Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Tweet Home...

Even my little feathered friends get flowers outside their "doorstep"...

Gorgeous "Jackmanii" Clematis just off my back porch... wishing you a beautiful summery Sunday... xoxo


  1. Good Morning Julie Marie~
    I wish those delicate purple flowers would grow here. Everything is frying right now! Regardless, it's ALWAYS a wonderful day to be alive and there is always something growing or flying by to be thankful for.... especially on a lovely Sunday morning at 8:30. Hope you & Jack are well and happy. Thank you for the sweet comments you posted on my blog about my family. I appreciate and love you, Amy

  2. Hello Julie Marie!
    I am getting caught up on some of my favorite ladies postings and as always you charm my heart!!

    You must have birdies on waiting lists to move into your yard!!

    Your roses are absolutely PERFECT and I"m so jealous! You could say I'm Green Thumb with envy :-)

    Your new Sissy Birds are the cutest things ever! Their love notes home were so sweet and Mom can rest assured that they are happy birdies living with you!
    I must pop over to see more!
    Thanks for always sharing your love of nature and love of Life!!
    Hugs and Smiles,

  3. And the same to you... :)


  4. Dear JM....

    I have so much to share with you about my Miss K. We went shopping at only ONE estate sale yesterday and she had her little purse and cashola in tow. I remembered to bring my camera and it was a SIGHT to behold. I can't wait for you to see.

    More soon...Love to you~


  5. How pretty Julie!! I have a burgundy clematis that does not grow well at all. It gets about five flowers on it and is pathetic looking. I think I may need to move it. I bet your featherd friends like the beautiful flowers that surround their home! :)

  6. they are so beautiful I have one as well but needs lots of tlc as it was moved and became neglected

  7. Hi Julie Marie,
    I think you love birdhouses as much as me. I love that you have gorgeous flowers to accent each house. I bet the birdies love it too.

    Inspiring Summertime post!
    XO Celestina Marie