Thursday, February 11, 2010

My little farmhouse... an emotional post for me...

In my previous post just prior to this one, I wrote about MaryJane's Farm and also told you about our little farm and farmhouse... "The House That Jack Built"... I still get very emotional looking at these photos, because as I explained in the prior post, Jack and I built this home ourselves, out in the country on acreage and planned on living there forever... money~hungry developers changed all of that and we ended up selling and moving, as our bucolic lifestyle was gone to the masses of look~alike homes , mormon churches and schools that took over the once beautiful countryside...the churches were pretty much recreation centers for sports activities almost 24/7 rather than a quiet country church setting that one might picture in the countryside... I chose a few photos to share, as it was very hard for me to get these out and look at once again, and I also could not bring myself to post any photos with our pets in, as they have all passed away now... and I miss them... So, here is our little farmhouse...

Our garden and tractor sheds...

Some of my vegetable gardens...

Our back of the house, driveway and garages...

Our gorgeous Poplar trees and view of the mountains to the east...

Our spectacular sunsets over the Great Salt Lake to the west...

Our little farmhouse kitchen...

Our little country bedroom...

Our farmhouse kitchen and one of our woodburning stoves...

A grape harvest from our vineyard...

Tomatoes from our vegetable gardens...

More of our gardens... with our orchards in the background...

My precious lilacs...

Cosmos and birdhouse with orchards in the background...

My beautiful fragrant Iris (flags as my mama always called them)...

Heavenly pink climbing roses...

Chives from my herb garden...

My spectacular wildflower meadow...

You can probably see why I am emotional over this post... I do not like changes... and I do not like to say goodbye... to anything... my home, objects or people or pets... all of the things I love... but like my pretty wildflowers, I too must go where the wind takes me... I am truly happy in the home we have today... but I miss my little House That Jack Built... xoxo


  1. I can see why you miss it really I do.

  2. Oh, Julie, your farmhouse was a little bit of heaven here on earth. I can totally understand how much you miss it, but you have your memories in your heart always.


  3. What wonderful pictures you have to share with your memories.It looks like a slice of heaven it really does. I understand how you would miss it for sure.
    Times are a changin I just wish it would slow down enough for me to catch up...
    hugz swwetie thanks for sharing with all of us.


    I grew up in Southern California in a tiny town called Hacienda Heights. There were no big malls and not really even a tiny strip mall shop. No big chains stores and no big drug stores. There was an Alpa Beta grocery store, a VON'S and a ThriftyMart. That was about it/ I lived there 11 years and when we moved in 1974 the town had already started growing up all around itself. The orange fields were disappearing, nearly gone. They are non-existent now. The town currently lays claim to the largest Buddhist Temple in the USA.

    I'm sick over it. I mean...I remember when Knott's Berry Farm was still a Farm...back then they sold Jelly and Jams on the side of the road.

    My town of Edmond, OK is also outgrowing itself. I hate it. I also hate the stoplight they have installed at the end of our street to control traffic.

    Progress? I guess. It's like the 24/7 News Channels. Nothing is going to stop the growth or the change.


    I love your little house. What a joy to see it.

    Love, Rebecca

  5. Oh my goodness what a spectacular farmhouse and the gardens are amazing! I can see why you had such a hard time leaving.

    Too bad Julie, but all happens for the best. It may not always feel like it but you still have your Jack and the wonderful memories of the house he built.

    You two got to do and live what many people only dream of. Thank you for sharing your charming farmhouse and lovely memories with us!

    Love and hugs,

  6. Hi Sweetie,
    Gosh, No wonder you are heart sick .. this was gorgeous !! I LoVe all the land and gardens, and views .. It looks like a "little house on the prarie" home .. soo sweet, and it takes me back to a more innocent, quieter time .. I can see why this makes you sad .. At least you have made a new sweet home with your honey bunny .. When your heart is happy, that truly makes a beautiful home .. I'm soo like you .. I just don't do good with change .. in anything .. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home ~
    Huggers for you

  7. That makes me sad, Julie Marie. What happened to the property after you sold it? Was it leveled to build a housing development? If so, I'm sickened. You must have cried your heart out the day you left that property for the last time. Sigh.... I can just imagine.
    xoxo Amy

  8. No wonder you miss it. It was absolutely perfect! I love all your flowers and gardens. Even though you are no longer living there, the house you built and the life you had there, no matter how long you've been away from it, will always live on in your heart and soul. No developer can take the memories away. They are yours forever and ever, even if the pictures are hard to look at without getting sad.

    I am glad you love your house now, as well. It may not be the same as your beloved farm house, but that's okay. It's just different.

    Love and hugs,

  9. Oh I can understand how you would get emotional looking at those pictures. Such a beautiful setting, beautiful home and gardens. Little piece of heaven. So sorry you had to move. Thank you for being brave and sharing those beautiful memories with us.

  10. I *so* understand...we sold the house that my husband and children built...for me...all for the purpose of reducing debt...and I regret it *children* built that can't put a price on that.

  11. My darling I read this post with a heavy heart and teary eyes. How horrible for you to have to let go of such a beauty, a heaven on earth, really. I looked at the lovely photos many times. Through the lens, you were able to capture the love that went into creating such a haven. My Aunt Gracie always says “there is a reason for everything, it is all God’s plans, don’t question it”. Therefore, darling don’t question it, that’s life. Use your energy to re-create that sanctuary you once had in your current home and enjoy life.

    Love & Hugs

  12. I too would be heartsick to leave my gardens. I am sure people said don't worry dear, you can start a new garden, at a new house. But they wouldn't of understood how your gardens are a part of you, literally the blood, sweat and tears that go into their creation. Yes, I do understand why it saddens you to have left your beautiful gardens and house behind but I am confidently sure, that wherever you are now, there is something beautiful growing. Thank you for sharing.

  13. It is a very lovely home. Thanks for sharing that part of your history. Breath taking.

  14. Julie Marie, this is breaking my heart, too. I know you must miss your little cottage in the country so much. I loved seeing all of your beautiful garden. My mom always called iris "flags". I am glad you are able to love where you live now. I always enjoy visiting your pretty home and outdoor gardens and wildlife. I am wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day, my sweet friend! Vicki

  15. the flowers were gorgeous. :) i can see why you miss it.

  16. Oh Julie, it is gorgeous!! It looks a lot like my house on the outside. Your gardens are just amazing!!WOW, I dont think i could have left, lo! I love it and I can so understand why you get emotional over it.
    I love you sweet friend! Thank you so much for sharing with us, I really enjoyed getting to see something so special that you and Jack did together!!

  17. What a beautiful home and all your photos are stunning. You can tell there's a lot of love in them.

    Love to you.

  18. Oh my. This little home and the surrounding gardens are very special. I can understand completely why your heart aches for it. Everything is so, so beautiful!
    I'm sending you great big {{HUGS}}!!!

  19. It is so understandable why you would miss this beautiful home and makes me sad and I didn't even get to experience it. I loved every image Julie...the poplar trees and mountain view stand out to me...and the gardens...amazing! Thank you for having the courage to share these even though I know it is bittersweet for you.

  20. Hi Julie Marie,
    Love the pictures of your beautiful farm. Poopsie and I just bought the peice of land adjacent to our home and plan to plant a large garden there this spring. We want to go all, herbs, veggies, fruit trees and even a chicken coop. Since we are new at this I'm sure it will be a real learning experience.

    Mary Jane Butters has long been my inspiration. I would love to stay at her "outdoor" Bed & Breakfast one of these days in Moscow, Idaho.

    Second Hand Chicks

  21. What a beautiful place you had! I can imagine how much you must miss it. So sad that what they call progress today is not something we would want to live around. We keep waiting for our place to receive another offer. There has been so much progress through here too. A hospital that is to be built less than 5 miles away, and everything else that goes with it. so sad. I'm sure though where you live now will hold a special beauty for you.

  22. Dear Julie Marie,
    I know how difficult it was for you to share these memories with us. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing anyway. What a beautiful place...I'm so sorry you had to leave. Sending you a great big hug.

    Much love to you,

  23. Oh Julie....I can now see why you miss your sweet farm so much. It was just beautiful! The love that you poured into that place was evident throughout every single photo. The sweet memories of your farm are forever imprinted upon your heart, sweetie. They will always be there for you to visit. ♥

    xoxo elle