Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Gathering of Thoughts...

"A Gathering of Thoughts"... just the name of my sweet friend Rebecca's blog evokes beautiful images in my mind... not only of the gorgeous creations she makes, but also of the lovely thoughts she always shares... Rebecca is the epitome of loveliness, in every way... many of you already know her, but for those of you who do not, please stop in to visit with her for a bit... I always look forward to her heartfelt posts, but I especially love the ones she posts on Sundays... Rebecca is the daughter of a preacher and her love of family and life comes through in these posts... I especially loved the post today about a little white country church... and a beautiful poem that went with it... it took me back to a much simpler, gentler time... Besides her inspiring thoughts, Rebecca creates the most exquisite treasures... Recently I special ordered a French Sachet from her... she usually fills these with French Lavender, but due to my awful allergies, I cannot have dried lavender, so she was kind enough to make mine special with little beads inside... Take a look at my new pretty...

Here is a closeup of the gorgeous embellishments... vintage millinery flowers, vintage lace, vintage doilies, vintage pieces of jewelry and buttons... isn't it lovely! ...

She also tucked in one of her new notecards she designed (which are available on her website)... I must order more, as I am keeping this one for myself! ...

Thank you Rebecca, not only for creating my special sachet, but for being the beautiful friend to me that you are... xoxo


  1. I first came across Rebecca when we both were selling on ebay. She is not only a kind and gentle person with more talent than anyone I have seen, but she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. I am proud to know here in blogland as well as ebay. I too have some of Rebecca's treasures and look forward to owning more. What a gorgeous sachet and you are a lucky lady, Char

  2. Oh my, that French Sachet is absolutely Gorgeous!! She is such an exceptionally talented & gracious lady. Her notecards are just wonderful aren't they! I purchased a set of her "Rosey Cheeks", and I just love them :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful treasure you purchased from a wonderful friend :)

    Have a lovely week, warmest always, Brenda

  3. Ooohh Julie Marie,
    This is gorgeous !! And, so vintagey and romantic .. Isn't she the BeSt .. I can NeVeR have enough of her creations, and, right when I think I have everything I need !! She brings in something that I DiE for !! Darn her !!

    You too, always have the sweetest heartfelt posts, with words from the heart !! Thank you for always sharing such sweetness !! Have a happy restful evening sweet girl ~
    BiG hugs ~tea~ xo

  4. Hi, Julie Marie! What a beautiful sachet from your friend Rebecca...thank-you for introducing her to us!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  5. OKKKKKK, Miss JM...

    Here I am...sitting here bleary-eyed from a long afternoon of working on STUFF and so I thought I take a few minutes of down-time to check in on my favorite peeps (you are one of them, you know?)...

    Here I am scrolling and reading along when I come upon this post you've done showcasing my STUFF (you know...that STUFF I just told you makes me bleary-eyed!)....

    Well...I only THOUGHT my eyes were tired and worn because after I read you sweet words I teared up and couldn't seen a silly thing!

    Now how you have blessed me. Whenever I get tired or low or I THINK in my little head that just MAYBE I need to get a REAL JOB, sweet women like you come along and raise me up. Yes you do! You lift me high, just like I'm upon Angel's wings..and if fact, I am! It's because of people like you (and all my other precious friends from blogland and eBay/my website, etc., that I do what I do.

    And so...I want you to know before I lay my sleepy head on my pillow tonight I will be whispering a prayer for each one of you. That God will bless you all as much as you each have blessed me. That He will draw close to you and encourage you and give you peace in all things.

    Thank you for loving my STUFF...but mostly thank you for being my friend and loving me. How grateful I feel this very moment...

    Love you~Rebecca

  6. Wow...Rebecca does beautiful work! I am not fortunate enough to own any of her goodies yet, but one of these days!! Have a beautiful week ahead!

  7. What a lovely sachet! And the details are all so pretty! I love the note card, too! I will go and check out Rebecca's blog/web site.

    Love and hugs,

  8. Of course, if I could keep straight in my mind the blogs I have on my blog list, I would have realized I already know who Rebecca is and that YOU are the person who 'introduced' me to her in the first place. I knew the style looked familiar and that's why. Sorry to be so feeble-minded! I think the older we get, the more information we have stored in our heads and the harder it is to access it. At least that's what I tell myself!

    More hugs,

  9. Oh Julie Marie, what a beautiful little sachet...Rebecca does makes the sweetest things, doesn't she? Oooo and I just sneaked a peek at your pretty atelier. What a sweet place to be creative in. What a lucky ducky you are. Enjoy my dear friend...Oh and I am so happy you liked your birthday card. I do hope you had a wonderful birthday week and that all the fun and good times will contiue all year through. Have a wonderful evening my friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. Oh Julie Marie......thank you for introducing us to this beautiful blog lady..I'm hopping over there right now.



  11. Hi Julie Marie ---You are right she has such a beautiful blog! This sachet is so pretty and dainty I love how she put that little heart dangling. Have a wonderful day Sincerely, Jonny