Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank~you's are in order...

So many thank~you's I need to say... Filly and Ellie, thank you so much for the sweet card and my adorable "Happy Bear"... he looks so cute on my Nature shelf!...

Jill... thank you and Wes for the pretty card and for my beautiful mustard seed "Faith" pendant... I love it, and will cherish it always... just like I cherish my precious family...

I love you all... xoxo


  1. so glad you are on the mend- was worried- happy to see your post Barn Chick 2!!!


  2. I love your family too. We're thinking of you and hope that you're feeling better soon. It was so nice talking with you today. Love to you.

  3. Such lovely and thoughtful gifts, Julie...hope you're feeling so much better!


  4. Sweet family you have Miss Julie Marie! My Miss K and I have been so worried about you.

    I hope you are doing better and better.

    Miss K started school today. :( sniff. A big 2nd grader now. I miss her presence already.

    Love to you~


  5. Hey sweetie it is great to see that you are healing!!! I went back and read about your sweet angels who attended you while in the hospital. And you made me laugh about the not-so-nice nurse. I've had one of those before...
    Yes Fall is coming and the weather felt very Fall-like for two days this past week. And then it got hot again.
    I hope all continues well for you and be careful to let yourself heal.
    Hugs to you from here...

  6. very nice thoughts and gifts for you. keep getting better. rose