Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remember Summer? ... It's still out there...

How quickly Spring has said it's goodbyes (the little bit we had of it here in Centerville!) and Summer begins easing in this weekend...whatever your plans for Memorial Day are, be it a barbeque, sailing, gardening, flea~marketing or just relaxing, I hope you will take time to honor the true meaning behind the holiday...

I noticed on my Nature walk today, the slightest changes as Spring turns into Summer... even the weeds on the trail look pretty (to me they are beautiful Wildflowers, like the one in the picture above I took today!)... Memorial Day weekend traditionally has been considered the beginning of Summer, even though the Summer Solstice is not until mid~June... I remember as a little girl I could not wait for school to get out for the Summer!... then happy, carefree days, spent with my little sister Jill, enjoying the simple pleasures in life... looking for four~leaf clovers (Jill just told me today she wants to do this again, so do I Jill!)... making clover garlands to wear around our necks or in our hair, out of sweet clover blossoms... setting up our Koolaide stand (we usually drank it all ourselves and didn't make a dime!), digging to China, running through the sprinklers, eating watermelon, making sno~cones on Jill's sno~cone machine, catching Butterflies (which we always let go of course!), playing baseball in the field, riding our bikes in the orchard, walking to downtown Bountiful with a quarter to spend on penny candy and surprise balls (remember those?)... going to the library and picking out fun books to read on a lazy summer's day...rollerskating in our driveway (with our skatekey on a shoelace around our necks)... running excitedly to greet the icecream truck and taking forever deciding if we wanted a banana bar or a drumstick... picking out my new pair of Keds for the summer at the old JC Penneys store in Bountiful...did I want red, white or blue? ... only got one pair to last all summer, which was hard to do what with climbing trees, playing tag and hide~and~go seek... picking bright red cherries and popping them in our mouth, not even caring that their sweet red juice was running down our face...laying in the cool grass after dark and counting the stars... Summer holds so many precious memories for me... but those memories don't have to end... I plan on being that little ten year old girl again this summer, and doing fun summertime things once again... I shall run through the damp grass in my barefeet, and sip lemonade on the porch... I shall wear my hair in a ponytail and let the sun bring out my freckles on my nose... I shall paint my toenails bubble~gum pink... I'm even going to eat bright red cherries and savor their sweet juice running all down my face and not worry about it!...I even bought me my summer pair of Keds the other day... chocolate brown ones!... oooh, there are so many good things about summer, and I will be posting about alot of them throughout this beautiful season that is upon us... so, to all of you, I wish you a most beautiful "beginning of Summer" weekend, and also, to my dear brother~in~law Wes, Happy Retirement Day tomorrow! I will see you at your party at your office... I love you Wes!... xoxo


  1. Happy Retirement, Wes!

    Spring??@#? We didn't have Spring. We're still having winter, LOL, ski resorts are open for Memorial Weekend, unbelievable!

    We had thunder and lightening and RAIN today.

    Have fun tomorrow at the party!


  2. Love your summer thoughts, Julie--perfect! I just was deciding yesterday to do pigtails alot this summer, since my hair's longer now...moms can still be girls, right?! I don't plan on being a grown-up this year, either!

    Hope your evening is just beautiful...


  3. It sure is summer here!! Been almost 90 degrees for the past few days! Beautiful header Julie Marie!!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  4. To be a child again with all of those fun things!! Kids these days don't know what they have missed!! My grandkids would rather play with their hand held games except for when they come over here. I tell them go outside and play!
    I let a lot of weeds grow here as they produce such pretty flowers which is good for our honeybees. I guess that is why our honey always tastes so sweet! They are saying thank you!!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Summer doesn't start until July here! :) Enjoy your weekend, Julie Marie!

  6. What beautiful childhood memories Julie Marie...I just love how much you and your sister love eachother and share so many beautiful memories together. Happy Summer to you my dear friend. Can't wait to read your summer posts. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  7. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I love your memories of summer because I share the same ones with you. I can hardly believe spring has come and gone here in Texas. We are having temps in the nineties. Enjoy your beautiful weekend, sweet friend! We will always keep those wonderful memories of childhood alive in our heart of hearts. Sending love your way~ Vicki

  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    Very sweet memories of summer, I remember them too, like that was yesterday !! I always loved eating watermelon and popsicles, and homemade icecream .. I just hated when it all got all over me, and I was soo sticky !! EvEn than .. can you imagine !!
    Enjoy your week-end sweet friend, and know you are loved and thought of .. xo
    Big HugS

  9. Thanks soo much for the sweet words !! I need that, I'm feeling well, kinda old !! hahaha .. Love to you again ~ tea xo~

  10. Summer is an incredible time! I love all your thoughts. They made me smile. It is a rainy day here today, so I am inside planning my Summer check list. All the stuff I want to do. Have a wonderful weekend! Kit

  11. one of the most important things in our lives is childhood memories. it's important to think about those memories as they can help us to remember what's important in life. have a good day. rose

  12. Hi! Julie
    I have been thinking about you and haven't been in touch with you for a while. I loved your post for the day! I too used to have those old fashioned skates that would pull apart in the middle and we would have to tighten them with our skate keys! But what fun it was! I had a tree house my dad built and I lived all summer long in it reading books, swinging on the tire swing... Then my girlfriend and I would use one of her mother's sheer, shimmery shawl and jump off the swing set and pretend we were fairies. Those were the days. I remember doing those wonderful things you did too!
    Thank you for the feel nice...the weather was about 77 degrees, perfect.
    I still don't have a blog yet...maybe in a few months. I will be looking at all the blogs who participate in 'A Fanciful Twists' Mad Tea Party in a few weeks, June 26th, maybe I'll see you over there!
    Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
    Teresa in California

  13. Beautiful post!!!Julie Marie .Your memories of childhood summers are wonderful- I do too plan to enjoy this summer my husband and I are trying to finish up on all our big outdoor projects so we can have some fun. Have a great memorial day. Sincerely, Jonny

  14. Summer zoomed in quickly here in Virginia. The last spring bulbs are barely gone and the echinacea and roses are in full bloom!

    Congrats to Wes.

  15. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a wonderfully inspiring post to kick off summer and many happy childhood memories. I remember doing so many of the same fun activities. How perfect to go there again this summer. You and your sister are going to have so much fun searching for clover.
    Love the chocolate brown Keds.
    I think we should all capture the fun of being a kid again. Summer is the perfect time to start!

    Thank you for always giving such inpsiration. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and Happy Retirement to Wes.

    Blessings and hugs, Celestina MarieXO