Friday, June 25, 2010

A Letter from the Nests...

First, I must explain how this post came to be... last week, I joined "Where Bloggers Create" hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage... I have had (and still am having) such a wonderful time visiting everyone and seeing their beautiful havens they escape to where they create, rest, read, or just daydream... I have made so many new friends, been so inspired by all of you, and found so many delightful treasures to purchase... a visit to 2bagsfull left me completely enchanted! ... so much so, that I not only left comments, but emailed Vicki, the proprietress of the blog... Vicki creates the most precious little nests I have ever seen... please click here to read her story about the "Sissy Nests" and the letter they sent home to her... you know me, I LOVE Nature, and you also know that I "interview" little critters, name them, and carry on conversations with them... Vicki is so adorable... when you read her "Letters from the Nests" posts you will see what I mean... So, I ordered two little nests and they arrived today! I promised Vicki they would write to her as soon as they arrived here at Idyllhours... thus, "A Letter from the Nests"...oh yes, Vicki asked that I name them, so I have done so...

"Dear Mama Knitter... this is me, Sylvie Sissy... Prissy Sissy and I arrived today at our new home with Julie Marie... Miss Dee knew how nervous we were to venture away from her shop, so she made sure we were packed very carefully for our journey to our new home... Julie Marie was sooo excited when she found us at her PO Box, she was telling all the ladies who work at the post office about us! They always get excited for her too, they are nice ladies mama, and they want us to come back and see them one day... you will always be my Knitter Mama, and now Julie Marie is my mama as well... she took me right outside and let me rest on this log... a pretty Bluejay comes here each day to get peanuts Julie Marie puts out... I had barely started to rest, when a pretty little birdie landed on me!... I think she was checking on the eggs mama, and thinks they are hers... she is going to watch after them... I love this little birdie and she told me I am the prettiest nest she has ever seen!... I told her my name is "Sylvie"... I am French you know, like Julie Marie, and Sylvie means "from the forest" in French... I am a Nature lover like Julie Marie is too!... how fun!...

Prissy Sissy didn't even want to go outside, can you believe it! She just wanted to sit in a comfy chair, surrounded by fufu things... right away, a Prissy little birdie flew in and now watches over the eggs in Prissy's nest...

You know how Prissy Sissy is... she has satin and lace pillows now, and pink silk roses, and books about tea parties and such... even the Prissy Birdie has pearls around her neck and sparkles on her wings... much too fancy for me mama, but Prissy Sissy said she is in shabby chic Heaven!... I love my sissy, so I am glad she is happy here... we were sooo scared to venture so far away! ... but I think we are calmed down now...

Julie Marie, my new mama, set me on a pretty old~fashioned looking quilt, with a pretty little flowerpot full of angelvine and some Nature books for me to read... Julie Marie said I am alot like her... nothing fancy or glamorous, just full of love for Nature and All God's Creatures... I love Julie Marie... and I know I will be happy here too! ...

Well, that is about it for now mama... I promised you we would write the minute we arrived at our new home... we will never forget you... please write to us whenever you want... we love you Mama Knitter... tell all of our other sissy's hello and we hope they get a nice home like we did!... xoxo Sylvie Sissy and Prissy Sissy"


  1. How beautiful Julie.....and your petite stories are just the best!Thank you for your blog comment and friendship....xoxo, Janet

  2. Oh Sweet JM....this is just the best! Thank you so much for sharing your great big heart with us. Your grace inspires me my friend.

    Love to you~


  3. are such a sweet soul, Julie Marie. I love this post and I am going to have to check out this blog and shop. The nests are gorgeous!! Will the birds break them apart to use the material for their own nests? I do like them a lot!

    Have yourself a great weekend, my friend!


  4. I enjoyed meeting Sylvie and Prissy and hearing their wonderful stories. I am going over to pay a visit to their creator. Hope you have a fun-filled weekend, dear friend~ Sending lots of love and hugs your way~ Vicki p.s. Your roses are GORGEOUS!!

  5. Julie - I sure do hope those little nests mind their manners while they are with you. I have certainly taught them well - but you never know how nests will act when their Mama is not around! You be sure to let me know if they do not behave! Tell them to write me~~~
    Mama Knitter

    ps - don't let them eat too much junk! It makes their fibers curl!

  6. Julie these are so lovely! I need to get to her site and have a look around.

  7. You are too cute, Julie Marie! The nests are beautiful, so glad they found a great new home with you, and your nature loving big heart.

  8. I am just now learning about the Where Women Create and I'm excited to checkout your blog links.

    Thanks so much for sharing everything.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  9. my computer has just started working saw your post. love the bird nests and story. have a good day.

  10. Oh Julie Marie,
    Could there be a more darling write in all the world? I love this, the nests and the sweet story you created for your new little darlings. Just so perfect coming from you.

    Enjoy your new little birdie friends and their nests. Tell Mr. Peanut Bluebird hello, or is he a Bluejay?

    I love my welcome sign and wait till you see how I display it.
    XO Love, Celestina Marie

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these with pretty! i think this was what i originally saw and loved when i put my name on the list! xoxo, tracie