Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In love with Wisteria and an old rock home...

Each morning on our Nature walk, we pass this beautiful old rock home... I gaze at it longingly... imagining "what if it were mine"??? ... it is listed on our State Historical Register, one of the first homes in Centerville in the 1800's... it is made from rocks washed down from the nearby hills... as many of the homes in my area are... Centerville is a quaint little town, where alot of years~old traditions are still kept... in nearby Farmington, where my sister lives, all new businesses must incorporate these wonderful natural rocks in their architecture... I love that! ...

The grounds are immaculate... but what is most impressive, besides the beautiful stone house, is the breathtaking wisteria clamboring up the side of it...

I love how the graceful blooms look against the old rock wall...

Let's take a closer look... their delicate fragrance is sooo Heavenly...

I used to paint some... the other day there were several artists sitting with their easels set up, painting this beautiful wall of Wisteria... I want to join them... perhaps I shall get my easel and paints out once more... the sun is shining today and the clouds are gone... it promises to be a most beautiful day...

Did you know the old~fashioned meaning for Wisteria is "Welcome Fair Stranger"... If this were my home, I would have a beautiful sign painted that said that to hang outside my beautiful Wisteria covered old rock home... I love to daydream about such pretty things that touch my heart... yes, today is a most lovely Spring day... sending happy thoughts to you and wishes for beautiful things that touch your heart as well... xoxo


  1. What a lovely home this is! I love how the Wisteria is growing up the side of the home, makes the home feel so quaint & charming :) Just beautiful!

    Warmest hugs to you, Brenda

  2. It reminds me of a enchanted cottage -maybe a little bigger.
    Love the wisteria, I can almost smell the foliage and flowers.

  3. Hi Julie Marie,
    Love the house and the wisteria is gorgeous!
    Happy day!

  4. This is gorgeous Julie Marie! Would love to live in that house for sure! I just love Wisteria, but I don't have any. :(
    Happy day!

  5. Such a gorgeous home & OH! do I ever love wisteria!
    Enjoy your day, sweet Julie Marie!

  6. Oh Julie Marie you have the most wonderful posts - sensitive writings - gorgeous photos - and I wish I could be on those daily nature walks!
    I can only imagine what the wisteria smell like as I've never known the scent! We cant grow them in my area and I must find a candle or scented oil and find out!! They look like they would smell like delicious lilacs :-)
    Enjoy the day filled with nature and critters :-)


  7. What an awesome house, Julie, and the wisteria is breathtaking!

    OMG, it took me 10 minutes to get Kodak and Sophie separated, LOL, so that Kodak could take his nap. Ah, now they're both napping and I'm catching up on my blogs and watching my soap!


  8. i love old homes. we have wisteria and the beauty and smell is wonderful. have a good day rose

  9. Another post which makes my heart go "that's just how I feel". I see Dawn's comment and it does seem like The Enchanted Cottage (love that movie so). The wisteria just makes it even more dreamy. I think you should take out your paint easel, I'm sure it would be beautiful. How I wish I could take a walk with you and look at the house and your idea of the sign is PERFECT.

    Also, thank you always for your sweet comments, Julie Marie. You are a dear friend that always cheers my heart with your kind words.

  10. Such a beautiful home - I love the look of homes made of stone & rock too and the wisteria climbing up the sides of the rock is just spectacular! I didn't know the meaning for Wisteria was Welcome fair Stranger - how lovely! We have a little patio spot in our garden and our plan this year is to cover it with a pergola ... I think Wisteria growing over the pergola would be nice too :-) and I love the idea of your little painted sign ♥

  11. Oh my gosh Julie Marie, I could live here so easily. I have always dreamed of a stone cottage. This one would fit the bill perfectly.
    I have been going and reading the posts that I have missed here and that little Diego stole my heart. He is too cute. I also am shuddering over the weather and wondering how you could have so many amazing blooms in weather like this! Crazy! Hoping things warm up soon for both of us. Just in case I am keeping the wood by the door.

  12. I love rock houses, there is something about them, perhaps because they look so solid. Our wisteria bloomed early this year, but ours has grown up a tree. They do smell heavenly! You should get out there and paint a picture. Then put on it welcome fair stranger! That is a beautiful idea.
    Hope you have a magnificent day!
    Take Care

  13. Good Morning Julie,
    What a beautiful rock home with gorgeous Wisteria vining and blooms. My gosh I can see you painting that scene and it would be lovely because you feel the beauty in your heart. I hope you do get out your paints and brushes.
    Thank you for sharing the old fashion meaning of Wisteria. I did not know that and it is so fitting for a vine that grows like crazy and reaches far and wide.

    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment. I am always blessed by your visit. Did you happen to scroll down to the near end of my blog and see my I Love Lucy Clock. It is a talking on the hour clock with lines from the episodes. It hangs in my paint studio and keeps me company all day long.

    XOXO Celestina Marie

  14. Julie Marie you brought some bittersweet memories back for me today as I read this post. When my Mom was living her last few months, she asked me if there was anything I wanted from her. I thought about it for a day or two and then told her yes. I told her I wanted a last gift. Something I will treasure forever. I asked her if she would buy me a Wisteria tree for our patio. They are so gorgeous and smell divine. She did and we planted it and she did get to come over one last time to see it. Sadly we have moved from that house into another ~ but many a wonderful morning cup of coffee or dinner was enjoyed under that tree for the 6 years we enjoyed it. The vine spread until it covered almost the entire patio "roof". I had to cut it back every year ~ it just went wild. I remember one Easter I had the patio set up to eat our special dinner out there, the whole family - all 11 of us and it was a rather quiet dinner because I think everyone was concentrating on eating their food and getting the heck outta there! There must've been 100 bumblebees enjoying my Wisteria that day and the buzzing was so loud, it was very intimidating. We were busting up! Great memories!
    Loved this post. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful safe weekend!

  15. Oh Julie Marie,
    What a beauitful little house and how gorgeous is that wistera...Love, love, love it.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  16. I was just here this last weekend. My husbands grandfather was born in this house, and great grandfather passed away in the very same room. There is a lot of history within these walls. Thanks for your lovely post regarding such a sentiment to our family.