Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcoming Spring...

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring... when I was growing up, the first day of Spring was always celebrated on March 21st... all of my old calendars list it as then, but I will gladly welcome Spring a day early now!... Jack and I are not only celebrating Spring, but LIFE as well, especially since our near~disaster on Wednesday... (see my post just prior to this one)...

Last Monday, I posted about going to pick out roses from one of my favorite garden centers... the same one I went to as a little girl with my mama and daddy to pick out our plants and garden supplies so many years ago... not much has changed there over the years, except the prices of course... even though it is a large garden center, it still carries that little hometown feeling I remember so well... C'mon... I'll show you around!...

I could just stand all day long and look at seed packets! Do any of you feel that way too??? There are sooo many beauties to choose from... I love to collect vintage seed packets as well whenever I come across them... inside the garden center they have seeds, pots, garden ornaments, windchimes, birdbaths, everything you could possibly ever need or want...

Outside they have begun setting up rows and rows of perennials... like these gorgeous Primroses...

I LOVE these tomato cages in every color of the rainbow!...

Vintage white mailboxes mark the different areas, with free pamphlets on how to choose and care for your plants and shrubs...

I loved seeing these new little flowering trees already in pretty pastel blossoms...

As the weather warms up, and frost warnings are not likely, tables and tables of gorgeous annuals, flowers, herbs, vegetables will all be put out... with many of the most tender varieties in little greenhouses... I am off to the greenhouse full of roses!...

They have such a fantastic variety of all types of roses, from climbers to miniature roses to the old antique varieties... which I was after that day...

All of their vintage roses have not arrived yet, so I must wait for my Cecile Brunner and Baronne Prevost... they will have them in several weeks (can I wait that long???)... in the meantime, I will show you the ones I picked out for now... "Abraham Darby"... one with the true "old rose formation" blooms... I can hardly wait for it to bloom this year!...

I also choose several newer varieties of tea roses... "Change of Heart"...

And "April in Paris"...

As I headed out to my car, I caught sight of this darling old International truck parked close to me... I fell in love with it, and sooo wished I was loading my garden supplies in the back of it and driving it home... Jack would LOVE it, especially with the Harley insignia in the back window... (Jack's Harley is his pride and joy... besides me, tee hee hee!)...

As I was standing there taking pictures of it, two cute "vintage" gentlemen, I am guessing in their late 70's ~ early 80's came out to it, put their supplies in the back, and waved to me... I waved back and told them how much I loved the little truck... and guess what! They both still ride Harleys! It made me smile so much... youth truly is a state of mind... not a number of years!... Happy Spring to all of you!... xoxo


  1. You are just adorable, could you rush spring any faster?
    I am so anxious, I haven't even stepped out in to my garden because we have a wave of snow coming this weekend and I don't want to see my flowers peeking out among that terrible snow.
    I am so glad your honey loves his Harley, thanks for supporting one of our biggest businesses in our area. I love a Harley and so enjoy hearing others do...especially among all the new brands and such.

  2. I love your pictures of the garden center. It just makes me think of possibilities! Mind you, I do NOT like to garden at all, but I do love walking up and down the aisles of any garden center. Don't know exactly why! I especially love the pick-up in the last photo.

    Hope the weather treats you right this weekend!

    Love and hugs,

  3. Love the truck. And - my husband's Harley is HIS BABY! He just loves to ride! He hopes to be going on the Redwood Run again this year - it's a guy thing - and way too long for me. And I HATE the freeway on the bike. It's just scary! It's back roads and country roads for me.
    Love all the flowers and trees . . . Spring is really here!
    (Wasn't Christmas last week?)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I'm so excited that it will officially be spring tomorrow, but unfortunately, here in Michigan, we are going to get SNOW!! Arghhh! Not exactly the best way to start Spring.

    I've had a couple of comments left on my blog, supposedly posted from me on other blogs, and it saying that I am claiming to be friends of Rebecca's since childhood? Have you happened to see any Blogs with this comment? It isn't from me, and I would really like to know what blogs these comments are on so that I can check it out for myself. Any help you could give me would be VERY much appreciated. Is it even possible for someone to HACK into another person's blog and do this? Gosh I hope not.

    Anyways, wishing you a Happy Spring!! Warmest, Brenda

  5. I can see why you still go to this garden has everything!! Are you ready to plant anything yet? We are having snow tomorrow. Spring weather was just a bit of a tease this week. But still, life is good.

    Love the old truck. And the owners seem very nice.

    Happy weekend! :-)


  6. It's going to SNOW in Oklahoma tonight. I'm soo dog-on made I could SCREAM..

    Can you HEAR ME???



  7. Hi Sweet friend,
    What a sweet nursery, and to think it's STILL there after all these years .. Here, it seems so many older business's are closing, and BiG mega stores take over .. It makes me crazy .. That truck is soo Coool, I'm sure the men were just as CoooL !! I would ride in that too .. what fun .. thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures .. I feel like I wasa right there with you ..Almost .. Happy week-end to you sweet one ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  8. A wonderful garden center with everything you could possible want it looks like! A grand tour and a sweet story about the vintage truck and Harley guys! Cute!
    I'm so thankful that disaster was diverted in your neighborhood! This must have been so difficult for you Julie, especially with your many beloved treasures. xo