Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indian Summer Nature Walk...

Indian Summer... just the name of it conjures up magical images in my mind of this enchanting time of year... it is also the name of my sister's beautiful Native American shop... I asked Jill to tell me how she describes "Indian Summer"... here is Jill's favorite description... "A warm period of time following the first frost, after the leaves have started to change colors... a tranquil time to relax after a fall harvest...a serene time when the hard labors of summer have ended and the winter is not yet upon you...a peaceful time in one's life when they can relish their past productivity"... how beautiful! Thanks Jill!... Jack and I head out for our daily Nature walk... as we glance up at the nearby hills, we silently take in the beauty of the season...

The stream is slowing down a bit from the rush of summers water...

We glance up at a familiar sound we love so well... our beautiful Canadian geese above us, in perfect formation...

I do believe Linus would call this a "sincere pumpkin patch"...

A beautiful robin perched high in a tree... I wonder if he is trying to decide if he should spend the winter here or fly south?...

A neighbor's mums are looking beautiful...

Purple Autumn asters are my favorite!...

Or are the blanket flowers my favorite?...

High above us, a beautiful Bald Eagle is soaring... one of many who winter here at Farmington Bay... we will see them often from now until next March... In Native American lore, all birds are messengers to the Divine, the Eagle being the most powerful... I have learned so much from my sister about the beautiful beliefs of the Native Americans and their love and respect for the earth and all of Nature...

I hope this powerful beauty is carrying all of our prayers to Him... Bisous...


  1. Hi Julie,
    Gosh, LoVe your pictures.. That punkin' patch soo sweet !! Makes me want to go for my early morning walk right now ~ I LoVe this time of year, and to see and watch nature change is simply amamzing and beautiful !! I LoVe how you described Indian Summer.. Beautiful !! Blessings to you this Sunday ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pictures of in WI we have skipped fall and I so miss the signs.The crisp leaves and woodsy smells, soft winds and little creatures skurring to stockpile there winter stash.

  3. Hi Ju,

    What a beautiful post!!! I love Indian Summer..... It is a perfect time of year! How My Mom describes it is just perfect... Your pics are gorgeous... How did you capture that eagle???!!! It is amazing.... Thanks for sharing your great shots....

    Love You- Filly
    P.S. Thanks for the EmaiL....

  4. Julie Marie, what beauty surrounds you. It astounds me. I guess it is in how you look at it. I see flat, hot and hotter. I need to think of you and how you see things when I am out.

  5. Dear Leslie, I love Nature so very much, and I always encourage people to take a Nature walk, wherever they live... my thoughts to anyone starting to take Nature walks is to not only keep your eyes open, but keep an open mind and heart as well... I hope next time you look you see all the beauty of Nature where you live too... Bisous... Julie Marie

  6. Beautiful shots! ( I bet the Great Pumpkin will visit that pumpkin patch!) Lovely words, as well!

  7. You've captured an amazing day in Utah's Indian summer Julie.

  8. What a beautiful post and what an amazing nature walk you have taken us all on! It look like it's beautiful down there in Utah right now.

  9. Omg, these are all so beautiful! Your lovely words and photos bring peace to my heart..I love the purple flowers. They are so pretty!! It was awesome that you manage to take a shot of the geese formation, interesting! I'm beginning to fall in love with your nature walk adventure even though I wasn't there. Seeing these lovely pics are enough to warm my heart. Thank you for sharing these with us. God bless you and your family. :)


  10. Hi Sweetie!! I LOVE these pictures! I wish we could have an Indian summer here! It was 30 degrees last night!! I would up achy and stiff and congested! I had to turn the heat on, lol! When I got up, my boys has the windows open!!! Can you believe that? lol! Kids, I tell ya! I LOVE those mums!! Such beautiful colors. love yellow :)
    Have a beautiful day sweet Cinderella,

  11. OH I am so jealous! Rachel and I always talk about how we miss the Indian summers in Half Moon Bay,California! Now that we are in Maui (many many yrs,) we truly miss the seasons changing,your pictures are so beautiful! I am not complaining as Hawaii is after all paradise (um 86 every single day,every single day....)and a change would be inspiring.Thanks for your comments on my gypsy trinkets..I too loved both episodes you mentioned and also do you remember the Waltons when the gypsies came into town? I loved how they really only needed family a campfire and some music! even then in the early 70's (i was 16 ish) it really made me aware of what was important in life and I carried that through til today.I promise to post some of my gypsy treasures...I know you will love them! I also will post a story as well of a friend who grew up in England as a gypsy! aloha my new friend,Anna

  12. What a joy to see all that wondrous beauty. I especially love glimpses of birds..... methinks that robin was the one here just a few days ago.... I was asking him what he was doing here in northerly Alberta still. Now he's pondering again whether to stay or move on.

    Beauteous day, dear lady!

  13. Hi sweet Julie Marie, I just got back from Vermont and popped over to your lovely blog. You captured nature at its best in every single picture :) !! Purple Asters are my favorites this time of the year too. I think the aster is virgo's flower?? I'm a virgo/september baby so that might explain my love for them. They are so hardy, ours bloom every year and keep getting bigger and bigger.
    I hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather.
    My next post will have pictures of the gorgeous birds you sent me in it. I showed my mom pictures of them when I was up in Vermont and she thought they were so beautiful.

  14. Good morning Julie Marie,
    I can only imagine how beautiful your nature walks are. You capture some of their beauty in your pictures, but I bet it is nothing like being there and experiencing it in person. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful Monday and an awesome week.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  15. I bet you had a wonderful walk. The flowers are beautiful. Looks so peaceful!! Hugs, Connie

  16. Stunning photography. We live in a beautiful place.

  17. Such beauty! Thank you so much for reminding us of the beauty all around us...God's Nature that he so kindly shares as a gift to us all! Your thank you comments you left on my blog meant a lot to me today! xoxoxxo

  18. What an inspiring post, both in words and photos! We truly are blessed with so much beauty in nature and animals, aren't we? Thank you for sharing your walk!

  19. Such beautiful photos for a lovely Indian Summer day!