Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Autumn Bliss... My Vintage Victoria Magazines...

There are so many beautiful magazines out there these days, but I must admit, my very favorite magazine of all time is Victoria...especially the original Victoria. I am thrilled that it is once again being published, however there is just a certain charm about the original ones... I remember the day I purchased my very first Victoria... the Premier Issue in Spring of 1987...I thought surely this magazine was written just for me... I fell in love with it, and took hours pouring over each page, cup of coffee close at hand... through the years, I continued to subscribe and to this day, have ALL Victoria Magazines, both the original and the newer ones, with the exception of just a few... I had them all at one time but apparently loaned several out and did not receive them back... I am determined to obtain those few missing copies one day...perhaps at an estate sale or online... I obtained an additional copy of the Premier Issue several years ago in a junk shop for a mere $2.00!... I thought it might be fun if I showed some photos from some of the September issues from years past...

I reached into my stash and picked a few of my very favorites... here is September 1989...

September 1990...

September 1993...

September 1996...

I love to bring out past issues for the current month of the year, and reminisce with all of the beautiful photographs and enchanting articles... what I find is that Victoria never followed fads or trends... all of these old magazines feature classic furnishings, clothing, gardens, recipes, beauty tips and more that are just as relevant and lovely today as they were back when...I love that they featured the finer things in life, like the art of a beautifully handwritten letter, homes filled with memories, flowering friendships that last a lifetime...and finding the quiet center of one's life... I read one of my favorite quotes for the first time in one of these old Victorias... "Because Nice Matters"... it still does... xoxo


  1. Yes it does matter! Love to page through old issues also, and I haven't picked one up for years. It use to be one of my favorites until shabby chic and just country became my style.
    Thanks for sharing some goodies. I also have to say I received my book and my honey has chosen a few favorites he would like. Thanks again sweetie!

  2. Awesome Julie Marie!! I remember that magazine - I subscribed to it for awhile, also! It was just delicious - but not suited to my current (at the time) life style and I've grown even "simpler" as I've gotten older. It does look very timeless, someplace I'd love to be visiting, chatting with friends . . .
    It reminds me of YOU!

  3. Victoria is my favourite too! and I'm thrilled that they are back in print!

    I just picked up the special retrospect issue they have out for this month and was browsing the older photos over a cup of tea! Indeed, life is full of bliss when it includes V-mag!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. Oh My! No wonder I just love you! I have all my original Victoria's and every year I go thru and read them all over again. I too get the latest magazine and the pictures and stories take me back to another time and place. Thanks for the look back! Kit

  5. Oh Julie Marie,
    Another post you've created that I simply LOVE. I too enjoyed the old Victoria Magazine, it was always a dream to receive that magazine and I too would savor each and every page... even the back with the advertisements.

    I wonder if you have (whoops, I know you do, you said you have them all) the one with my very first published letter. I was thrilled when I saw my name in print! You make me want to go out to the garage and get my old copies, but I'm too afraid by myself (spiders). I'll add it to Shayne's list ;) I think I do have maybe 2 or 3 in the house, I know the one with Leslie Caron is in here somewhere but it's too hot to tear everything apart, drats!
    Love to you, Tracie

  6. I just saw you won the Barn Chick Award. Congrats!!! That's so great, Julie Marie. Talk to you tomorrow sweetheart.
    xoxo~Moi ;)

  7. Julie Marie~
    How I wish I'd never had that darn cleaning spree where I recycled my Victoria Magazines, National Geographics and High School yearbooks. I could kick myself. I should have met you sooner. @*!!* Amy

  8. Dear Julie Marie~

    I don't remember who told me this (maybe my writer-sister who is in PR) but I was told several years ago that the original Victoria Magazine was one of the MOST EXPENSIVE MAGS to produce. That didn't surprise me at all when I found this out because they did so many on-location-photo shoots.

    I, like you, love the original Magazine and I haven't been able to really get-into the newer one. It's lovely but something is missing.

    I think it MIGHT BE Nancy Lindemeyer. She was a fabulous editor! When it came out that she was the author of some of the stories featuring another writer (she used a pen name) it sorta upset some people. I was like "SO WHAT!"...the stories were wonderful. Anyway, when she left (some say as a result of being found out) the Magazine became to suffer and then became that Victoria BLISS. Not too long and it folded. :(

    Now you know more than you ever wanted to about the mag! :) ahahha

    Love to you~


  9. Dear Julie Marie,
    I have been a Victoria magazine fan for years as well. I can remember seeing the first issue at the checkout at the grocery store, but I didn't purchase it because I thought that I "shouldn't" waste our small amount of grocery money at the time. Months later I started collecting it and looked forward to every single issue. Many years later I purchased the back issues I "needed" and paid GASP!! $65.00 for the coveted first issue!! I have all of the originals safely nearby on shelves behind closed doors for safe keeping. Each month I bring out the issues for that month and reread them. I have NEVER found a magazine that compares! I was heartbroken, as many of us were, when publication ceased! I began to follow a Yahoo Group called, "Missing Bliss" and did so for a few years. I was absolutely overjoyed!! when "She" was brought back to life by Phyllis Hoffman. I did not have a subscription to the old Vic, but as soon as I heard that she was going to be in production again, I signed up for home delivery. I agree that Victoria is not the same, but the new one is just fine by me....kind of like an old girl such as I having an "eye job" or "chin tuck". LOL!!
    I have many extra issues. Which ones are you missing? If I have any which you need I will send them to you.
    Many warm hugs, Laura

  10. The original Victoria magazines have always been my favorites. How wonderful that you still have yours and can look through them time & time again!

  11. Oh, I felt the very same way when I spied the first issues and scooped it right up...devoured it, and subscribed immediately. One for me and one for my dearest friend. When I moved from CT to AZ I boxed all my issues up (11 years worth) and shipped them ahead of me. when the magazine stopped I thought I might go into withdrawal...I did. When it started back up up, it was not the same, but slowly it is coming around I think. No one took better, dreamy photo than Toshi Otsuki........sigh. It's lovely to meet someone who feels the same about this beloved magazine.

    xox Rella

  12. how did you know I love victoria Magazine? really, you have shown some of my fav issues!
    bye Barn Chick 2,


  13. Oh, I love the old Victoria the best...so charmingly refined and lovely. Glad they brought it back, but there's nothing quite like the old one, is there?

    Hope you're having a wonderful night & feeling much better, my friend!


  14. This is a wonderful post! I love old magazines... and these are great. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Long live our Dear 'Victoria'! :-)

    Time to get my Autumn issues out!

  16. Oh Julie Marie.....how wonderful that you have kept these olds mags. I saved them for years.....but during the last move....tossed all of them. Oh my....am I sorry now!! (O:






  18. Hi Julie Marie,
    Such a beautiful post about a beloved magazine. You certainly have a treasure collected.
    I so enjoyed all your pics from past September's.
    My Victoria just arrived today and I can't wait to read it.

    I also love your sidebar pics of Fall. Such an inspiration to view. I need to get busy and update too.

    I have also loved that quote and have painted it on a plaque a few years ago.

    Great to chat with you today. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Love to you, Celestina Marie

  19. Hi Julie, Just me again. Oh I just saw your barn chick award on your sidebar. I am so excited for you. Congratulations. You so deserve it!!
    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  20. Beautiful magazines! I keep my romantic magazines too- they never go out of style-Every once in a while I pile them all on the couch to read again- its seems like it doesnt matter how many times you read one its always like the first time.Have a beautiful week -Sincerely Jonny

  21. Hi Julie Marie,
    I also enjoy the old victorian magazines, I had so many I actually threw some out some years ago.... isn't that awful. We were in the middle of moving, had them in storage and had to clean out some things. It was very hard at the time, but it was also a very bad time in my life. The ones I do have I'm very happy to have for I do look at them time after time and your right it doesn't ever go out of style.


  22. I love looking through past issues, and I too have all the old Victoria magazines! I just renewed again after not subscribing for a while, but I do like the old ones more. However, there is nothing like a good cup of tea and the Victoria magazine!
    Take Care,

  23. I love the old Nancy Lindemeyer Victoria magazines. I started collecting them in late 1989 up to the time Nancy left so I was missing 1987, 1988 and most of 1989. Then sometime in 1994 I went camping with my family and my dear husband decided to take about 20 of the magazines and throw them into the campfire. When I was hollering he explained that these were so old why in the world I would want them?

    I almost had a heart attack when I saw my beloved magazines burn. I had been trying to replace them all these years and in 2007 I found a woman who wanted to give away all of her magazines. All she wanted was the buyer to cover postage. I replaced all of those burned magazines and all of the ones from 1989.

    I was still missing 1987 and 1988 until just recently when I found a woman who sold me the entire year 1987 for $7.50 and the same for 1988. I was beside myself. I had seen the premiere issue sell for $400 and I got it for less than $2.

    I love these magazines so much I have them sorted by month and read them in the current month. I would not part with them for anything.


  24. Julie Marie,
    I too love Victoria, especially the originals. I downsized after my divorce and gave many away, but after marrying my loving husband, he found out he could buy them for me on ebay. We did not get the extra good bargins some of you were able to catch, but still did very well. I was able to get the Premier issue as well. My favorite rainy day joy is to have a cup of tea, cuddle up with my favorite quilt and slowly and lovingly go thru several issues. They are classics and will never go out of style. I too, have a few duplicates. If you send me the ones you are missing, I may just have them. Please let me know in the next two days what issues they are as we are going on vac Sunday. I love an excuse to pull them out and go through them again to find my duplicates!

  25. Hi Julie Marie,

    I love your current blog which includes the September Victoria magazines from the past. As a fan of Victoria, I was really pleased to see your blog! I hope you might consider doing this every month - spotlighting old issues from a particular month. So glad you have kept all your issues... I am trying to do the same - oh yes, did I mention that I am a man! Victoria styles are enjoyed by us guys too! :)