Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nature Walk...

It has been awhile since you came on my daily Nature walk with me... so many beautiful things God has created... let's just walk in silence and savor the beauty of all He has given us...

I hope you enjoyed yourself... let's walk together again... soon... xoxo


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, what a lovely walk we had! I feel rejuveniated!

Thank you for talking me along!

Now let's go to my house and have some wine, cheese and crackers :)


junkdreams said...

Hi Julie Marie,
Gorgeous pictures of the AMAZING world we live in....thank you for sharing your wonderful walk!
Happy day!

Tanza said...

Hi julie Marie .. Simply gorgeous !! Loved our little nature walk .. I'm not Even tired !! hahaha .. Such beauty all around us, and to take the time to enjoy it is soo important !! it's truly the simpler things in life that matter the most .. Loved our nature walk today !! have a wonderful evening my friend ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Dawn said...

What wonderful pictures you have shared today.
Just stopped in to thank you for my lovely birthday know it is one of my favorites.
Hugz sweetie!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I did enjoy myself, everything's lovely. Would love to tour that little white house, could easily imagine myself living there and stepping out on the porch every afternoon.

Zuzu said...

Heaven on earth. What a gorgeous, glorious walk! Oh, how I wish I could really walk it with you - we would have so much to share!!! :)
Wishing you a sweet day, Julie Marie!

Gypsy Brocante said...

Thank you for taking a walk with me ... beauty is all around us, you've opened my eyes a bit wider today!


bunny, The Paris House said...

Oh Sweet Julie Marie, I so enjoyed our walk, now I do feel a bit more relaxed! All the flowers and the stream are so beautiful, God's creations are the most beautiful of all. The old white house is gorgeous, I would love to go inside. Farmhouses are my favorite, I love clapboard homes.
I enjoyed my visit here today and I wish you a lovely weekend.

Laura..DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Just found you. Lovely blog.
I loved our walk!

Kit said...

Now that was the nicest walk I have had for a long time. So very pretty. Have a great weekend! Kit

Jonny J Petros said...

Hi Julie Marie- Gosh I think that tree was a Wisteria- I would die it is so gorgeous and full- Beautiful pictures!!! Thank You for sharing, Have a beautiful day, Jonny