Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Home is Where the Heart Is" and my giveaway reminder...

One day, not so very long ago, a wonderful old key was bestowed upon me. I knew right away it held magical powers, as it was a vintage French skeleton key, perhaps brought to me by one of my French ancestors, who's to say, I know they are always close by me...

It dangled from beautiful silk ribbons and the little enamel tag read "10" which is one of my lucky numbers. It also is the age I was when many of my precious childhood memories took place, an age I love to return to from time~to~time in my dreams, to savor those memories once again, for just a little while... there was a beautiful message as well, "A dream is a wish your heart makes". I knew this key would unlock all my dreams and take me to enchanted places. My heart made a wish, as the little saying told me a dream is a wish my heart makes, my wish was to visit my childhood home for just a while... the memories are so sweet. I live in the present but treasure the past, and hold dear the people, places, objects and events that took place, for those are the very things that made me the person I am today. "You aren't just the age you are, you are all the ages you ever have been". I would love to have you come with me, for you too are all the ages you ever have been...

C'mon! It's the perfect day to put on our Keds (mine are red, what color are yours???) and hop on our bikes and head out for a day full of adventures and exploring. Hurry! There are soo many places I want to show you! My little sister Jill is coming along with us today too. She and I got into sooo many escapades as kids, but you know what? We survived! Yep, life was simple back then, and our biggest decision in life really WAS what color of new Keds to pick each summer. I am wearing my red ones today as you can see. Ok, hop on your bike and let's go! Just follow me, and the little map I sketched out below... all of these places really existed and all of the tales really are true, even the names have not been changed to protect the innocent, tee hee hee. Jill and I served "hard time" being grounded for one or two days for many of our "mis~adventures"... Our home is where the little heart is...

Let's ride our bikes up into the orchard and see if anyone's at the secret hut. Be sure to pedal fast past the old haunted house! Look! Someone just peered out from behind those ratty old curtains, I swear, honest they did! Cross my heart! Ok, we can slow down now. What's the secret hut you ask? Why, it's a hidden clearing among the trees where we all gather to tell ghost stories, of course! Hmmm, no one here today. Ok, let's check the thicket. Be careful! It's a narrow little dirt path to there. Sorry, you will need to get off of your bike here, we have to crawl through the brambles into the thicket. Are you coming??? Those stickers won't hurt you! Hmmm, no one here either, that's odd. Maybe they are all down at the swamp. I know, I know, it says "Keep Out", but we are just going in for a few minutes to check for salamanders. Darn! The old raft made out of logs has floated out into the middle of the swamp. Why WON'T you swim out and get it??? Ok, ok, we can come back another day when we can reach it. I swam out last time! Did too!!!
Let's grab an apple to munch on while we ride, Farmer Stringham doesn't care if we pick his fruit as long as we eat it. Let's ride over to Turkeyshoot Drive, it's just down the road a piece. I want to hike up to Mother of Pearl Rock. You can see FOREVER from up there! We must ride quickly past the polygamists farm! They have strange ways and we are not allowed to go there. We can sneak back another day and spy on them!!! Oooh, and the woods! The woods are rather dark, even in the daytime. I think someone is watching us! Honest, cross my heart! Can't you feel them staring at us from among the pines??? Pedal faster! Ok, now we must get off our bikes again and walk. Watch where you step as we walk our bikes down this path, there is a pool of quicksand. Yes, for REAL! Nope, no fence or anything around it. Watch! I wll throw this BIG stick in and it will sink. Neato, huh? Well, I guess our last stop is the old Isinglass mine shaft. Yes, it's abandoned and I KNOW it says "Keep Out" too, but I just want you to see how dark it is inside and there are weird noises sometimes. Don't be a scardy cat! YOWIE!!! YIKES!!! What was that??? Hurry, get on your bike and pedal fast back to my house. And if you EVER want to come with me again, don't you DARE tell ANYONE where we have been!!!
So there you have my whimsical little story (which is all true)... just a reminder too about my giveaway posted in my previous post... you may comment on that post and~or this one to enter. If you comment on both, I will enter your name twice. You must comment by midnight Pacific time on February 1st (into February 2nd). My sweetie will draw the winning name on Tuesday February 2nd, Groundhog Day, and I will post it the same day. xoxo


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

This is the cutest post ever Julie!! I loved it. You brought back some wonderful memories of mine, riding my bike with my brothers and friends on hot summer days. Those were the days, I tell ya!! Oh to be young again! I just love old keys too!! They are so mysterious.
Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

PS, that groundhog better not see his shadowm lol!!! I need spring ASAP!! :):):)

Vicki said...

Oh, Julie Marie, I love your childhood memories!! They remind me so much of mine. We, too, told ghost stories and were sure a witch lived in the woods behind my house. Weren't those such magical and innocent days! Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us! Sending lots of love your way! Vicki

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, Jule Marie!! What a fun post. I'll bet you had a blast writing it!! What a great memory you have. That just goes to show that you loved your childhood. Are you still taking chances and having adventures? Old habits die hard... is Jill talking?!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! Oh, I always had the blue keds!!


Dawn said...

You are just so adorable, would have loved to known you as a child. I grew up near the railroad tracks, not the wrong side of them either, we (my best buds and I ) always had great adventures going through the woods and then scoping out the places in the ravine or hiding places under the bridge. The only difference being I never had on shoes, wondered why my feet are like leather? Never knew what I would have stepped on next.
Thanks for the adventure and keep on sharing.

Rita said...

What a great post my dearest Julie-Marie!
enjoyed every single word about your childhood memories and enjoyed joining you in your escapade. 't was fun.
you've got such a talent... so glad you are sharing it and let us be part of it.
have a fabulous Sunday!

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

What a charming post, Princess Julie! You have such wonderful childhood memories, so different from mine, and to be really honest I can't remember much from when I was a child :)

I really enjoy reading yours!

Have a wonderful evening!


June said...

I love that quote about being all the ages we've every been. My sisters are working on a book about my father and so I have been designing my page today. It's so fun to look back over the pictures of my life and remember the girl I was and am.

Jeni said...

What a fun post and giveaway. You are such a sweetie. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Tanza said...

Ooohhh this was so fun sweet one, very familiar to me as well .. And, I have to say I wore red keds too !! They always seemed to make me run so much faster, and their bright color, soo appealing to us young girlies !! This brought back soo many fun memories to me as well ... let's go again for a bike ride real soon, ooohh we forgot to stop the icecream truck .. we needed a popsicle after this adventure !! You have a fun, adventerous week-end girlie ~
hugs ~tea~xo

Roberta said...

Always a fun adventure visiting you Julie! So smart that you've kept your old treasures to jog your memories. I think it may have been through Jo's post about the rose fence painting....not sure but I thank you for being such a faithful follower Julie.
Happy Sunny Sunday! xo Roberta

Zuzu said...

This was absolutely delightful. I'm sure that we would have been best friends growing up!
And I love the book & key - just gorgeous!
Have a wonderful day, dear Julie Marie!

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Sweet Julie, I adore YOU, and your heart-felt stories, you tell them ever so sweetly...
Your photos are precious!

Love and hugs to you,
Jo & doggie kisses from Jessy

Marydon Ford said...

Wait for ME!!!! Pul-EEZ, slow down! I am exhausted & you are WAY AHEAD of ME!!!

Since I can't ride bikes, I am RUNNING AFTER YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you, Julie Marie! Your key unleashes so many wonderful moments to share with you.

Next time can we WALK? Chuckle!

Hugs, sweet friend ~ Marydon

CC said...

This is such a lovely post! :)

Ana said...

Good morning Julie Marie,
I loved our little adventure...Your wonderful true story just pulled me in and I was right there...peddling on my bike and adventuring right next to you....So much fun, Thanks....Oh, and by the way, my Keds were white! Have a wonderful first day of February my dear and sweet friend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sherrie said...

"A dream is a wish your heart makes", channeling your inner Cinderella I see. You know me, I love a good story, both to read and to share. I saw that you had commented on the "woman at McDonalds with 2 homeless men" story as did I. It had brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful story. I know that in all the books I read about how to make an attractive blog, they all say keep the writing to a minimum, that no one wants to read a long post. Well I do. Yes I enjoy the pretty pictures, and a lot of blogs I follow are just that. Then there are those that I know will bring a smile, a tear, inspire me or make me question, posts such as yours. I daresay, and what mine are. If it makes us feel good and we are being true to ourselves, then that is all that matters. Have a wonderful day with your sister.

koralee said...

I love your writing and this post is delightful. Happy February..and I so forgot it was Groundhogs day...I have been so wrapped up in the romance of February. xoxo

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Julie Marie.....I so love your stories. Unfortunately I don't seem to have to many as pleasant as yours - but I do enjoy reading yours.



*Ulrike* said...

Love the story! Reminds me of my old bike riding days and tromping through the woods!

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling Julie Marie,

I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

Love & Hugs

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Awww... Julie Marie,
This is a beautiful post. I too had special days of adventure so this really made the bottom of my heart feel your words shared with us here. I swear the old scars on my knees are twinging while I'm reading about crawling through the brambles. Bet you had many scrapes, scabs (yes, icky but true) and bruises from your adventures too, do you still have scars from them? I would love to go back a day and savor these experiences just like you. Thank you for sharing, you bring back many gentle childhood memories for me. Sadly, many of them shared with people no longer here but the glorious thing is they live on in this little heart forever! As you can tell, I could go on and on with this post of yours. A very good thing, in my opinion ;)