Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have I Told You I Love Barns??? ...

Next week is the big Barn Chicks Party hosted by Karen at Brayton Homestead Interiors... my post is in drafts, ready to go, and so am I!... Our main computer is fixed now, I swear, Jack can fix anything... I call him MacGyver... (remember that old show, where he could make or fix anything... well, that's Jack!)... so, since I can now transfer pictures in again from my camera, I walked around our home, and took some photos of some of the barn paintings we own... see, I told you I love barns!... this first photo is a closeup of an original oil painting my daddy gave Jack and me quite a few years back of a gorgeous barn and outbuildings in the little town of Farmington where he lived, and where my sister still lives... the artist's name is Shirley Aday and she was a dear friend of my daddys...

It always has a special place in our home...

This is an original watercolor by a prominent Utah artist named James Bell... my little sister Jill had given Jack a number of smaller paintings of his that are ducks... which we also love... then I found this large one of a barn with ducks at a local thrift shop for $15.00!... (an original watercolor of his that Jill values at over $300!)... got to love those thrift shops!...

The next two are original oil paintings by a dear friend of ours who was also the police chaplain, by the name of Max Yospe... Chaplain Yospe was one of the kindest,most lovable men I have ever met... and I will never forget him... he has passed on now... but we think of him every day as we admire our beautiful paintings...

And the last one... well, it was done about ten years ago by a little known (but highly sought after) artist by the name of Julie Marie... (tee hee hee!)... I have painted about twelve paintings... this is the only one that I ever had framed and the only one that hangs in our home... I want to start painting again... especially as I drove around and photographed all of the beautiful old barns I will show you in my party post next week...

In the autumn, many artists set up their easels along the little country lanes in my town and paint the beautiful barns... this year, I am going to join them!... don't forget to leave me a comment so I can enter you in my giveaway... see you next week at the party!.. xoxo


  1. You DO love barns. What a nice collection of paintings you have. But you know...I have a favorite!! ;-D

    I definitely think you should set your easel up along one of those roads and dig out your have some great talent which can only get better.


  2. Hi, Julie Marie, my friend,
    You have a wonderful collection of barn paintings and that you knew each of the artists make them even more special. You did a wonderful job on the one you did, and yes, I think you need to get those paints out and paint some more!! I am hoping to do the barn party, too. I hope you are having the loveliest of weeks~ Lots of love and hugs being sent to you~ Vicki

  3. Wow you are surprising me with new info every time you post. I didn't know you liked to paint. That is a pretty good painting my dear.
    Don't you think barns call to you as a way to step back in time , maybe a secret word of wistful dreams. I know I am always drawn to the older ones and forgotten ones.

  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    You would not believe how many barns I have taken pictures of lately! If I posted them all it would take a week! LOL
    Happy Wednesday!!

  5. Oh Julie Marie, I could get lost in those beautiful paintings. I love the fall colors and each one is more lovely than the one before. Makes me yearn for fall, Char

  6. Hello Julie Marie,
    What a delightful collection of barn paintings! I love them all but yours is by far my favorite, even before I read that you painted it , it is stunning!
    You should paint more. I too love barns.
    Have a nice evening and I would love it if you and Jack would come out here one day to visit.

  7. Hello Julie Marie, thankyou so much for the blog visit, I appreciate the kind words about my work. Yes, I do take orders and yes, I am working on some fall tassels. I have an indian corn tassel that I am getting ready to list. My last bird tassel sold before I could put it on my blog, so am going to see if I can find some more of the treeters. Thankyou so much for your interest in my work. If you would like to contact me, my email is, anytime, Char

  8. Hello Julie Marie ~ It has been too long since I visited you! I love barns too. It used to be a dream of mine to fix up and old barn and make it a home. When I found out from my aunts that my Grandma always dreamed of that it was even more meaningful.
    Keep in touch : )
    Hugs ~ Nichole

  9. Hi beautiful paintings! I did not know you painted,your painting is beautiful and that is wonderful that you are getting back into it! Sounds like fun all the artists setting up to paint the barns, I wish I could be there too! Looking forward to your posts and hope to see more artwork of yours, in the future. Sincerely,Jonny

  10. Wow SHOULD start painting again. How talented you are! Busy day here...but will be back to see your barn post! xoxo

  11. wow- are you talented -love your painting- love your whole collection- a treat visiting here!

    cannot wait to see your Barn Chick post-thanks


  12. Oh Julie, Your barn paintings are incredible and I love your painting so much.

    You are such a talent dear one and I am so glad you will be joining other artists along the path to paint come this Fall.
    With a talent like this, you have to do more.

    You have encouraged me to paint some barns again, so maybe after my busy season, I will. I loved your idea for the river rock. On my list sweetie.

    I look forward to the barn party and your amazing post.
    Love ya, Celestina Marie

  13. The art in your house and mine would get along just fine.