Friday, May 14, 2010

A Peek Inside My Atelier...

Bonjour Ladies! ... and welcome to my little "Atelier"... I'm sure you all thought my birthday week posts would never end! ... I just had such a wonderful week! ... I have so enjoyed seeing where so many of you ladies create beautiful treasures... your studios, crafts rooms, little getaways... some of you have shops, some of you are featured in magazines... and I am fortunate to own many of your creations myself... I do not own a shop, nor am I featured in magazines, but I DO have alot of fun creating pretty things for my family and myself... here is where I spend alot of my time when I'm not on my Nature walks, or out in my gardens (or at the computer!)...

Pretty sparkly tags and vintage buttons waiting to be placed on something pretty... and my little collection of shakers and various collectible little jars and bottles...

My "treasure board" and little desk...

I painted this old carousel spice rack I had from years ago, and put little beads, pearls, charms, etc inside the jars... it sits next to more vintage buttons and little millinery flowers...

My glitter station... what would we do without glitter? ... one day, I spilled some silver German glass glitter on the floor... as I went to sweep it up, it looked so pretty, I left it there! ...

Vintage treasures inside my cabinets, along with saved magazines I refer to often...

My sewing machine and crafts table...

A little spare table, with one of my mama's vintage tablecloths on it, and little boxes holding craft supplies...

I spend alot of time "dreaming"...

Ooh la la... little things that remind me of my French heritage...

A pretty straw hat I adorned with ribbons and flowers...

Pretty vintage treasures I have purchased from some of you ladies...

Vintage doilies... many crocheted by my mama many years ago...

Ribbons and lace...

Shelves of bits and bobs...

My, the time has flown by! ...

I always love to have you visit, Merci! ... I hope you will drop by again soon! ...Bisous...


  1. What a gorgeous room you have created! I love what you did with the little spice rack - so creative!!

  2. What a lovely room, Julie!

    Did you ever put up the Eiffel Tower wall art you won in my giveaway way back?

  3. Hi Julie Marie,
    Simply sooo Pretty !! LoVe your creating room .. I'm jealous, cuz I only have a closet !! Boo hoo .. I want to come play in here with you !! Soo many pretty,sweet things !! don't think I miss a beat !! hahaha.. Always fun popping in to see my sweet friend, and what you've been up to !! Have a happy, sunshiney week-end ~
    hugs ~tea~ xo

  4. I would live in this room!! My bedroom holds all of my treasures (still looking for a place to put my craft things!). I just love to be surrounded by my love for pretty things and things I love and I am sure that is how you feel when you walk into this room. I love the spice rack you jazzed up. What do you like to sew?


  5. What a sweet room. I could be at peace in there.

  6. Oh I love this room, what a wonderful place to dream. I am so pleased your shared a room with us. Love seeing all your treasures. I would love all of them.
    Blessings sweetie!

  7. Hi Julie,
    Oh I love your creative room. It's gorgeous, inspiring, girly and everything any girl would love to spend time in. I love it!! I had to giggle at the sparkles on the floor. My studio has sparkled for so long now and I think the vacuum refuses to pick it up. LOL!!
    All the creative touches you have in your special space are so pretty. Love the hat you made too.

    Your creative space makes me want to redo my studio!

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. It is you through and through! So very pretty! I like to think of you there, creating your little bits of beauty! Kit

  9. Hello dear friend....What a pretty room you have and it is so tidy.
    I'll bet you do spend hours in there. It is lovely.


  10. Oh my Julie Marie this is a beautiful space to create. You have added the most wonderful touches to make it special. If you are anything like me, you probably just love to walk in the room and look at all your pretties.
    I hope you had the most wonderful birthday ever!

  11. Bonjour, Julie Marie! Your room is everything I would imagine your's would be...just perfect for you!

    Love every crisp, white & beautiful glad you shared it with us! The old spice rack used for embellishments is such a great idea!

    I hope you're having a wonderful night!

  12. Oh Julie Marie, First let me say Happy Belated Birthday to you, it seem like you had a Wonderful Birthday Week, you little stinker. It seems like my sister always has a drawn out Birthday week too.

    Your looking good my dear, I hope I look as good as you when I get to that age.

    Anyways your space looks adorable with so many sweet things to make it your own. I think what you did with the spice rack is a big hit with me... what a lovely idea that was! VERY PRETTY ROOM INDEED- Now if your don't mind I'm going back to look at it again.

    Many Hugs*

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    I wish my craft room was that pretty.

    Second Hand Chicks

  14. Magical!!! Have you seen that there is going to be a blog party in June called 'Where Bloggers Create'? I have the link in my sidebard if you'd like to join in!
    Happy weekend to you, sweet Julie Marie, and I'm so glad that you had a very happy Birthday!!!

  15. pretties are magnificent. I love them all. What is just the best is that I know the creative heart behind all you do...that is what I love the most.

    Blessing to you~xoRebecca

  16. What a lovely space! Pretty pretty pretty!

  17. Really a sweet and delightful place you created and it was so nice to visit. I adore the salt and pepper shaker's all gorgeous, really.

    xox Rella

  18. Love the spice carousel your a genius.I wish my space was organized and pretty like yours! I organize then mess it up again.I love the white walls and soft lighting coming through the window...
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. Dear Julie Marie,
    First of all Happy Birthday! I am so sorry I missed it, I was crazy busy with Oliver and my niece's party last Saturday and then Ollie came down with a high fever and ear infection and has been sick since my husband is under the weather. I am trying to hold down the fort. ( and I am pretty tired) Anyway I hope you had a great time/birthday week of celebrations.
    I love your atelier, the spice rack and the white painted pieces are so wonderful. It is truly a perfect room in which to create.
    I hope all is well with you and Jack. Have a lovely Sunday.

  20. i don't have a craft room. You have great style and imagination. Ha good day.

  21. Hi Julie! I love your shaker collection and the chandelier looks so pretty in this room! Lucky you to have a room of your own for creating. It's beautiful! xo

  22. Hi Julie Marie, Your room is beautiful and I love all your treasures.It is so nice to have a space all your own for creating I love how yours is so pretty and romantic.

  23. Oh, Julie Marie, you have such a lovely home. I love how you have your vintage items displayed, each one so sweet and lovely. I would feel right at home among your pretties. Sending lots of love your way~ Vicki p.s. I also adore that sweet sachet Rebecca made for you.

  24. WOW!, I saw how you use your spice rack its really pretty and looks great.