Sunday, March 28, 2010

What it's like being hounded by the press...

Early in the morning a couple of days ago, I heard the unmistakable melody of a beautiful Robin's springtime song close by... I looked out on my back deck, and there by the rail sat Daddy Robin... arriving early so as to get the "pick of the crop" of overly~ripened crab apples on my trees out back... you know me... I love "interviewing" the local little critters about their day~to~day comings and goings, like my interview here with Bebe Squirrel about Groundhog Day... I know... many of you must think me to be so very silly... well, sometimes I am... I love to laugh and be silly... and post about such whimsical things... life is much too short to be serious all of the time... plus, laughter keeps you young and chases away stress... so, with that said... I proceeded to ask Daddy Robin some of the questions I have been wanting answers to... Daddy Robin was quite hesitant to grant me an interview...

I showed him the beautiful new birdbath I recently bought for him and his family and friends... he immediately took offense to that and said I had called him a "dirty bird"...

He hopped over into one of my crab apple trees with a look of distrust on his face... I asked him if he would tell me why there is always something white in a Robin's nest... my great~grandmother told me that when I was a little girl (I have told you all this before)... and through the years I have always found it to be true... a white paper towel, a white piece of yarn, perhaps a white feather... look next time you spot a Robin's nest... something white will be there... just like my great~grandmother said...

Daddy Robin continued to ignore my questions, and started trying to figure out which crab apple was the ripest and would be most tasty in his mouth... he seemed to be having a hard time determining the best one to pick... I asked him how he knows which one is "just right", and once again... my questions went unanswered...

Then Mama Robin flew in... and in a twinkling of her pretty little eye, she plucked the perfect crab apple to savor herself... Mama Robin was much more amicable with me and said she would gladly answer my questions... she said "woman's intuition" is how she chooses her crab apples and berries, and she trusts her instincts and they are never wrong... I asked her about something white in her nest always, and she said "it is a family tradition, and I never break a tradition... we Robins have been using white in our decorating scheme LONG before Jeanne d'Arc said it was cool... we have always loved the "shabby chic " look... but we love color too... who do you think invented "Robin's egg blue???"... I told Mama Robin "Merci" for being so sweet and answering my questions, even though I had interrupted her breakfast... she promised we would chat again soon, and thanked me for the new birdbath, which she thought looked quite beautiful in antiqued bronze... and with that, spread her wings and flew away...

I spotted Daddy Robin, trying desperately to conceal himself in the tree so he could try to figure out which crab apple to pick, without me hounding him... but I quickly snapped this shot of him carefully eyeing me...

Then, before I knew what was happening, he suddenly flew up on my rail, and with a look of total disgust said...

"This interview is over"... I still love you Daddy Robin!... xoxo


  1. Hi Julie Marie,
    Ooohh it must be Spring .. the birdies are back .. What a sweet little interview by you .. I'm sure they appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring soo much about them .. maybe they just want to stay private and a bit under the radar .. hahaha .. you brought a smile to my heart sweet one, and a giggle too .. thanks for the little birdie interview .. Have a happy, blessed Sunday my friend ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  2. Dear Julie Marie...

    Girlfriend...I can always count on you to make me smile big. You lift my heart and if I could I would sing aloud like your daddy Robin...

    God is good to us, is He not? How blessed we are by His beauty and his lovely creations...


  3. Oh what an utter delight your little story was! It made my day. I keep hearing robins singing, but I have yet to see one this year. Usually I will be going about my business and the next thing I know, my apples trees are full of robins. Not yet. I will be working outside all afternoon, keep your fingers crossed for me. Maybe they will visit today! :)

  4. My honey and I are waiting to hear the robin sing, we always love to know spring is on its way when that happens. No mr or mrs yet, could you ask yours to give us a visit or see if they relatives in the area ?
    Whimsy makes the world so much better, so keep on sharing!
    Hugz sweetie!

  5. Ah, what a delightful posst, Julie! I thorougly enjoyed the interview!

    I see squirrels everywhere. Hannah did NOT tolerate them in her backyard but Kodak doesn't seem to mind!

    Have a beautiful day!

  6. Well, I'm so glad Mama Robin was so forthcoming in her interview! I so love her answers about decorating her nest in Shabby White and Robin's Egg Blue - too cute. Thanks for the fun...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  7. So lovely! Your pictures are incredible :-)

  8. Hi Julie Marie, How cute was this post I had to laugh when you said dont call him a dirty bird. You take beautiful pictures besides having a wonderful imagination. One day I hope to get a better camara. We have wild rabbits in our yard all the time Id like to get good photos. I love your birdbath. I put a lot of copper items in my yard and bronze. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely ,Jonny

  9. That is sooo cute! Love the little story! I have not seen too many Robins here lately, but the bluebirds have been very busy.
    Have a fun day!

  10. "The interview is over...." Very funny Julie Marie!
    Love you, Amy

  11. I love robins and thank you for sharing your story!

  12. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I loved your little interview with Mr. and Mrs. Robin. Even though daddy didn't want to talk too much, I have a feeling he will be visiting you often. Who could resist that beautiful tree and bird bath? I am so glad the robins are here for the spring!!! I used to always have a bird nest to show my students at school, and we would examine it to see what all the birds had used to make it. It was amazing the items we would find. Have a lovely week ahead and enjoy that beautiful bird song! Love to you! Vicki