Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Garden Path...

Hello... I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day where you live, maybe out in your garden, like me... here's a look at what's blooming today in mine... Delicate Columbines... so pretty, I made it my new header photo for awhile... I thought it might be fun to change my header to the pretty flowers that bloom in my gardens... my Clematis will be next...

Oooh, I had a little helper today... this is Pita... my neighbor's darling Pomeranian... Pita loves to come help me in my gardens, and get a yummy treat... isn't she adorable! ...

One of my other neighbors gave me this cute Butterfly House for my birthday... Butterflies love to rest out of the hot afternoon sun in these little homes and I love how it looks in my cottage garden...

My hanging basket of Fuchsia is really lush and the Hummingbirds are almost non~stop sipping it's yummy nectar...

If you look closely, you will see pollen this pretty little honeybee has scattered while visiting my Heartsease...

My new little "Cupcake" miniature rose I posted about in the early Spring is starting to bloom... I am soo excited... the bush is covered with buds! ...

This morning, my first Clematis blossom opened... this Clematis is called "Fireworks"... love it! ...

Pretty shades of Dianthus "Wee Willie"...

A white Cosmos, "Cutesy Mix"... I also have all shades of pink just starting to bloom...

Purple Petunias are a must~have! ...

Oooh, another little visitor today... this pretty little Hummingbird Moth warming itself in the sun... I just couldn't resist holding her for a bit... they love to tickle my fingers...

So many more pretty plants, just waiting for it to warm up a bit more... we have had days and days of rain off and on, now we need the warmth of the sun...

What's blooming in your garden today? ... Don't forget... "Leave a path in the garden so Angels can walk through"... xoxo


  1. What a lovely garden, Julie!!!

    Pita is such so precious!!!

    I think I'm going to quit working for the day and go outside and enjoy the warm sun.


  2. Gorgeous, Julie! What a beautiful garden you that thought about leaving a path for the angels...perfect!

    Hope you have a most beautiful day!

  3. I trust there were no wasp attacks on this garden walk. All your flowers are beautiful and I like that you tell what they are. I am not so good with flower names and seeing a name with a flower may help me remember. Or not! Anyway, we are having a beautiful day here today. It is much warmer than they originally predicted. I love it!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Your gfaeden is so lovely. I always wondered what the purpose of a butterfly house was...thank you. And I also couldn't remember the name of some flowers I planted and they are like yours...dianthus!! Thanks again!

    The butterfly you are holding is precious...they truly love you back!!! :-)


  5. Hi Julie,
    Your garden flowers are gorgeous and so lush. I can easily see how relaxing time spent in your garden would be.
    Oh Pita is just darling being held by beautiful you.

    Thank you for sharing your Spring garden. SO inspiring.

    Big hugs, Celestina Marie

  6. Oh Julie, your garden blooms are so lovely. I still have hardly a thing blooming in the garden so it is so nice to come here and enjoy yours. The picture of you and sweet little Pita is so darn cute!!! What a wonderful little helper to have around.

  7. The color of the flowers are outstanding. I can see why anyone would enjoy them. Have a good day.

  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    My what a beautiful garden you have !! Soo much to look at, and admire !! LoVe your sweet little helper .. how cute he wants a treat !! I'm thinking the gardener is quite beauttiful as well .. Soo pretty to be playing in the dirt !! hahaha ..

    Hoping you have a delightful week-end, and something fun to do ~ xo
    Big Hugs ~tea~

  9. Hi Julie Marie,
    Great pictures but my favorite is the one with the bee on the flower. I just love to see bees in my garden. So many people hate bees and I don't understand why (unless they are allergic, of course). I know that bees are disapearing and scientists don't know why so I am always happy to see them out in the yard.

    Second Hand Chicks

  10. Oh Julie Marie...I'm just in awe. So many pretty flowers and amazing colors. What a great blessing to be surrounded with so much of God's beauty. Enjoy your garden my dear friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  11. Hello, my sweet and kind friend,
    Oooh! Every picture was spectacular!! I would have trouble picking a favorite flower because each one is so charming. Thank you for sharing your lovely garden where angels are walking through. I have yellow daylilies blooming right now, and I am loving them because they are so cheerful. My hardy hibiscus will have blooms soon, so I look forward to that. Have a beautiful weekend full of spring~ Vicki

  12. Oh Julie......your garden is lovely. You can grow so many more plants where you are than we can in Az.

    They are just beautiful.


  13. Oh I wish I had your gift. I'm in the process of learning how to garden and am hoping that someday I can sit in a garden as beautiful as yours.


  14. Such a beautiful garden, and I love all the flowers! Sigh, one day I'll have mine looking good again. After being 18 years in one place, plants in pots for 5 years, and now finally planting them here! Your sign is so cute too, and I love the butterfly house.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Take Care,
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway!

  15. Julie Marie, Pita is so adorable what a nice 'neighbor' to have near by. I love the Columbine and it looks great as your header, they are amazing flowers . I too enjoy hanging baskets of Fushia, My husband gets them for our front porch every year..I never change! but always hang them year after year in the same spot, they make me so happy!! The flowers are gorgeous and your post is always a treat and joy to visit. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Oliver says 'hi'

  16. So many beautiful things to see!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Julie Marie! :)

  17. Ooohhh, I do love all of your beautiful flowers and the little visitors that enjoy them too.
    I would love to "borrow" your saying of "you aren't just the age you are..." with my birthday next weekend, it is quite fitting.
    Enjoy, Dana