Monday, December 28, 2009

My Petite Maison...

Awww... look at this precious little face... this is Zeke, one of my bloggy doggy pals and assistant to my friend Tracie at My Petite Maison... I do think Zeke is telling us that after all of the holiday hustle and bustle we need to take time to stop and smell the roses...

I ordered two items recently from Tracie, gifts from Moi to Moi for Christmas... we all need to spoil ourselves from time to time, non?... Tracie sells these adorable little vintage bottles she creates into one of a kind treasures she calls Petite Maries... I special ordered mine and asked Tracie to choose what she used as embellishments... it turned out sooo beautiful!... in the bottom she included sand from Nice, France... Tracie also sent me some yummy organic French tea... Merci Tracie!... I have had so much fun chatting back and forth through emails with Tracie about my orders, and our love of everything French, and our French ancestors...we wonder if perhaps my great~grandparents knew her great~grandmother... one day I want to visit France and see where my family lived... Tracie warns me though... I may not want to come back!... She loves France!...

I also ordered these pretty salad plates, each plate depicts Marie Antoinette dressed in different fashionable outfits with the names of her different homes ...Tracie's shop is featured in the current issue of one of my favorite magazines, Romantic Country on page 14... (right next to another favorite lady of mine, Janet at Shabbyfufu!)...

Even though it is the coldest part of winter here right now (we were -1 degree on Christmas Day), I will dream of the Spring that is to come, and sitting outside on my deck, perhaps with a glass of wine and enjoying a yummy salad on one of these pretty plates... and waiting for my tulips to peek up from their sleepy winter nap... I hope you will visit Tracie and sweet Zeke at My Petite Maison... her shop and blog are both beautiful... she recently showed a little tour of her local wine country on her blog... so enjoyable!... I felt like I had been on a mini~vacation!... be sure to tell her Julie Marie sent you... Merci Tracie... doggie kisses Zeke!... Bisous...


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Bonjour Julie Marie,
This is so sweet you've showcased items from my petite shop ~ thank you! The photos are beautiful and I am so pleased you love your items! I agree, we should all stop and smell the roses and listen to sweet Zeke ;)

Happy day to you, sweet friend.
xo~Tracie (and Zeke... boof!)

Blondie's Journal said...

I love your new treasures, Julie Marie!! The bottles are beautiful and the plates will be perfect for those summer salads!! I too, am looking forward to spring, but for now I am like Zeke, smelling a lot of cold air instead of tulips though!!

Have a happy week, dear friend! :-)


Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Your treasures are beautiful, Julie!

Well, today I haven't smelled the roses more like slept all day once I got home from the dentist! Part 1 went well, next Monday is part 2 :)


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Be still my heart! Oh Sweet Friend your new treasures are fabulous! I love them all!!

We really need to plan a trip to France...non? If we can't make it to France in the near future, I'd love to join you on your deck for a glass of wine and a salad on those gorgeous plates.

Love and hugs,

koralee said...

Your treasures are amazing. I love those salad plates. Hope your Christmas was filled with many blessings my friend. xoxoxo

Tanza said...

Hi Julie,
Very pretty gifts to you, from you :):) Those are always fun to get, and you KNOW you are going to LoVe those treasures !! Very sweet .. I can't believe how cold it is where you are .. Can I just say burrrr .... I'm complaining it's cold here, and it's 68 .. yiyiyiy .. that would be warm to you my friend .. hoping you are happy and warm ~
pink hugs ~tea~xo

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"I do think Zeke is telling us that after all of the holiday hustle and bustle we need to take time to stop and smell the roses..."

And I fully agree with Zeke! Take some quiet time and avoid hastles, even for a day. I'm trying to do that, today. Glad Zeke agrees. :-)

June said...

Oh my...all these things from Tracie are just beautiful. I saw the plates in RC and was so happy to her featured there. I think Tracie's taste is so amazing! That bottle is gorgeous and I know just how much you will be enjoying this piece of art from Tracie's hand.
Hugs from me and T.T. Rabbit!

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Julie dear....finally a few minutes to catch up with my favorite bloggers, which of course include you and sweet Tracie as well! What lovely treasures! Sorry that you have been sick and I hope that you are feeling better now. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway...xoxo, Janet

Jonny said...

Love your treasures especially the container for tea. I will have to visit My petite maison. Thats so neat how you have traced your French ancesters back to 1600. It must have been very interesting to find. I would love to visit France too and visit the mansions and museums. The way they decorate is over the top gorgeous I would just faint to see such beauty.

Jeni said...

What a gorgeous dog! He's a good boy.

Fun finds too.

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sweetie,
So sorry your Christmas was ruined by icky sickness :( This time of year is so awful!!! I want spring so bad, I can almost feel it. I cant wait to take my Christmas stuff down this weekend and get more spring in this house :)
Love ya sweets,

My Grama's Soul said...

What a sweet post, as usual. Hope you are recovering from THE BUG!!

Stay well, and take care.


Janean said...

Julie, Zeke is "kissable!" those roses next to him....hummmmm....did he buy those for anyone special?

sweet post!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Julie Marie~ I too have a lovely Marie bottle from Tracie. I adore the wonderful French treasures she carries in her charming shop.
Zeke is such a cuddly love.

I've been wanting to tell you how much I was touched by the adopt a Grandparent story. I've never heard of that type of program where we live. We would like to be involved in such a wonderful program.
This story reminds me of the sweet elderly women who walk by our home from the assisted living home around the corner. My hubby started gifting our roses to them when they'd stroll by. He's enjoyed it so much that he started collecting vases from garage sales, so when the lil' ladies came by he'd put the flowers in a vase with water and they'd put them in their walker baskets then carry them back home. It has become our favored summer tradition.

Sweet wishes,

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Julie Marie,
Coming by this evening to wish you the best for New Year's Eve and 2010 too. I hope you're feeling much better by now. Hugs to you, sweet friend!

Marydon Ford said...

Oh, sweet Julie Marie, what gorgeous GIFTS for yourself. I'll have to visit these gals ... lovely creations.

It is 30 & going down, storm is nearing & will be nasty for a couple days.

Love to you, Marydon

Kitty Valerie said...

Hi, Julie Marie:

I enjoyed your post and the lovely pics.

You are listed in my top ten favourite bloggers. Stop by and grab your award!

I hope you have a great 2010.


Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Julie Marie,
What lovely new treasures for you! I checked out "My Petite Maison" and signed up as a follower.

Happy New Year to you!
Second Hand Chicks

Alice W. said...

Oh Tracie is the best her, and her shop and Zeke too of course! I have two of her Marie bottles and adore them...and that French tea she sends favorite ;)