing energy!!! Don't worry all of us will be there holding your hands, including all your love ones that are watching over you.
Love ya girl!

Lori said...

Wish you the best! I had five removed surgically and 10 passed throughout the years! Worst then childbirth I swear! Keep us posted! Lori

Tamerie Shriver said...

HI Julie Marie

So, so sorry to hear you have to have surgery. I am sending you love and positive thoughts and some extra prayers. I know you guardian angels will be with you, protecting you.

Love and hugs,

*Ulrike* said...

Oh Julie Marie, So sorry about the surgery. I know it can feel scary having had two surgeries, but that is normal to feel that way. It will be over and done with before you know it!! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and will be patiently waiting for your next post.
Take Care,

Zuzu said...

Sending positive thoughts your way, Julie Marie.
And some big hugs too!

Amy Arnaz said...

Good grief Julie Marie~ Ouch!
Sorry you have to go thru this. Sending lots of sympathy and LOVE too. Heal fast.
xoxo Amy

Counting Your Blessings said...

Praying with you and the others for your health and recovery! Please rest. We'll be here ready to visit when you're up to it.

Blessings... POlly

June said...

Oh Julie Marie, these are so painful, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that! I'm sending you all kinds a good thoughts and hugs and prayers. I hope your recovery is fast and that you will be back to normal very, very soon.
Please don't be worried about going under, I have had to go there a few times now and it has always turned out fine.

Vicki said...

Dear Julie Marie,
Thinking about you, dear heart, as you have surgery. I am sure everything went fine. I am praying for a quick recovery. I LOVED your barn chicks post. Your barns were all very picturesque and the surrounding countryside was gorgeous. Take care of yourself~Love and hugs~ Vicki

Rebecca said...

Popping in to see how you are doing my friend. I pray things are going well and your are recovering.

Please let us all know soon how you are fairing, OK?

I told my Miss K about your surgery and she said "Oh No! Not Miss Julie!" Sooo sweet!

Love to you from both of us~


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Just want you to know, I'm thinking of you this Friday the 13th sweetheart. Chat with you soon.

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi dear friend.....went to your most recent post.....and was not able to post a new I thought I would just drop in with another comment very glad you are home....and everything is o.k. I know you have some healing to do and that will take some time.

Take care of yourself and we will see you when you return to blogland.



Debra@Common Ground said...

Hugs and prayers being sent your way, dear Julie, I know you're home and are being well taken care of, mend quickly!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh my Dear, I'm just getting here, on Fri. [Aug. 13th], so didn't know you were going to have surgery.

I'm glad you are home and being cared for so well, by your loving sisters. Best wishes for quick healing and recovery.

Comments seem to be turned off, on your last post, so I'm putting one, on this post. But of course, no need to think about coming to anyone's blog or about commenting.

Just rest and heal...

Gentle hugs...

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh Julie Marie, For some strange reason, I forgot to get over here.... to wish you all the best on your surgery. Gosh Girl, I would be a little scared too, but I'm sure everything is going to work out for you. I have never heard of this before, until I was in Church, and they say they are very painful... In fact a few weeks ago a very young girl had one.... what the heck what causes this anyways?

Lots of Hugs going your way*

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Julie Marie, I really messing things up here.... I also want to mention nothing like being surrounded by your precious family! Praying for a speedy recovery!

Much love to YOU*

Sherrie said...

Oh my goodness. I just tried to leave a comment on your most recent post and it wouldn't let me. I just wanted to make sure that you were okay. I can just imagine the pain. I hope that you will feel better real soon. My thoughts and prayers to you for a speedy recovery.

Sheila Rumney said...

So glad to see you are home and praying for your speedy recovery!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

so glad you are out of the hospital! that was some large stone. my sis had one and I remember the pain she was in! you are blessed with a wonderful family

ps- your comments are disabled on your new post?

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

May I present you with the first BARN CHICK AWARD! could not have done it without you. Your post was outstanding - not to be outdone and I could not have kept going on without your love and support.


Vicki said...

Hi, Julie,
I am so glad your dear sister, nieces, brother-in-law and Jack are taking care of you. You are in good hands for sure. Take care of yourself and get to feeling better very soon~love and hugs~Vicki

Anna Jackson said...

Dear Julie Marie,the last I heard was u were not posting anymore....tried to comment but was blocked by administration? anyway I love you so much and you know you are in my prayers!!! I will follow you again now that you are back..I miss reading your wonderful posts as we are kindred spirits and love all the same things!!!! Lots of sweet and warm Aloha,Anna

Ana said...

Oh Julie Marie,
My heart and prayers are with you my dear and sweet friend. I just got back from a two week vacation and just found out about your surgery. I am happy to hear that you are back home and recoverying well. Please be patient and take all the time your body needs to recover. Sending you all my love and prayers.

Hugs and Kisses,