Thursday, July 22, 2010

A hidden treasure...

While driving around the other day photographing more wonderful old barns for the Barn Chicks party on August 6th, (click on the button on my sidebar for all the details!) I spotted this fabulous old building, sitting way back in behind a beautiful old home down an old country lane not far from me... I went to the door at the home and knocked... I always like to ask permission to photograph someones property... no one answered so I meandered back in the little old driveway and approached this enchanted place that literally took my breath away!... it is in a very old part of town, and as I got closer, I noticed the original old paint was still on the bricks, with the name of the once~upon~a~time furniture store...

Here's a closer look...

As you can see in the top photo, a door was open so I crept up and gingerly peeked inside... FULL of old vintage items!!!... I thought I surely must be dreaming... Jack had asked me to call him from my last stop when I was through photographing, and since I didn't want my phone call to be made from inside our local jail, I opted not to go inside without permission! ...

But today, I am going back, to the little home, and try to talk to the owners... you just never know... many times I have stopped to talk to people and they are most happy to chat with me, and relate wonderful stories of days~gone~by, eager to share their memories with an interested listener... like me!... and yes, sometimes I have even had the owners actually delighted that I want to haul off some of their old treasures... (although Jack is not always delighted, like when I bring home the front door off of an old home, or a fireplace mantle in the back of my SUV (those things are kind of hard to sneak inside, you know what I mean!) So, I am off on another adventure!... wish me luck!... and be sure to leave me a comment so I can enter you in my Barn Chicks Party giveaway... I hope you will visit my Barn Chicks post on August 6th, I am having sooo much fun getting ready for it!... wishing you a day full of adventure too! ...xoxo... P.S. Just returned from this enchanting old place... I met a wonderful vintage gentleman there whose son and family own the structure and the historic home that sits in the front of the property but are out of town right now... and he is staying there...he told me a bit about the history of the property... I am invited back when they return for a complete tour of the entire home and outbuildings!... turns out, this old structure was originally the carriage house~barn that went with the home that still sits in front... it is on the State Historical Register... I had so much fun chatting with this gentleman... he told me that the lettering had been re~painted some time ago as the structure was used in two episodes of Touched By An Angel... that entire series was filmed here in Utah, mainly in Salt Lake City which is about 20 miles to the south of where I live... in the 1800's, it was actually home to one of Utah's infamous mormon polygamist families, and they kept their carriages in one side, where you see the larger doors, and their farm animals in the other side... I was allowed to take photos of the inside of the barn, but not the contents for now... I will post those another day... I am of a curious nature, and always love knowing the whole story behind everything... there is so much to learn each and every day and I find it all fascinating... plus you meet the nicest folks when you just walk up to the door and introduce yourself!... xoxo Julie Marie


  1. Oh I would have had a hard time not going in myself.
    Love to poke around and find such wonderful pleasures. I also enjoy talking to others and getting more info about an area. Little fairy flitting around spreading her dust and all that she meets.

  2. Hi Julie Marie,
    Ooohhh this barn is amazing !! I just love old vintage, down right falling apart barns, and structures .. They always seem to intrigue me as well .. Yes, go hear some stories, that's how we learn soo much from yesteryear, talking and sharing with others .. You always share FuN stories, and I'm always so excited to visit sweet you !! Have a happy kinda day my sweet friend ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  3. Oh wow! Lucky you Julie Marie!! That is beautiful and it would be wonderful to look inside too!! Keep us posted on how your venture turns out!

  4. Love that building how wonderful to happen upon it. Love the pics

  5. love the way that building looks. i' too would like to checck the inside with it's antiques

  6. This carraige house is a pretty thing. I think of how awesome it would have been to have buggy horses and a real nice little buggy to go with them. When I was in SLC a while ago helping my daughter move, we went on a carraige ride. It isn't of course the first one I've had, but it was the first one I've ever had in Salt Lake.
    What a fun adventure Julie Marie!

  7. Oh Julie Marie,
    I can not tell you how this post made my heart sing! This is just my "thing" for certain. You are a kindred spirit. It's a good thing I don't live close to you, I felt like I wanted to say come on Julie Marie, let's go look, something a close friend and I would almost get in trouble for when we were much younger... you know, something that you both enjoy that just one other soul alike could say "come on, let's go" and you would without thinking? Okay, so now you know! Don't think Jack would like to hear, Tracie made me go inside ;) It makes it even more special Touched by an Angel was filmed there... I watch that almost every evening since they started replaying it on Hallmark here. Okay, better go before I get in too much trouble with all my confessions, but this really lifted my heart, sweet Julie Marie.
    Can't wait to see more of your photos when you get the go ahead.

  8. what a fantastic post! loved hearing of your adventure! I love the architecture of the building and of course the pinky tones to the bricks!

    looking forward to your Barn Chick Posts- cannot wait...


  9. Hello Miss Julie Marie~

    I just got in after a long date-day with my hubbs. I'm beat but couldn't wait to come over to read about this amazing adventure of yours.

    WHAT FUN! I so would have been right there with you as you poked and prodded your way into the lives of the people AND THIS BARN!

    Truly wonderful and I can't wait to read the rest of the story!

    Love to you my friend. I so hope I can go out adventuring with you some day!

    xoThe Last Number~


  10. OhMyOhMy, Julie Marie, this is FABULOUS!!! Wishin' I could go visit this beautiful place with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!!!

  11. Wow, Julie Marie, what an awesome adventure you've had. Love the old building and all it's history. So glad you were able to speak with someone that knew a little about the place. Can't wait to see what else you'll find. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  12. What an amazing old building, Julie Marie! I can't even imagine all of the old treasures stacked inside...just waiting to be discovered and loved again! Kudos to you for following your heart and being willing to find out more about these old buildings! If I had been there with you, we would'ave had so much fun! :)

    xoxo laurie