Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simplifying... and helping orphaned baby elephants...

Lately I have been doing alot of soul~searching... my thoughts always seem to come back to the same thing... helping animals and Nature... my passion, my love... this is "Kibo"... our little "adopted" orphaned elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust... we initially adopted a little baby named "Shaba" who unfortunately did not survive... so now our donations are going to help baby Kibo... Kibo is just one of so many orphaned baby elephants who need help... most of these most precious of God's creatures were orphaned by despicable, disgusting, low~life scum... poor excuses for human beings slaughtering their mothers for ivory... their horrific acts are unconscionable... yes, I am telling it the way it is... if you think I have no feelings for these pieces of worthless human debris, you are right... other than feelings of total despise and disgust... it saddens me so much and hurts so deeply... I want to help these babies... I want to make a difference... I want them to survive and be loved... I already love them... but they need more... there are no "entitlements" given to these precious creatures... so I will do it.. a little bit at a time... however I can... and know in my heart at least I am trying to make a difference...

In looking around my home full of treasures, I realize the time has come to "simplify" and pare down some... parting with many items that were not from my family or do not have sentimental value to me... some are vintage collectibles, some are crafts supplies... rather than donate these items to a church or thrift shop, where many times the people don't actually NEED the money but take it anyway, I have decided to offer them for sale, at very low prices, on my blog... sending the money to this worthwhile Wildlife sanctuary, where help is needed ALL of the time... beginning Friday, April 2nd I will start placing photos of items I am parting with for sale on my blog... if you see something you are interested in purchasing, please send me an email, my address is right on my sidebar... I will figure shipping costs after I determine where the item is to be mailed, and will include that in your total... I will try to keep the cost of shipping at the lowest I can... you may inquire about shipping costs before you purchase the item... you may send me a check for the total amount, or you may pay me through Paypal after I send you an invoice... Here is the best part of all... I will donate all moneys I receive, with the exception of shipping costs, to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and these precious little babies... this way, some of my treasures find a new home, and you are helping me help these beautiful creatures who so need our love and support... you may click on the link in my post or the link on my sidebar under "Favorite Friends" to read about Kibo and all of the other orphans at the Wildlife Trust ... I hope you will all find a little something you like at my "online flea~market" and know the money will be going to such a worthwhile cause... I try to post interesting, inspiring stories and photographs that hopefully someone will enjoy... maybe even get inspired just a bit to do something they truly have been wanting to do... like helping animals!... I have quit looking at some of the blogs that show only fancy photos from fancy magazines, and have copied stories word for word, with nothing original or inspiring written by themselves... yet they have hundreds of followers and receive hundreds of comments... I do not have the huge numbers of followers many blogs do, but to those of you who do follow me, and take the time to read my posts and leave kind comments, thank you! I appreciate you so very much!... And thank you also in advance for helping me help these magnificent creatures... maybe in this small way I can make their lives a little better for them... xoxo


  1. Julie Marie, that is the sweetest baby elephant. Don't you want to just wrap your arm around it's neck and hug it? I love how it has it's trunk wrapped around the leg of the person standing there. I think what you are doing is so very like you - kind and giving.

  2. Oh, Julie, Kibo is so precious! What a wonderful think you are doing!!


  3. Can you bring him to live with you? That's what I would want! Okay, I know he's a baby now and that he'll grow and then be not so little, but still...
    It is an amazing thing you are doing and I am sure you will make lots of money for his care. Bless you and your loving, giving heart!!!

    Love and hugs,

    P.S. I still vote for him living with you for a little while!

  4. Oh, how precious! You are so loving. We need more people like you that care about helping. Keep up the good work. el

  5. Julie Marie this is such a wonderful idea! I know I am thrilled and can't wait to see what you have available for sale. It will be extra special to have something of yours but also to help the animals.

  6. Dear Julie Marie~
    Desi and I just talked the other day about lightening our load, giving everything we have to help the elephants, dolphins & kitties (of course!), getting in our camper and spending our Golden Years watching sunsets over the ocean. We're not quite there yet because we love our life here in Boulder City. I so understand your post today and the older I get the more I feel the urgency to unload non-essentials. Of course, we'll leave family heirlooms to Haley, but other non-heirloom items would certainly benefit the Orphaned Baby Elephants. I like your new mission and applaud you. I have adopted 10 baby elephants and am considering more. I am in love with them. Thanks for being you! xoxo Amy

  7. Amen and God Bless you for making an effort in the animal kingdom.... and your so right scum bags they are with the all the poachers out there just killing to make a buck... or just to kill for the fun of it... like so many do.


  8. Hi Julie Marie,

    What a great idea! So nice of you to help those precious little baby elephants.

    Second Hand Chicks

  9. Julie, you are such a beautiful person! I am so glad you are doing what your heart tells you. Kibo is so cute, I love him too! Good for you sweetie. I hate those people that hurt animals too. I will never understand it. Sometimes, I love animals more than people! Other than my family of course. But I have always had a special connection to animals. Your donations will make such a difference Julie!! I look forward to seeing what you have for sale :)
    Love you so much!!

  10. You are an angel here on earth sweet Julie..A sweet picture of this amazing baby elephant. My mother in law collected elephant statues. She had quite a collection. She would have loved this photo.
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter Julie!

  11. Your giving heart is always such an inspiration to me Julie! Such a sweet elephant...and I totally understand your frustration and anger with those who don't treat them with anything less than absolute love. I can't wait to see the items you will be offering for this great cause! Bless you!

  12. What a lovely post my kind and swwet friend, you are an angel. Darling wishing you and your family a joyous and blessed Easter. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Therefore, this Easter I will count my blessings and will count you twice my luv.

    Love & Hugs