Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"A Gathering of Thoughts" From the Heart of a Child...

I begin this post by trying to "gather my own thoughts"... this post is about two very special people... I want to make sure my words express my feelings about them... most of you already know dear Rebecca of "A Gathering of Thoughts"... a short time ago, she posted about her adorable little granddaughter "Miss K"... I love reading about Miss K... on this particular post Rebecca had told about how Miss K had come to spend the night at her house, as she so often does, and asked her nana why the other little girls did not like her... I could sense the pain Rebecca felt thinking of her little granddaughter being hurt by others unkind words... my heart ached for the both of them...rather than me tell the story, you may click here and read Rebecca's post...

This is little Kylah, or "Miss K" as her nana calls her... Miss K is seven years old and a little doll! She is a miniature Rebecca in every way... so pretty, so sweet and kind and loving... and so very sensitive...

She reminds me of another little girl who was (and still is sometimes) very shy, and very sensitive... this little girl also had more than her fair share of taunting and teasing as a young lady... wondering why all the other little girls made fun of her so much, and did not include her in so many things... she felt most safe and loved with her family... (which still holds true today)... I was the same age as Kylah in the photo below... sometimes, even though the years pass by, the hurt feelings from long ago never fade away... I was sad... ok, and I was mad, I admit it, that mean little girls would treat little Miss K this way too...

I wanted to let Miss K know that she is loved, just exactly the way she is... which makes her so very precious... she is such a beautiful little girl, not just on the outside, but, like her nana, on the inside as well... I felt a closeness to this little girl many miles away from me... so, I decided to write her a little card and send her a little package... "just because"... from me to her... I wanted to take away any pain she was going through... and no, I don't mean that buying gifts takes away the pain... but the thoughts behind the gift would mean something special to her... they did... here she is opening her little "Hello Kitty" purse I sent her... you can read Rebecca's post by clicking here and see all of the other adorable photos... Rebecca entitled this one "Too excited to Speak"!... (Rebeccca graciously allowed me to use some of her photos, thanks Rebecca!)...

Today, I received a package in the mail... the return address said it was from Rebecca... I excitedly opened it... inside were these beautiful treasures from Rebecca and Kylah... one of Rebecca's gorgeous handmade pillows and a matching beautiful card and hanging tag, a notecard of Rebecca's with a heartfelt note to me inside... and a beautiful card (by Rebecca) with a handwritten thank~you note from little Miss K herself to me...

My beautiful pillow...

The outside of my card from Miss K...

On the back of the envelope was a photo of her...

The front of the card from Miss K...

And inside the card... a beautiful handwritten note thanking me for her little gifts, and she drew her precious little hand, with little hearts on the tips of her nails...

I cannot seem to put my thoughts into words as to how I am feeling today... but I am hoping you can tell... people seem to come into our lives at different times, and for different reasons...I am so happy Rebecca and Miss K came into mine... thank you so much Kylah and Rebecca!... I called Rebecca today to thank her and Kylah and mentioned a pretty song about little children that I love... she wanted the words to it... so, dear Rebecca, these pink roses from my garden and these words are for you...

"See the little children laugh and sing
Fantasy is such a common thing
Love is why the flowers grow
Of all the red and blue
I wish they never had to know
Love can hurt them too

See the little children laugh and sing...

See the little children running by
Happiness is dancing in each eye
And love is just a mountain tall
Where angels learn to sing
How could they know that angels fall
Before they grow their wings?

See the little children running by...

See the little children on their way
Give them kisses, candy and today
Tomorrow will be soon enough
To know what we speak of
Tomorrow will be soon enough
To know the hurt of love

See the little children on their way"...



  1. Julie Marie~~~

    This post put tears in my eyes. I felt so many different emotions, but my one underlying thought was how sweet and generous your heart is. You see the truth and beauty in everything that comes your way and you have a way of making people feel special. Bless you. I am proud to call you a friend.





  3. It' beautiful that friendships and caring is expressed to people we meet on a blog. What a great Gift to all of you. The pillow is beatiful.

  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    Now, this was just precious !! See when we bless .. it comes right back at ya !! You are an amazing friend, with a gentle and loving soul .. I'm always blessed by your kind words, and heartfelt messages !!

    And Rebecca, you KNOW how I LOVe and adore her as well !! She has a BiG heart, and feels everything we share with her !! Compassion is a wonderful virtue to behold !! You both soo have this quality !! I always pick wonderful friends, and you are both special to mee !! thanks for sharing such a sweet story .. this made me happy ~
    BiG HuGs ~TeA~ xo

  5. Oh you are just amazing. How sweet and special of you to take the time to make this little girl feel special. Letting her know there are people in the world that see how special she really is.
    Bless you my friend, you have helped shape this little one forever.

  6. What a gorgeous post! The pillows are so so beautiful, sweet and sentimental! What an amazing and generous friend! Hugs! XO,Jenn

  7. This is such a dear post Julie Marie! You made Miss K feel special I am sure, and that was true kindness. Rebecca and Miss K are two of my very favorite people. They sent you such lovely things.

  8. Oh Julie Marie, you are truly sweet! Kids can be so cruel, and I'm sure we have all had our fair share of it at some point in life. What a precious card she sent to you, and that means more than anything.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Take Care,

  9. Dear Julie Marie...

    OK...if I didn't tear up writing the original Post about my Miss K I sure did while reading yours. You not only have blessed me but you've blessed the most precious 'little' girl in my life. God is so good and faithful to bring us exactly what we need and just when we need it.

    Miss K had a wonderful time shopping with her Hello Kitty purse and the little dollars you sent her. As we were looking over the offerings at the Estate Sale we came across something fairly expensive. She said "I think we need to go LOWER, Nana". I was on the floor laughing so hard and so were the men and women around us. It was a beautiful day and she is so funny and sweet.

    Thank you for the flowers and the poem and for your friendship. I've met so many amazing women because of blogging and my website that I sometimes wonder WHAT I did before I began this amazing adventure.

    Blessings to you and Mr. J. Your gift of love continues on...

    Forever in my heart~


  10. One word: Beautiful. xoxo Amy

  11. Oh Julie what a precious post. It is just wonderful that you made that Miss K feel so loved! You are a sweetheart!
    Happy Fourth!!

  12. What a beautiful post Julie Marie. Your sweet heart is truly a gift "to the world"................



  13. Oh my dear friend, I love this post and the special dear heart of sweet Miss K, Rebecca's darling grand daughter. Your gifts from her are special and the thank you card very dear. I know it will be a special keepsake for all times among your cherished treasures.

    You have a loving and giving heart my friend and I am so blessed to call you my friend.
    Beautiful post that leaves a tear in my eye.

    Love your red roses plantings. I hope they do sprout and become glorious like the ones you pass on walks. With the love and attention you give them, I am sure they will.

    My grandma always did this and would pick a rose section cuting that contained 3-5 leaves. She said that was the secret to getting a new bush started. They grew every time.

    So loved talking with you this week. I so look forward to a visit again.
    Have a great afternoon.

    Love you, Celestina Marie

  14. Awww, how very sweet Julie Marie...You are just the sweetest, kindest, most caring person ever! What a nice thing to do for little Miss K. Wishing you a wonderful day.

    Much love to you,

  15. What a beautiful connection you have made with his little girl. She is adorable and so are you. Thanks for sharing her story. I will be wishing her all good things.

  16. Hi Julie Marie
    What a beautiful post & photos ♥
    Happy July 1st ♥

  17. Hi Julie, Your post is beautiful a touching story. What you did for the little girl is so kind and thoughtful, now when kids pick on her hopefully she will be stronger and it wont matter because she has made a new friend with you, and she knows somebody she has not met is kind and she will feel loved. A child is so sensitive and I believe wonderful acts of friendship as this will always be remembered and make a child feel good about them self even though someone else is trying to make them feel bad. How sweet everything is they sent you, she makes beautiful things and I cant wait to visit. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.Sincerely,Jonny