Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dino and his Happy Meal...

This is Dino... Dino belonged to my daddy, and when my daddy passed away, there was never a thought that Dino would live anywhere except with family... I know he misses his daddy too, but he happily lives in my daddy's house (which is still in our family), where he always did, now with Filly and Ellie... every now and then he enjoys a hamburger if he has been an extra good boy... last night he got a happy meal... I think the look on his face says it all!... (he only got to eat the hamburger out of it!)...

I also wanted to thank Filly and Ellie for the darling Minnie Mouse collectible shotglass they brought me from Disneyland, but we are having major computer problems (HATE IT!)... and I cannot load any new photos right now... I snatched this one from my nieces blog but cannot load the ones in my camera right now... so, thanks girls! I love it!... I also want to thank my friend Dawn of Dawn's Craft Place for the darling fairy card she sent me... I tried to do a post on that too, but cannot get the photo in... she has shown it on her blog if you click here you can see how adorable it is! Thanks so much Dawn! Dawn is such a sweetheart, I hope you will visit her blog! ... Hopefully our computer gets fixed soon!!! I'm sorry I could not show the photos I wanted to... our laptop is sort of working for now... but no pics can go in that one either... computer parts are on their way... (if I lose my Barn Chicks Party post I have ready and in drafts, you will hear me SCREAM no matter where you live!)... at least I can still visit you all on your blogs!... xoxo


  1. Oh look how adorable Dino looks. I was thinking about him the other day. He has the best expression, and yes it says it all.
    I was having problems yeterday with blogger, it was so wonky with the new upload to add pictures. I finally figured it out.
    I am so glad you liked your fairy card...I have another adorable craft coming up this week with a little girl type fairy I can't wait for you to see. It is adorable.

  2. I've had such a LONG day today my friend. I KNOW you KNOW what I was doing! Right??? Tired doesn't even cover it!

    Now...about Dino....

    He is one cute doggie and I already love him. My Mollie the Molinator who weighs 4lbs and is teeny tiny had a seizure tonight. It lasted longer than any of the ones she's had before and really upset me! :( God gave me this little doggie when I was at a very low time in my life so you can imagine how much I adore her... Loving pets is easy, isn't it? I know you adore Mr. Dino.

    Now...I'm sorry about your computer. Horrible...been there. It's like your right arm is gone!! I KNOW KNOW KNOW I will hear you scream here in Oklahoma if you lose that post! I will pray it isn't lost. I want to read it!

    OK girly. Off for now. Love to beautiful you. Won't see Miss K until tomorrow and I'll touch base then.


  3. That looks like one happy doggie!

    Sorry you're having computer problems...they're the worst! Hope things shape up quickly!


  4. Hello Dino! You are quite the handsome fellow! So glad to see they listened to your suggestion and got you a burger....these things are important!!! Have a great weekend! Don't get to warm in that jersey!



  5. Hi Julie Marie,
    Adorable !! If that's not the sweetest picture EveR !! His face certainly says it all !! What a treat, I'm sure !! Doggys are soo FuN !!

    Thanks for the giggle, and heres' wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Sunday ~
    HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  6. Oh that face, is that ever funny. I wish I could give Dino a big hug..... my husband and I are crazy about those dogs, but then again we are with others as well. Where I live we are not to have any dogs, so there you have it... I'm stuck with birds..

    Well I hope everything works out for you with those pictures... I don't want to hear you SCREAM. Seriously though I know how badly you want to post about it...

    Here's hoping**

  7. what a cute dog. i bet he enjoyed his lunch. have a good day.