Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hazy Days Won't Get Me Down...

Our little town is nestled between the Great Salt Lake on the west and the beautiful Wasatch Mountains to the east... I love my cozy little stretch of land I call home... but in January every year, due in large part to the lake, we end up in a terrible inversion... this has been going on for about the last week or so and right now our air quality is the worst in the nation, so sorry to say... so, Nature walks are out for now... I don't want to get sick again breathing the yucky air... so I took advantage of my time indoors to do a number of fun things... first, I made this pretty silk~flower centerpiece for my kitchen table...

I keep journals of all kinds... a journal journal, a Nature journal, a garden journal... my garden journals are all full so I decided to make a new one... here's how it turned out...

Remember my little Hyacinth bulb from my last post... look how the Gypsy Queen has grown in just a few days!...

The Christmas before this last one, I crocheted everyone in my family a muffler... I still have a crafts room full of pretty yarn, so I have started on a cream colored one for myself...

I am constantly jotting down notes about everything... this pretty little weekly to~do notepad, one of many gifts my sister Jill gave me for Christmas is so fun to keep track of my projects in...

Hazy days are lazy days... time to read up on birds eggs from a vintage book of mine... I love the little bird paperweight and bird treasurebox Liz and Jake gave me for Christmas...

Hazy days also make for a cozy time with a good book... Filly and Ellie gave me this one for Christmas, and I am sooo enjoying it...

The same time I made my family all mufflers, I also tied them each their own fleece blanket... I decided to make myself a new one for my favorite chair to relax in in my living room... there is no sewing to these... just cut and tie and they are sooo cozy and comfy... they wash up so fluffy and soft!... I have some I made I keep in my car even...

Must have something yummy to eat on days like this as well... I made this cinnamon crumb cake to have with our coffee...

Is there a more enticing smell than warm cinnamon and fresh~brewed coffee???...

Time to put out some little Valentines Day candies in my vintage sugar scuttle... it is a tradition, and I never break traditions...

I still feel like a little girl when I get conversation hearts... I love to read the little love~notes... do you?...

Pink and white Valentine taffy and a relaxing look through my Wildflower Meadow book... so many new ones I want to plant this year...

And last for today, I bought these little angels and fufu'd them up for Valentines Day...

Too many good things in life to let a hazy day get me down... after all... it is getting warmer, a gentle breeze is beginning to blow... a light rain is forecast for tomorrow... Spring can't be too far away... till then... I am content to putter around inside my little place that always says "home"... xoxo


  1. You do lots on a "Lazy" Day... I do enjoy snuggling up with the blanket you made me on Lazy days and reading a good book... There is nothing better than the smell of coffee... I love to drink Tea or coffee and read a good book... I am really glad you are enjoying the book we got you... I wanted to get myself a copy as well I just have a few books I still need to read... I have been reading Dear John and I can't put it down... That Cinnamon cake you made looks so good!!! Enjoy the rest of your day...
    Love You Filly
    P.S. I do feel like a little kid as well when I get conversation hearts... I remember Grandpa would give me and Liz some every year...

  2. What a beautiful post. I can feel the sunshine!

    We haven't seen sun in WEEKS! I sure wish Spring was around the corner! Everytime Kodak goes outside, I have to clean his paws when he comes back in, let alone the trauma to get him to go outside, LOL

    I am going to go out tomorrow and get some heart candies but no taffy for me as I still have my temporary crown!


  3. Hi Sweet Friend!

    Once again I'm reminded to slow down and enjoy life's beautiful little treasures and the beauty around us.

    First your floral arrangement is beautiful and your journal...sigh! What a fabulous job! Everything is so lovely and I too love the conversation hearts and still get a thrill reading them.

    I wish I was there with you to enjoy some of your delicious crumb cake, a nice cup of coffee and some amazing conversation with you...soon my friend...soon!

    Love, hugs and Toby kisses!

  4. Oh I love your arrangements and all your treats make me hungry! :) Hope the air clears up soon so you can go on walks again.

  5. mmmmm.....coffee & coffee cake! Your photos are so inspiring today! I feel like baking & getting cozy with some projects left undone by the holiday season~xo chris

  6. The cinnamon cake looks so yummy! I just love cinnamon. It sounds like, in spite of the yucky air and having to stay inside, you are making the best of it.


  7. Sounds like warm, fuzzy days at home. I can smell that cinnamon coffee cake from here!

    I have been hunkering down with my garden books and seed catalogs dreaming of spring. 23 degrees today in Virginia. Too cold for me!



  8. Hello, Julie Marie,
    You have found some wonderful things to do while staying indoors. You have a special way with things to make them look so pretty, your beautiful centerpiece, lovely garden journal and those sweet cherubs that you decorated, loved them all! I know you will enjoy your hyacinth as you wait for spring. I, too, have always loved the candy hearts and every thing about Valentine's Day. Have a lovely rest of the week! Sending much love your way! Vicki

  9. Wow Julie Marie,
    You've been busy. Love your new flower arrangement and yummy, the crumb cake looks delish. Oh and I have one of those sugar scuttles like yours....didn't know what they were called until now :-) And I love the idea of putting the Valentine's Day candy in it...Hmmmmm, I might just have to be a copy cat...;-) I do hope that spring arrives soon so that you may enjoy your nature walks again. In the mean time...stay inside and stay safe my sweet friend. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. Hi Julie Marie, Your centerpiece with the shade of lavender is so pretty. I have that color in one of my bathrooms, and I really like it.

    I've been messing with my blog trying to get it to a 3 column, but failed everytime. As soon as I get it to where I want it I'll be blogging shortly after.

    It's good to see you've been busy playing around. LOL

    Sending warm hugs your way-

  11. My darling what a lovely post. You are multi-talented my friend. I wish I had one oz. of your talent and grace to come up with such marvelous ideas and be able to produce them. I love your journal and I too am a fan of conversation sweets. Enjoy them all and have tea with that delicious cake.

    Love & Hugs

  12. Hello! I just found your blog through the Duchess of Tea and am so glad I did. You have a new follower! Your hazy days sound so warm and cozy and inviting. It's been a little gloomy here (San Antonio, TX) the last few days and you've inspired me to do a few little things.
    Patricia :o)

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    I can smell your delicious cake clear over here at my house I think! Wish I could pop over for a piece. Sitting around your beautiful new centerpiece, chatting the time away. I hope the air clears up for you soon.

  14. Hi Julie Marie,
    I like nothing better than to stay home and putter around my home. The flower arrangement is lovely as is your journal. I love to cuddle up on the couch and read and you have a quite a stock of good reading material. Then that coffee cake looks so good! I think by now, everyone ahead of me has had a piece and there is nothing left. We were all wishing we were there to share it with you. Enjoy your days in your beautiful home.

  15. Oh my! What a bunch of eye candy your post is. Love the journal you created and that cute notebook your sister gave you.

    p.s. Your cake looks yummy. I would love your recipe.

  16. Dear Julie Marie,

    You have been one busy girl since you are house bound for a few days. I don't think I could keep up with you.

    Blessings dear friend,


  17. Gosh Julie Marie! The inversion layer sets you on fire with in-home projects. Can you send that layer down here so I can get my closets organized please? Ha! xoxo Amy

  18. Julie Marie, what a lovely lovely day. I adore your journal, it is so pretty. That is why I like Winter, we can get these days occassionally when we just can't go out due to some type of weather condition and then it is so warm and cozy indoors!! Your cake looks yummy oh how I wish we could meet up one day for coffee!! :)
    Oliver says Hi, you know your his favorite blogger out there, he just loves his Julie Marie!!
    We are off for awhile so I'll pop over next week to see how your doing!! Have a wonderful week.

  19. Good Morning Julie Marie sweetie...
    I love this post. I have never seen a sugar scuttle. How beautiful it is. My gosh there is so much detail on it. And ofcourse I had to snatch a couple of those darn candy addicting hearts. One said, "Love You" and the other "Be Mine". Thank you so much sweetie what a hostess.

    Now after browsing around looking at that beautiful tied blanket, a look at those gorgeous angels dolled up for Valentine's Day, and ofcourse your books and journals, the cake and coffee were devine.

    Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with me today. I have so enjoyed my visit. Have a beautiful day my sweet Julie Marie.

    Country hugs and much love, Sherry

  20. I love your grateful attitude sweet friend. That is why I adore you so much, you lift the spirits of all around you.
    In times where we are on the computer much to much, writing in a journal sounds so refreshing.
    You are a treasure to me Julie :)
    Love to you always, Jo

  21. JULIE!! How did I miss this post? I love the arrangement you made, it reminds me of spring! I love Conversation Hearts too :) They make me happy just to look at them, lol! The muffler you are making yourself is beautiful!! I love the soft color. It is so sweet that you made them for family members for Christmas, what a beautiful gift from the heart! Those tied fleece blankets are so nice. My sister in law made them for her kids and they still carry them around with them six years later!
    I had never heard of the air getting bad like that before! I am so sorry you arent able to go on your nature walk! I know how important they are to you! It is supposed to be 40 degrees here this weekend, I cant believe it! lol Pretty sad when you get happy about that temp!
    I am still just loving my butterfly fairy Julie!! Thank you so much again sis, your the best!
    Love you,

  22. Hi Julie Marie, Nice to know you are feeling much better. I love your little journal. So delicate.
    It has really been cold in Okla. this winter. My feet are frozen all the time. Have a great weekend...julie

  23. Hello Julie Marie, So sorry for having been absent for a while. I love your hyacinth bulb, one of my favorite spring flowers. The smell is truly devine. My grandfather used to have these ready for every spring, Maureen...

  24. Wonderful post, Julie Marie! I oooooed and ahhhhed with every detail - we love so many of the same things! Your journals, fleece blanket the forced bulb, the birds & eggs book - all of it is so, so very lovely!

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  25. What a pretty post and I love your journal. All of your photographs conger up comfort. When our family lived in Hong Kong we lived high in the Tai Tam mountains. January until April was fog so dense that I often thought Sherlock Holmes would enjoy the view. We too would look for ways to create magic in our home. Your images make me think your home must be very magical today.

  26. Love this post! Your good things make me feel so happy...thank you for spreading the Joy. Spring is on its way! xoxo

  27. Julie Marie bonjour
    I just wanted to pop over and say how lovely all your pinks look today.
    Love your journal and your little cherubs.
    I always enjoy reading the sweet little hearts : )
    Love Claudie

  28. Happy Pink Saturday! Love the little angels they are too precious Grace xoxox

  29. Julie Marie, what progress you have made for a lazy day! Where do you get your energy?!! You'll need to show your muffler when it is done. My daughter wants to learn how to crochet again. I taught her some when she was small, and she loves the valentine hearts too so it won't be long before I have to buy her some!!
    take Care!