Saturday, January 23, 2010

Of Pirates and sunken treasure...

I must have drifted off to sleep for a bit... I dreamt that a dashing pirate came to take me away with him... no... could it have been???... was it really... Captain Jack Sparrow???... my real~life guy Jack knows I fell in love too with Captain Jack Sparrow (what woman wouldn't?)... but my guy also knows he is my one and only, and that even if Jack Sparrow asked me to spirit away with him, I would not go.... (well... maybe just for lunch... tee hee hee... ) besides... this was only a dream... right???...

Captain Sparrow told me about a treasure~chest full of jewels... rubies and emeralds, diamonds and pearls... he wanted me to have them... all there for the taking...

But first I must hear the tale of how these treasures came to be...

But I must promise to keep them safe always... especially a precious cross of silver and gold...

Captain Sparrow's eyes lit up as he told me the tale of the treasure ship Nuestra Senora de Atocha... it was the Year of Our Lord, 1622... the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha was a battleship to protect the annual fleets of treasure ships that sailed from the American colonies to the motherland every Spring with enormous fortune in gold, silver, indigo, tobacco, emeralds, pearls and additional objects of priceless value from the Orient... the Atocha set off from Cuba for the long and perilous journey back to Spain... they were late in leaving and the hurricane season was already fomenting in the Southeast Atlantic... two and one half days out to sea, she was hard hit by a vicious hurricane... desperately the captain tried to save his ship...blown off course she hit hard coral and broke up on the Marquesas Keys... two hundred and sixty persons were drowned and about four hundred million dollars of gold and silver went to the bottom as well... the Atocha's site was finally located on July 13th, 1975... after laying lost beneath the sea for nearly 360 years...

Captain Sparrow showed me a beautiful silver and gold cross pendant... the silver cross was minted from silver actually salvaged from the legendary galleon's watery grave... and depicts coinage that was minted in the Western Hemisphere from the late fifteen hundreds to the mid seventeen hundreds and deals with the variations of the crosses on the reverse side... Jack, oops, I mean Captain Sparrow showed me his map, where X marks the spot where the Atocha lay for over 360 years in the "Matacumbe"......

The beautiful cross and all of the jewels were to be mine... forever...

When I woke up, Captain Sparrow was gone... but the jewels... ahhh... the jewels were still there... even the precious silver and gold cross... the tale of Nuestra Senora de Atocha is true... as is the tale of the silver and gold cross... which is mine, to keep... forever... as for Captain Jack Sparrow...

Well...a girl can dream... can't she... xoxo


  1. Julie, this has got to be the BEST post ever!!!! A total delight!!!

    You have some serious bling there, girlie, and the silver and gold cross is a real treasure!

    I'll tell you about the dream I had about Val Kilmer some day . . . . it was SO real!!! Who's your huckleberry?!


  2. What a darling post, Julie Marie. Your dreams and fantasies are much more drama filled then mine!!

    You gave quite a nice stash of jewelry there. Perhaps it prompted the dream!! ;-)


  3. You're on a roll my friend! LOVE this post and your treasure chest of gorgeous jewels.

    Love the silver and gold cross and the story behind it! That sparkly crown has my heart skipping beats! What a beauty!!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend Sweet Friend!!

    Love and hugs,

  4. What beautiful treasures of sparkles. Love your cute photo! Wishing you much fun adding to your collection.

  5. «Nice jewels» said my Princess when she saw your last post.

    I like the royal crown... wouhhh!

    Be careful about the pickpockets... on Web.

    Have a nice saturday night, darling.


  6. Hi Julie Marie,
    This is some of the most beautiful jewelry that I have ever seen. And your post was extra funny!
    Happy SS!

  7. Which is more gorgeous? Pirate or jewels? LOL! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....great post and more eye candy than I can almost handle!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hello there, me matey! Love your yarn spun of wonderful treasure and a handsome pirate. You have a mighty fine treasure chest filled with anyone's lovelies. Have a great day, aarrrrgghh!

  9. Good morning Julie Marie-- Oh how I loved your yarn and my eyes danced with delight on seeing all your treasure (no - I'm not taking about Johnny Depp although he is a feast for the eyes, isn't he?).

    Have a wonderful week dear friend,


  10. Girlfriend if you dont go to lunch with him I will..hehhehe...I have been coveing an Atocha charm for so long but I am always unsure of its authenticity, especially from that big auction site. Love all your treasures.

  11. Dear Sylvia and ladies... if you are interested in an Atocha treasure like my cross pendant, please email me and I will give you the information on the site to go to... mine was a gift some years ago, they are quite expensive and do come with certificates of authenticity, with the number of the bar of silver from the Atocha they were minted from... Happy treasure hunting! xoxo Julie Marie

  12. Julie Marie, you certainly have quite a stash! And if you do run into Captain Jack Sparrow again my sister-in-law's mother (80 something years old) would love a visit. She could show the almost life size poster of him!
    Take Care

  13. Surely this is not ill gotten gains and bounty my friend! Such beautiful baubles to play with.

  14. Hi Julie Marie,
    Ooohh how I LoVed your story time :0 I need to go drift off to sleep my friend, and dream ~ LoVe your sweet, and beautiful treasures .. they look lovely as all your pretties always do .. Have a wonderful evening sweet one
    hugs ~tea`xo

  15. Oh dear friend, this has to be the cutest post ever, just adorable! WOW, check out the jewels! Amazing!!
    AND, I am a huge fan of jack sparrow too, and yes lunch with him sounds divine.

    Always a joy to visit my sweetest friend..
    Happy Valentines day doll,

  16. You are too cute for words my friend...and wow do you have lots of sweet treasures. Thanks for the treat this evening!

  17. You know how I love my story telling (thank you for visiting today) but I love sparkly bling even more. Johnny Depp isn't bad either. Have a nice Monday.

  18. I'm dreaming ...... I'd do more than kill for that chest full of goodness ;)


  19. G'morn ~ After a chatting dreaming of your Jack Sparrow ... I want you to know that he said I could have that treasure chest, sweetie!

    What a pot of BLING you have, sweet precious friend!

    This weekend was a tough weekend ... not perking along today either.
    Have a beautiful week.
    Love you ~ Marydon

  20. You made my week! With the stroll down memory lane with Barbee and the Treasure Island drama, I just love the read. The way you paint such a wonderful picture with words as well as visuals is amazing. Many many thanks. el

  21. Julie Marie what Sweet lovely Dreams. Your treasures are divine. I love the way they look all grouped together and sparkling away so magically. You are such a wonderful story teller my dear. I'm so happy that you have the best 'Jack' around..your very own special one to live all your dreams out with. :)

  22. Oh what yummy jewelry!! Love that crown :) I collect vintage jewelry too and have it sitting in champagne glasses and jars around the house :) I love to look at it, lol!

    I cant wait to visit the Pirates in March!! Yay :)

  23. That's a lot of bling...beautiful!! You're an excellent story teller Julie Marie!!!

    Happy Monday ~

    :) T

  24. You are too cute Julie Marie....I love this post...and I looooove Captain Jack Sparrow too. How very dreamy...isn't he?

    Hugs and Kisses,

  25. What a treasure chest of pure delight!


  26. What a cute cute post.... and such beautiful jewls!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne