Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmases Past Brought to Life Again...

Hello friends... If you saw my previous post, you saw many of my beautiful vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations out and ready to use... wow! After three days of decorating almost nonstop, I think I am finished! When we moved into our new house last April, it seemed really big for just the two of us... it is plenty big for Jack and I... just not big enough I guess for all of our "stuff"!... I don't like to part with things, so I must make do... All of my vintage ornaments would not fit on the new tree we bought just for them, so I used as many as I could on the tree, and the rest here and there throughout our home... we opted not to use my vintage strands of lights that are from the late 40's, they work still, but not sure how safe they are! So we got a pre~lit tree... also I was unable to use my cardboard reflectors as they only fit the old vintage bulbs... reflectors were used during WWII to discourage wasted electrical power and also due to the dangers of enemy attack "such lights should burn only when the occupants are available to put them out promptly in the event of an air raid alarm"...(from the Office of Civilian Defense 1942)... I love knowing the history behind things!... So, here is our tree...

Lights on!...

Most ornaments are from the 1940's and 1950's with a few from the early 1960's... most of the little lamps, coffee pots, teapots, etc are from West Germany...

The swirly ones like the pink pear shaped one in this photo are from Poland...the little umbrella ornament is listed in one of my vintage Christmas collectibles books as having a value of over $100 ten years ago... yikes! I hope I never drop it!... it came from an estate sale where I paid ten dollars for an entire box of ornaments from that era... I would cry more for sentimental reasons if it broke than monetary though... to me it is the memories from days gone by that are priceless...

Little birds from Czechoslovakia...

I had forgotten I had this very old mercury glass elephant... I named him Shaba, after our baby elephant we recently adopted from Africa...

My vintage birds all have spun~glass tails... my friend from Germany who owns a beautiful shop nearby tells me the newer birds no longer have spun glass tails... these are treasures to me...

These old indents are some of my very favorites...

This one is my pride and joy... this is a Pre~WWII Mercury glass ornament... don't you just love the crown on this beautiful peacock?...

This angel was mine when I was a little girl... she is missing a part of a wing... I love her even more...

West German little lamp...

Teapot from West Germany...

Another favorite...

I love my birds!...

A very rare Saint Nicholas...

More from West Germany...

Felt reindeer and elf...

Pine cones from Occupied Japan...

More from West Germany...

The indents are so delicate, I love them...

A very old, beautiful porcelain and net angel watches over the tree, blessing and protecting all of these treasures from so very long ago... I got really emotional and sentimental while I was putting up this tree... I felt a closeness to the previous owners of these lovely ornaments, I always feel that way about my vintage items, but at Christmas, even more so... I promise I will always take care of these heirlooms that have become a part of "my" family now... I think their owners who have passed on can tell how much I love their possessions, and I love the people I never knew, but in a way, feel like we know each other now... My books list many of these as very rare and expensive... to me they are priceless... just like the families they once belonged to... Bisous...

P.S. It was Jack's idea to get a new tree to put my vintage ornaments on... he thought we needed a tree in our office... said I was in there alot on the computer these days... (he's right!)...tee hee hee! Thanks Jack! PPS I will post my pictures of our Nature tree, my small shabby pink tree, and other decorations after Thanksgiving... I know, I know, I said I was going to wait to post my vintage tree too... what can I say... I get too excited!...


  1. Julie, I think my heart skipped a few beats reading this post! Your tree is absolutely stunning! Just amazing, oh I am so in love with each and every ornament on there! The birds with the spun glass tails are amazing! And that peacock!! Oh be still my heart! The indent ornaments have always caught my eye too! I love them! The angel you had as a child is just precious! You have such a beautiful heart Julie and it makes me feel so happy for the precious owners that you have these ornaments and love them so! Bless you sweet friend!
    Love you lots,

  2. Julie, your tree is spectacular! What a joy to have all of these vintage treasures and thank you for sharing them with us! I adore the little bird ornaments and the pink snow cone...swoon! YOu did a fabulous job decorting your tree!!

    Love, hugs and Toby kisses,

    P.S. I saw you won The Paris House giveaway, contgrats. it couldn't go to a more lovely lady!!

  3. Julie, your vintage tree with all the wonderful ornaments is beautiful! I really like the umbrella, lamp and teapot. They are so sweet. They are all so lucky to have found a home with you!

    Have a wonderful evening enjoying your tree all dressed up and shining!


  4. Hi Julie Marie,
    Your tree is beautiful !! LoVe all your vintage ornaments .. It looks so sweet all lit up !! Isn't it wonderful to collect old Christmas pretties, and wonder about their past Christmas's .. that's what is so fun about collecting anything old .. to LoVe, and use them over again .. even better !! Enjoy your decorating Julie .. It's getting to look alot like Christmas at your home .. We still have to get the tree up .. Happy week-end to you ~~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  5. Spectacular Julie, all of your treasured vintage ornaments are so rich with history!! It is really wonderful that they come from all over the world and I know that they must make you smile while you are spending time visiting with us!
    I love the old indents the best although you entire collection is breathtaking! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! Hugs xOxO Nerina :)

  6. Your tree is very beautiful. I love seeing your collection of ornaments closeup. And I love your passion for Christmas. I have it too.

  7. How beautiful. You have a most wonderful heart. I love reading your stories.

  8. Beautiful Ornaments...I so wish I had at least ONE from my family's stash. There is nothing I'm afraid. :(

    I try and add one beautiful vintage ornament a year. It will take me forever to catch up with you!

    Love it all...


  9. Oh my gosh Julie Marie!!! I am almost speechless. I have never seen such a beautiful collection all in one place. I would be soooo nervous to even put these gorgeous things out. The tree will bring you so much pleasure through the holidays for sure. It's just stunning girlfriend!

  10. Your tree is so so lovely...I am just so amazed at it's beauty that I have taken at least 3 looks at all your images already. I can just picture you in your office looking at your tree right now!!! Oh my dear I got your lovely card and sweet bookmarker in my mail this morning...I had not gotten the mail for a few days. A million thanks, your card is so sweet and I will be using that bookmarker in the very next book I read. You are a dear dear friend. xoxoxo

  11. Julie Marie what a lovely way to begin the holiday season. Your tree looks wonderful and I cannot wait to see the rest of your decorating, Maureen....

  12. Julie
    I too have several of your ornaments my mom bought when dad was in WWII and in France. I can't wait to pull out mine! Splendid post! Lori

  13. Dear Julie Marie, Thank you for sharing your gorgeous tree and vintage ornaments with us. Each one is so special!! I love them all, the angel is beautiful and your right, her broken wing is even more special/beautiful.
    We are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and I can't wait until Friday morning to turn on the Christmas music, 'Bing Crosby' and make some mulled cider and decorate. You have me in the Christmas spirit dear friend.
    PS , I will get to the post office later today, after I get the boys from school.
    Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie

  14. Hi Julie! I am so envious of your collection! Christmas is a very nostalgic time for me too and those ornaments belonging to loved ones is very special.

    You are so lucky to have different themed trees too. One day (Hopefully soon) when I have my dream home I will have at least three trees to decorate. One upstairs, one downstairs and one on my front porch. If I have one in my bedroom then my kids will beg for one too. I could end up with 7 trees hehe!

    Our Tradition is to get our tree at the same local tree farm on our anniversary which is the 27th. It will 16 years! Wow, where does the time go?

    Can't wait to see more pics : )

    Hugs ~ Nichole

  15. You do have a very good stash of fabulous Vintage Christmas to share.

    Love that you joined the party...I love the ornaments on the tree, but I also love to see them in their boxes ready to be used.

    Happy Thanksgiving and see you next Monday for round two of Vintage Christmas Monday. xo Joan

  16. Oh Julie Marie,
    Such a beautiful tree filled with all your vintage treasures. I would be too scared to put up any of those priceless treasures for fear of dropping one. But I guess you can't keep them stored away. They need to be displayed and enjoyed. Love them and love the way you so lovingly describe them. Can't wait to see more. Have a wonderful Monday. Until next time my dear friend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  17. WOW!!! You have fantastic ornaments. They are just beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!