Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beautiful Bauer...

It all started over twenty~five years ago with this one green bowl... my love affair with Bauer... my sisters and I had gone to a wonderful flea~market at the old Sunnyside Armory in Salt Lake City... that many years ago, there were so many more fabulous treasures to find, at literally giveaway prices... I fell in love with this beautiful green Bauer bowl... I loved the soft green color of it and it reminded me so much of the bowls my grandma would carry around her little country kitchen with her, stirring up something wonderfully yummy in it with her old wooden handled spoon... I believe I paid either 50 cents or one dollar for it at the time...

My collection of Bauer bowls began to grow... remember that now famous line in the original Jaws movie when Brody saw the shark for the first time and said "We need a bigger boat"... well, Jack, we need a bigger house! Honestly though, our home is plenty big for the two of us, it's just that the two of us have alot of "stuff"!!! And we both keep bringing home more! One of Jack's friend's wife called to talk to Jack one night about ten years ago, as he was helping her with her computer over the phone... (Jack is so sweet, he helps everyone with everything!) Anyway, I answered the phone that night and talked to this sweet lady I had never met... she asked me what I did for hobbies, etc and I told her I collected antiques and vintage items and loved going to estate sales... when I told her I collected vintage mixing bowls, my favorite ones being Bauer, she said "well honey, I have a bunch of old Bauer bowls I was getting ready to give to the D.I."... the D.I. is a thrift store here in Utah... it smells just awful when you walk in (seriously!) and everything is quite dirty in it as they don't clean much up (except the clothes) before they put it out for sale... you can however unearth some real treasures beneath all of that grime if you are willing to dig... and I am! I put on my old gardening clothes when I go and dig in! Back to the story... she told me she would LOVE to give them to me! She said there were quite a few of them that had been her mothers (for the life of me, I can never understand why anyone would give away their mother's things, but some people aren't sentimental like I am I suppose)... she said she would send them out with her husband to give to Jack the next time they went to coffee. I could hardly wait!... She sent me NINE perfectly beautiful assorted colors of vintage Bauer bowls! Can you believe it! I offered to pay her and she said no (I did send her a gift card to Michaels)... Below is my collection, including the nine from this most generous lady...

All of my Bauer bowls are from the late 30's and 40's... I love the 40's, everything about them. To me that is such a romantic era, the clothes the ladies wore were so feminine and beautiful and I love the old movies and the Big Bands... I do believe I am most content in my little country kitchen, daydreaming about simpler times, a Bauer bowl in my arms, stirring up something wonderfully yummy, just like my grandma did... Besides my very first green Bauer bowl, my other favorite one is the large yellow one in the photo below... it is huge and the color is so pretty! My country kitchen is sunny yellow and red...

Leslie asked in my last post where I keep all of these vintage treasures... I do have a place for most everything, but one day would love an old Hoosier cabinet for my bowls... I also collect McCoy, California Pottery and Fiesta vintage mixing bowls as well as any others that catch my eye... every color in the rainbow... just looking at them all when I took them down to wash them the other day and photograph them makes me smile... (everything pictured in this post is Bauer)... I also collect old Roseville, Hull, Shawnee and Redwing art pottery to name a few... What do you collect that started out with "just this one" and quickly multiplied??? ... xoxo

P.S. Merci to all of you who have emailed me about my vintage kitchen collectibles I have been posting this past week... and yes, I have thought many times about opening my own antiques shop... but there is just one problem... I would be my own best customer! I can't bear to part with anything!... xoxo


  1. Hi sweet Julie Marie,
    LOVE all your collection, I have alot of these, BUT, now as MANY as sweet you .. I have to ask you if you put food in these to serve, cuz I used to, and everyone said, I shouldn't because of the lead .. Have you researched this at all .. I LoVe to use my collections of any sort, BUT, don't want to kill anyone .. hahaha .. you have some fabulous sizes and the colors WOW !! Gorgeous !! Thanks for sharing, and you have a beautiful day ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  2. Oh, Julie, I love these, especially the PINK one. I immediately thought of my Aunt Mary when I saw them!!!

    I too love Fiesta but alas mine is not vintage . . . but I love it just the same!!! I even have it in miniature!

    Love and hugs,

  3. What a lovely collection. I have always loved the look of Bauer. Some how it has a slightly contempory style. It would look great in an all white room. Have a great day...julie

  4. Good morning dear friend,

    That collection is amazing. I'll have to admit I don't have the collecting bug for any one thing; but I seem to have the collecting but for ONE OF EVERYTHING!!
    :o) :o)

    Have a good day,


  5. Oh my gosh would I ever love to have that collection. The colors are wonderful and it all makes me happy. I hope you see and enjoy them everyday, Char

  6. Dear Tanza and ladies... yes, I still use some of these to mix things in... I never use the large orange one for food though, as it contained uranium to obtain that gorgeous orangish~red color... they banned the use of uranium in pottery in 1942... some china even today still has some lead in it... I also never put anything acidic, ie, tomatoes, juice, etc, in them and I never put them in the dishwasher or microwave! Thanks for your sweet comments! xoxo Julie Marie

  7. You won't even believe that I also have a few of these pieces in Yellow, I have a pitcher also and some fiesta pieces in yellow.
    My kitchen is also a warm buttery yellow with cinnamon red and a little red accents also.
    Wanted to thank you for the lovely card, It is just adorable and have it proudly displayed with my "handmade" treasures. Thank you so much for all your support but most of all your friendship.


  8. Those bowls are so pretty ♥ I adore the lovely colors, esp. the pink one lol. I collect so many things, where to start ;)

  9. Hi sweetie,
    Thanks soo much for the info .. I learned alot from you, and that's soo bazaar about the orange one !! I do have some orange, Alot of the pieces I have were from both of my Grandmas .. they too, used them everyday !! And, you are right about they lived FoReVer !! One was 102 yrs. old when she passed, and the other 92 .. I say mix on girlie, and I will too !! LoVe your sweet posts, and DID I say informative .. You go girl !! thanks for sharing and teaching lil' ole' meee ~ xxoo
    bauer hugs ~tea~xo

  10. Hello Sweet Friend,

    Good grief you have such an amazing and varied collection of vintage goodness!

    Your bowls are just gorgeous and the colors are delightful. I hope you someday get a Hoosier because they would look stunning displayed on one.

    What do I collect that started out with just one??? Ex-husbands! lol

    Just kidding...that would be vintage aprons, love them!


  11. I love your collection. I too have McCoy, Bauer, Fire-King and just good old Pyrex. I tend to gravitate to the color green. I plan on doing a post of all my green wares in time for St. Patrick's Day. I probably own too much stuff, but I can't bare to part with them. And how does someone give away their mother's dishes....I just couldn't. Hope you are having a lovely day.

  12. Oh my goodness Julie! I love your collection...beautiful colors...I would love to photograph them ;) They would make amazing still lifes...hehe...

    I know what you mean about needing more space for all the "stuff" too! And we just went to an antique store the other day...brought in more... ;)

  13. G'eve, sweet Julie Marie ~ Well, before I could answer all the concerns, you stated them further down clearly. These pieces are highly collectible, very pricey ... you have a marvelous collection, Julie Marie. It would be a blast going thru all your treasures ... there are some wonderful Antique Price Guide books on Bauer pottery.

    I used to sell Hoosiers, prob. close to 60 or 70 of them in the shop .. I just LOVE them. I just sent my last one, a baby Hoosier, to auction a couple months ago, time to let go ... sniff!

    Hugs of love, Marydon

  14. What a great collection! One day I would love to come visit you and see all the great things you've collected over the years! It would probably be like going to the Smithsonian, only WAAAAY better!


  15. I just MUST come and visit you and your little cottage. I LOVE THESE DISHES!

    Now girly...LMKnow how you want your Sachet. I have pics I'm sending you of the ones I made from yesterday. They are better pics so you can decide.


    You bless me!


  16. My aunt has a Hoozier that she is going to sell since she is going out west for a little while. Actually she has a lot of things and I need to get with her before she sells them!!! Your collection is beautiful! I love all of those colors. I have quite a few collections, teapots & cups, tins, definitely dishes!, and dolls from when I was small. I guess I have a hodge podge mix!!!
    Take Care!

  17. Julie Marie~ What a generous women who truly appreciated your love for Bauer bowls. I'm sure she was happy her bowls would be cherished by you.
    The condition and colors is amazing. I love the idea of all the wonderful foods that were created over time in those bowls. The family and friends that gathered to enjoy what was prepared.

    Sweet wishes,

  18. Awww another great post!! Those bowls are so colorful and pretty Julie!! Yummy! I need color so much right now. The green of your very first bowl is so pretty!! Like water :) I need a bigger house too, lol! I either need to move or stop shopping!
    Love ya sweetie pie!

  19. I love the colours of Bauer bowls. Your collection is amazingly lovely...xoxox

  20. Hi Julie Marie, you have the most beautiful vintage collection of gorgeous pieces anywhere!! I understand, it is very hard to part with them. I still miss some of our pieces that get sold to Paris House clients. I never ever part with anything from my grandmas or things I buy with my family. I can only sell items I purchase on buying trips..I get too attached :) I love your collection of bowls the colors are so cheery.
    I collect a lot of different things to from my Barbies, to antiques, handbags, tablecloths etc. I would say it all started with my Great Grandma's antiques..I feel in love with rescuing the past and all the memories.
    have a wonderful day

  21. WOW that lady was so generous...always nice to hear about the warm hearted people in the world! Your bowls are BEAUTIFUL Julie Marie!!! A perfect thing to make a collection of!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  22. Wow Julie Marie, You certainly have quite a collection of bowls.... and so many pretty colors.. Don't you find that interesting how things all come about for the good.. how generous of that woman to give you all those Bauer bowls. I do hope you can get a cabinet soon to show them off.... that would look so nice.

    Love & Joy-

  23. Hi Julie Marie, What a beautiful collection I cant believe how many you have, I can see my favorite is that blue on the end of your table.I never knew of Bauer bowls I wonder if there just not in this area or they are really rare. I collect the big vintage pyrex bowls and do so because they remind me of my childhood.I love your tea towels another thing I like to collect.Thank You for sharing them. Sincerely, Jonny