Monday, November 30, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday...Putz Houses and Villages...

Welcome to my Vintage Christmas Monday... on Saturday... I am posting mine early because the power company is shutting down all of the power in our neighborhood tomorrow and Monday from 0730 t0 1130 am "to improve electric service reliability" ... NO! ... I told them they must do it another day, since Monday is Vintage Christmas Monday blog party at Anything Goes Here, and I have a post to do and friends to visit... you should have seen the look on the guy's face...tee hee hee... I wish I had taken a picture of him and I would have posted it! He wasn't impressed... (must be an anti-blogger type!) ... So...

Remember my post here when I showed this photo of part of my vintage Christmas collection, waiting to come out this year and decorate my home? Well, it took me about a week to do it all, but is was sooo worth it! Every room in our home is decorated for Christmas, most of them with vintage items, and I used almost every one of my vintage treasures, somewhere, they will ALL be out for sure for Christmas... I am overcome with memories and warm, wonderful feelings of Christmases past, treasures from so very long ago, previous owners now long gone, and it makes me so very happy to be able to share these beautiful things with my dear blogger friends... I feel very fortunate and blessed to have these keepsakes, and as I have said many times before, I hope their previous owners who have passed on are looking down at their precious ornaments and such and smiling happily as they reminisce about happy Christmases of long ago...

Nothing says Christmas more to me than the little Putz houses I had as a child... I had so much fun when I was a little girl, each Christmas creating my "magical" little village out of these little cardboard houses and churches... all of these in the next photo were mine when I was a child... I took really good care of them even back then as I loved them so very much...all the little bottle brush trees were mine then too, except for the old red one, I found that at a yard sale locally about five years ago... the sweet little vintage lady who owned it (I will never call anyone an old lady)...had it marked 10 cents... I told her it was worth much more than that and she told me in no uncertain terms not to argue with her... so 10 cents it was!...

This darling santa in his sleigh with his reindeer was in a box of ornaments I got at a wonderful estate sale some years ago... Also in that same box were these adorable vintage Putz houses from the 50's from Japan as well...

At yet another estate sale, I found these three really old bottle brush trees, they are larger than most, stamped "made in Japan" on the bottom which puts them from 1941 or prior... I also paid 10 cents each for these!...

The beautiful Snow Queen in the next photo was a gift from my sister Jill... it is not vintage but it is wrapped in vintage sheet music... I treasure this gift from my sweet little sis... she also brought me the three glittered vintage bottle brush trees in the following photo from antiques stores in California... she is always on the lookout for me for the things I love to collect... thanks Jill!... I love you!...I am often asked about my collection by friends who also want to start collecting vintage Christmas treasures...I have been collecting vintage Christmas since I was a child, saving my little treasures and adding to my collection over the last fifty years... (yes, I am sixty years old and life is good!)... I am no expert by any means, but I DO research alot about the things I collect and buy many at estate sales, and I always buy from reputable dealers who are very knowledgeable about the things they sell...

Another of my VERY favorites are my beautiful little Putz house boxes that I have purchased from my dear friend Janet at Shabbyfufu... Janet knows everything there is to know about vintage Christmas!...Janet creates these gorgeous little boxes using vintage Putz houses, then fufu'ing them up with glitter and snow, and beautiful embellishments... I am hoping to collect more of these over the years... so far I have three of Janet's beautiful little Putz house boxes... the white one below is new for me this year...

This adorable "Home Sweet Home" is one of mine from Janet new this year as well... I LOVE it!...

The little pink one in the front is one I bought from Janet last year... that started me collecting them!...

My other new treasure from Janet this year is the priceless vintage cup and saucer that she also fufu's up with all kinds of beautiful embellishments like the little pink bird sitting on a snowy little nest with two little pearl eggs inside... the vintage cup and saucer are glittered and decorated as only Janet can do... I hope you will visit her at Shabbyfufu if you have not already... I guarantee you will return again and again... Please tell her Julie Marie sent you!...

I am having so much fun at Joan's party each Monday featuring our Vintage Christmas items... Please visit Joan at Anything Goes Here to see her wonderful vintage Christmas post and a list of all the other participants... Merci Joan!... Bisous...

Yippee, our power in the neighborhood just came back on an hour earlier than they had said... I am off to visit more of your blogs! ...


  1. Hi Sweet Friend,

    You should charge admission! You have an amazing collection of fabulous Christmas treasures! I don't believe I've ever seen a Putz house in person but I'm on the look out now, they are fabulous and oh so charming!

    So nice that your sister keeps an eye out for you and the things you collect!

    Janet's work is amazing! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful Christmas treasures, they are absolutely stunning!

    Love, hugs and Toby kisses,

  2. LOL, Julie Marie, people just don't understand about our blogging obsession!

    Oh, your post is so bittersweet, dear friend. As I look at your collection I am reminded of my Aunt Nena. She would set hers up very similarly to the way you have yours set up.

    I so wish I had paid more attention to what happended to her things when she passed away. I hope someone is loving them as much as you are loving yours.


  3. WOW...this is the most exquisite collection of Vintage Ornaments!! Love the trees and the Putz houses are lovely!! Your little villages are so charming and I am sure that in person they just light up the room. I have a few boxes of those wonderful Christmas balls and love the indented ones the most!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,now go out on Monday and see what is going on in the rest of the world while the nice gentlemen fixes your power!!

    Thanks for sharing these treasures with us Julie Marie...we loved them!! xOxO Nerina :)

  4. Hi Julie Marie

    You have such an amazing collection of vintage Christmas goodies. Even if I had them, I'd have no place to display them all. That's probably why I don't decorate for the holidays. It's not so much that I am scrooge, it's more a lack of space. Well, that's my story anyway, and I'm sticking to it!


    P.S. I hope the power company makes things better and not worse!

  5. Oh my friend I love your Christmas vintage village. I am hoping to get my things all out this week...I have been so busy that I am falling behind in decorating. All your treasures are lovely. Thank you so very much for sharing...xoxoxo

  6. It's all so lovely. What a beautiful collection of vintage ornaments and I love your little pink houses.

    Glad you thought ahead. Very smart of you. I can't believe they wouldn't reschedule for your big day. I bet they thought you were cute though.

  7. Julie Marie, isn't that just like you to tell that sweet vintage lady that she was asking too little for her bottle brush tree. You are one in a million :)

    Your village and trees are just beautiful! What an incredible collection you have!

    And thank you so much for your kind comment regarding our sweet Spotty. It meant so much...

    All my best, Donna

  8. Hi Julie, what an fabulous collection you have and how sweet of you to mention the pieces from my shoppe! I have to tell you that I never find vintage Christmas items around these parts of the country for such great prices as you have paid....and I too have been collecting for years! I can't wait to see more on your blog! Okay, back to work now...have a great week ~xoxo~ Janet and "the butterball"~lol!

  9. What a fabulous collection and I'm quite jealous that you have decorated already. I'm supposed to be hauling boxes down from the third floor attic right now. But of course I'm on the computer! xo, suzy

  10. Wow! I have never seen Putz houses before and you have quite a collection. They are très jolies! Bisous

  11. Oh, you've made me sooo wish that I hadn't sold all of my putz houses on Ebay! Why did I do that?! And what a fabulous deal on those bottle brush trees. Everything looks so beautiful, and it sounds like you're all ready for Christmas!
    Happy Vintage Christmas!

  12. OMG! Look at all these gorgeous photos of the prettiest Christmas decorations! you inspire me so Julie! xo Chris p.s. the knee is better thank you although still limping! I look like I'm 100 when I walk!LOL!:)

  13. Pheww ~ It is all so beautiful! The little pincone ornaments are great and so are the bottle brush trees ... wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Judi

  14. I hope your eye is doing better. I have never seen those adorable vintage buildings and houses before. What a beautiful collection.


  15. Hi sweetie,
    It is all so beautiful! I love the collection of putz have so many wonderful ones. I love too the new things you have gathered along the way. Janet makes the prettiest things.

  16. ooohhh...your houses and your shiny brites...I just want to move in! Your decorations are just lovely...I just love how colorful it all is...thank you so much for sharing- really put a smile on my face!
    and thanks for stopping by my blog...I will be back soon to visit yours- I am just loving vintage Christmas Mondays!

  17. Hi Julie Marie! What a wonderful collection you have!! I love all of those little putz houses, they are sooo cute. I have a small snowman collection that I leave out until the end of January. I figure maybe it might help us get some snow! HA HA!!!
    Take Care!

  18. oh my Julie Marie, what a stunningly adorable vintage collection. The colors are beautiful. You are so blessed to have such lovely and meaningful items in your home. Thank you for sharing and getting all of us in the Christmas spirit.
    ps, I'm so glad you like the necklace and wore it over the Thanksgiving holiday :)

  19. I love Vintage Christmas Monday!! What wonderful little houses you have Julie Marie, they are very special!! And those bottle brush trees, love those too!

    Your Merry Christmas teacup with the little bird caught my eye as well :)

    Your decorations are fabulous!

    :) T

  20. Your collection is SO impressive. I'm glad you posted the little houses - as it triggered my memory about some I have stashed away somewhere. Maybe I can find them by next Monday! I'm 60, also. Will actually be 61 on this Christmas day...

  21. Oh my gosh- what a beautiful collection you have.

    There is just something about vintage Christmas items that can't be beat.

    I enjoyed visiting,

  22. You've been busy and the results are beautiful!

    The recipe card box came in after you left on Friday and I am happy to hold it for you!

    Second Hand Chicks

  23. Your little Putz houses are beautiful. I have been looking for some of these but did not know what they were called and have not found any yet. I will have to check out the site you have listed. I did buy a small cardboard like house from Michaels this weekend hoping to craft it into something similar.

  24. I love your villages Julie!!! GORGEOUS! I have a teeny tiny one that I will be putting out. I would love to have something like you, just beautiful! I love those houses so much! The ones from Janet's shop are fab!!
    Love you sweetie,

  25. I can see why you were so excited about Vintage Christmas Monday. You do have wonderful collections. Those three old bigger bottle brush trees are especially hard to find.

    Love that you have added over the years to a collection that was started when you were a child!

    Happy Vintage Christmas Monday! xo Joan

  26. Wow what a wonderful collection of vintage Christmas items! I too love the vintage houses and bottle brush tree's.

  27. Hello Julie Marie! It's my first time here, I just came over from Germany teehee to celebrate Vintage Christmas Monday with you!
    Your putz house collection is amazing! I'm very thankful to own some too, otherwise I'd sure be jealous lol Oh and I want all the pink glass baubles from the first picture, can I take them to Boxwood Cottage pretty please?
    Best wishes sends you

  28. Hi Julie Marie, OMG what a wonderful collection. And the Putz houses are fabulous. My daughter loves those, although most of hers are not as vintage as yours. Maybe I will do a post on them. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by...julie

  29. i want to move in to your gorgeous little wonderland!!! thanks for sharing, and also for the sweet comment on my blog!

  30. Good Morning Julie Marie...
    I am so thrilled you came by this morning and saw the beautiful little snow woman. She was just for you. I knew you would notice. I fell in love with her the minute I saw her, I thought of you asking me about the little snow women.

    I love all of the pink ornaments in your collection here. The pink ones look so beautiful in a grouping.

    I also love your Santa and the reindeer and all of your little houses. The church especially. I love the little church. So cute.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me. I so love to come here and see what you have posted for the day. It is like coming home. So welcoming. Thank you my sweet Julie Marie, thank you.

    I hope your day has been a blessed one. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  31. Thank you so much for sharing on my post the age of my little elves. I just loved that they say Made in Japan instead of Made in China as everything is today. I love your little houses and now will make sure that I include a few of my own for next Monday. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hello, dear Julie Marie,
    I am in love with your vintage Christmas village!! I love everything about your vintage houses, Santa and sleigh, Christmas boxes, and that gorgeous Snow Angel! The love that you have for all things vintage comes shining through! Much love to you! Vicki

  33. Such wonderful, shiny, glittery treasures you have...Happy VCM!
    Bonne journee!

  34. You have such a wonderful collection of vintage Christmas!! That first picture of everything together clued me in that this would be a great post of wonderful items. I love how it is all displayed.

  35. I love all of your mom has one that she bought at Low Cost Drug store in the early 1960's. It is still one of my favorite decorations she puts out. I also have a santa in sleigh similar to yours, hopefully I will get it posted with one of my vintage displays...thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment.

  36. Oh my gosh! What a sweet little collection :+) I just want to step into this village of yours and go shopping and sing Christmas carols!
    So neat that you took such good care of everything since you were a girl.
    A unique treasure, indeed!

  37. Julie Marie~what treasures you've collected with a few cents spent along the way! Shopping Estate sales is one of my favorite summer activities.
    I was fortunate to inherit a few of my sweet mother in loves Christmas ornaments. I adore the original boxes they came in as much as the ornaments themselves.

    The charming little Putz house boxes are so special. What an array of beautiful holiday decor.

    Sweet Holiday Wishes,

  38. Wow!! I am drooling over that gorgeous Putz village! Looks fantastic.

  39. Julie Marie~~

    Your vintage collection is stunning. That is about all I can say!! I love every bit of it. love your Putz houses because I know that you loved them as a little girl and you took such good care of them! They have to be SO special!! Just like you. You really do leave the loveliest comments, my sweet friend!!

    Enjoy the days!


  40. I love your pink glittery snowy treasures! What a great collection!
    I think the elf band on my post would like to walk the streets of your putz town playing Christmas carols..I'll send them over..tee hee
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  41. Hello
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    I love all your little houses so sparkley and pretty. All your vintage is very beautiful

  42. WOW!! What a wonderful collection of vintage Christmas items you have. The little houses and villages you have put together are so cute!!

    I wish I could visit you at Christmas.



  43. I just adore little putz houses, you have a great collection of them!

  44. Oh wow..I love all of it...especially the last picture of the tea cup and saucer with the pink bird...I cant wait to see more.

  45. Bonjour Julie Marie,
    Love all your beautiful vintage Christmas decorations. What a wonderful, vintage, winter wonderland you have created. Love it! Have a wonderful evening. Until next time my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  46. Hi Julie, I am just in love with all your little houses and churches. I have a few, but have found them over the last few years at flea markets. I got them out today and decorated with them, it was so much fun! You have a wonderful collection. Blessings and have a wonderful week!

  47. Good morning, sunshine ~
    Love your decorations, Julie Marie ... you have such a touch!

    Great news ~ you won the #1 giveaway gift, sweetie.

    I'll package it up & get it to you shortly.

    Hugs of love, TTFN ~Marydon

  48. Your collection is amazing! and so extensive ... I can tell you have taken great care with it, the condition is remarkable. I think I'm going to try and find some of these little gems next time I'm out and about.

    Very, very pretty ... thank you!


  49. love your blog - love putz houses - found a website once that showed how to make them - i might have to give it a go -

    thank you for sharing...


  50. Julie, thanks for stopping by to visit. I'm happy to find your blog. I'll be back for more visits. I like all your vintage villages, bottle brush trees, your snow angel. I have one like yours that a friend gave me for Christmas last year. So sweet and different. Perhaps she qualifies as a cloche for the upcoming cloche party. I hadn't thought about her till just now as I've yet to actually pull out my Christmas boxes. Thanks for the idea! ~ Sarah

  51. A little late with my "White Wednesday" visiting ... but so glad I stopped by! Love the houses, trees, and EVERYTHING! YUMMY!
    Have a fabulous Thursday --
    Betty :)

  52. Thank you for your post on Putz Christmas houses/villages. I have a small set that was from my grandmother's home. I had NO IDEA what they were called or that they were even collectible! Thanks to your posting here, I have much more understanding of what they are and what kind of treasure I actually have! Thank you! Leisa