Friday, July 23, 2010

"Covered Wagon Days" tomorrow...

Tomorrow is a state holiday in Utah... I posted about it in detail here... our family will celebrate all of Utah's pioneers... my mama was one of the Queens in July of 1940, and I just could not let the day go by without doing another little post for her today... my mama is on the left in the top photo...I treasure these old newspaper clippings that are now 70 years old...

And in the middle in the next photo... wish I knew what her beautiful horse's name was?...

So, whether you call it "Covered Wagon Days", like it was in 1940, or "Days of '47", "Pioneer Day" or simply "24th of July" I am wishing everyone a beautiful day and hope you will also honor all of the pioneers !... xoxo (I love you mama!)...


Blondie's Journal said...

Your mother was definitely beautiful enough to be a queen! How exciting that must have been for her! It's so nice that you still have those clippings...I know you hold them close to your heart.


Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Julie Marie,
Have a Happy 24th!

Second Hand Chicks

Shabbyfufu said...

What a pretty, pretty Mama Julie. I really love all of your family posts. Have a great weekend way out in your home state.....from way down here in mine:-) xoxo

Jeni said...

Wishing you a happy 24th!

Thanks for your friendship.

June said...

Hi Julie Marie,
Your mother and her horse look just darling. She looks beautiful all decked out for Covered Wagon Days. I will miss our parade tomorrow...boohoo...Hubby works and Landon is too big for me to put in the car alone, so he and I will sit on the porch and enjoy the day together. My daughter and her little one have been asked to ride on one of the floats. No one is safe here from being asked to ride on the floats, no matter your age. I was asked two years ago and politely said no! hehe My float riding days are soooo over! If you can believe it, I used to pack the American Flag or Idaho flag on horseback during the opening of the rodeos, but those days are a memory too. Isn't it crazy what we would do when we were younger????
Have the best day ever. I'm sure I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
I wish you knew the name of your mother's horse...maybe you could think of an appropriate name for him (her).

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi dear Julie Marie.....I left your e-mail address at home on my other computer....and I never quite knew where you lived in Utah. Sorry we did not connect.

I know we will be back to this wonderful state and next time I will be sure to track you down.

Hugs to you dear friend,

P.s. once mama was a beauty.......

Nancy's Notes said...

Julie, your mother was such a beautiful woman and of course a queen! Amazing clippings to have, a true treasure.

Thank you for sharing and I am so happy that I found my way to your great blog.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

wonderful post about your Mom- lovely!
Be sure that I will look at every one of your Barn Chick pics and I cannot wait-


Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Julie,
Oh I hope you have a wonderful celebration of the Covered Wagon Days. It certainly is a special time for your beautiful state. Your mother is gorgeous and I love the paper clippings too. She is a beautiful queen and I know you are very proud of her.
Enjoy your celebration and also special memories of your dear mother. What a beautiful tribute to her my friend.

So enjoyed our chat today and thank you so much for the sweet vintage surprise. I love it and send love to you.
Happy 24th of JULY
Celestina MarieXO

A Vintage Chic said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks for sharing your mother's beautiful newspaper photos!

We will be celebrating the day here as well, as we have so many of those pioneers in our parades for them in California, though! Wish we could have stayed in Utah for one more week!

Hope your weekend is a wonderful one!


Vicki said...

Hi Julie,
Came here from Jo's post about Park City. Love what I've read so far...I'm a new one on the list :)

We may be able to meet son and DIL live in Centerville :)

I'll be back to learn more about the awesome old building you found. I love that kind of stuff too...

Take care

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Oh Julie Marie, How precious those news clipping are of your mama... she was a beautiful woman.. and a Queen.... how proud you must be!! It looks like they had a wonderful fun time.

Enjoy yourself-