Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey Cinderella...

Once upon a time... (don't you just LOVE stories that start out that way!)... there was a beautiful Princess (ok, it is MY fairytale, I can be whatever I want to be! tee hee)... who was shopping at TJ Maxx... (ok, so the fairytale has been altered some)... she found the most beautiful "glass slippers" on sale for $7.00 and knew they were meant for her...she loves the REAL story of Cinderella and they reminded her so much of the glass slippers the REAL Cinderella had worn... One of the Princess's favorite songs is "Hey Cinderella" by Suzy Boggus...(if you have never heard it, you can watch the music video of it here on Youtube)...

She brought them home, dreaming about one day perhaps going to a fabulous ball in a beautiful castle... since she was a "self-appointed" Princess, she was not quite sure this would happen... so she sometimes would wear them around her shabby PINK bedroom, playing "make~believe" (her favorite!) and dancing around in them... Then lately... magical things began to happen... her sweet friend Cinderella Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage emailed her about many Cinderella things going on in her own life as well... sooo many coincidences... (hop over to Amy's blog and be enchanted by her Cinderella post)... that same day Vicki at Bunny Cottage did a post on Cinderella... pure magic!... Last week, the first Cinderella (Moi) went to see her sweet friend Jenni B of Jenni B Originals... Jenni B told her that she and her mother were attending a Mary Kaye convention that Saturday in Salt Lake City and the theme of it was "Cinderella"! ... Well, the self-appointed Princess was amazed!... At their convention, all the ladies were to come dressed in rags and at the magic hour they would go upstairs and be transformed into "Cinderellas" themselves, in beautiful ballgowns, and attend a ball... talk about a fairy tale come true!... Self-appointed Cinderella received pretty pink "slipper" pendants for the ladies in her family and her "adopted" sister Cinderella Amy...

Then, the Princess received a package in the mail that she had won the bid on Ebay... (see, the story HAS changed a bit from the original! ... I don't think the wicked step~sisters ever let the REAL Cinderella use the computer)... It was a Victoria magazine from 1995 that she was missing from her collection... opening the page, she was delighted!... the first article she looked at was...

"Slippers With A Princess Fit"... and started out "Just like Cinderella..."... and the article was written by a lady named "Amy"!...

This is the Princess's favorite rose in her garden... can you guess the name of it...

The self-appointed Princess still loves to read about the REAL Cinderella... here are some pictures from her book from 1954... they just don't make books this beautiful anymore... aren't the pictures absolutely breathtaking!..

So, the self-appointed Princess has her "glass slippers" out waiting... sitting by a pretty, glittery pumpkin that she hopes will one day be turned into a Golden Carriage...

Fairy Godmother... where are you???... (P.S. I purchased the beautiful little Golden Carriage with white horses from sweet Lidy at French Garden House several years ago, isn't is precious!)... Bisous...


  1. My goodness, Julie!! There are an amazing asmount of coincidences in this tale (!) The Mary Kay party sounds like my kind of party!! How fun! And you had every issue of Victoria but that one! You are going to be the center of a news story one day!! lol!

    I do love the crown and the shoes and I know you are going to look like a real like princess when you wear them!! You will always be a princess in my book, sweet lady!


  2. Loved your story Julie and my oh my...what a crazy coincidences. Fate I tell you! Your slippers are fabulous and only $7.00...what a deal! Love the Mary Kaye Party idea...sounds like a blast!

    My Fairy Godmother must be on vacation (or pissed at me) because I haven't had one single Cinderella thing go on in my neck of the woods...sigh!


  3. I love this post! Don't you love it when you think of something, then all kinds of things connected to that in so much synchronisity!!!!! I was born in 54 and we had that book! I wrote a childrens fairy tale to my daughters called The Castle atop Marosa Cliffs. I illustrated all the drawings myself and watercolored them! Last year when a friend was dying of cancer she told me she loved mermaids...I was looking through that fairy tale and there was a page with a sunken treasure chest and a mermaid! i drew it 26 years ago so I had forgotten. I took it in and had it reprinted for her and she loved it! I will have to do a blogpost on it!Anyway you are definitely a princess in my book! aloha anna

  4. Julie, I love you so much, you are just the sweetest!! You definitely ARE Cinderella Julie! With all the coincidences that have been going on, it is just amazing! I just loved your post so much Julie! The tiara, the golden pumpkin, just everything! And I adore my little glass slipper charm! I am in LOVE with those slippers too!!!!!! I am still really sick :( But am trying to rest and feel better. Your a doll Julie, I love you so much and I am so glad we are friends and sisters!!

  5. Oh I love the coincidences and you know how I believe in fate! You are just such a princess in my eyes I enjoy escaping to your blog for a little fantasy and dreams.Thanks for the fun!Hugz

  6. What a lovely fairy tale! They have always been my favorite stories, ever since I was little and my mother read Grimes' Fairy Tales to us each night. (Well, it probably wasn't every night since she was in medical school and then a resident and then a doctor, but in my mind, it was every night!) Anyway, I even did a term paper in college about all the symbolism and meaning behind fairy tales. And I love dressing as a fairy princess. Not that I really ever do, but I sure like the idea of it. I love twirly dresses, just because they seem princessy! Perhaps I was a princess in a former life!?!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my latest post. You are a doll!

  7. Isn't it funny how things like this happen? It's almost like magic! In your case it truly sounds magical. Julie Marie, if you happen to see MY fairy godmother, will you send her my way.

  8. Hi Julie Marie,
    Oh I just love this post and all the coincidences that cross over.
    I adore the slippers and the golden glitter pumpkin. Everything is amazing and I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe you are a angel princess and I am so blessed that we met through our dear friend, Amy.

    Sweet Cinderella Dreams,
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  9. Julie, I just had to come back and say, the pillow behind the glitter pumpkin is exactly like one that my dear mother made for me in candlewicking. (home sweet home)I have shared it before in my posts. I am finding so much we have in common.
    XO Celestina Marie

  10. Every time I read your blog it brings a smile to my face. I love the way you write : ) I can picture everything the way you say it, so clever. I have always loved the Cinderella story, but I have to say my most favorite is the movie Enchanted. I have watched that one a hundred times and never tire of it! I love the dresses she wears and the dance at the ball pulls at my heartstrings every time. Your post reminds me of that movie too. I hope you are able to wear your glass slippers soon and have an enchanted evening with your prince charming someday soon!

    Hugs ~ Nichole

  11. Wow...Julie,
    You have become quite the story teller and your posts are really it!!

    Thank you for always brightening my day with all of your sweet comments!

    Have a fabulous evening! xOxO Nerina

  12. Love your story telling and your slippers! Sending you lots of fun and happiness this weekend! xoxoxo

  13. Hello, Julie Marie,
    There is definitely MAGIC in the air!! I loved your Cinderella story and those glass slippers are so pretty! The Cinderella carriage is perfect. But my very favorite is your vintage Cinderella book. Love, love, love those illustrations! Have an enchanting weekend! Love to you! Vicki p.s. I am going to try your grandmother's cookie recipe tomorrow.

  14. Bonjour Julie Marie,
    I love, love, love your posts. They always put a smile on my face. What a wonderful Cinderella story. But you forgot to end it... "And she lived happily ever after." Or is your story a "To be contiued"? :-D Have a wonderful fairytale weekend.


  15. Bonjour Julie Marie, your story telling is magical, enchanting and should be sent to Victoria Magazine along with all your lovely pictures, it would make a beautiful article/photoshoot in the magazine!! I am so happy Victoria came back , I cried when it was cancelled a few years ago, I use to read it with my grandmother and we would look at all the beautiful pictures and recipes together. I have saved most of all my issues and look at them and remember her saying "Oh Shell look at that picture its so pretty" :) (that was her nickname for me, short for Michele)
    Have a lovely day my dear

  16. Oh so pretty! I love all those lovely pictures <3

  17. Oh, I love your Cinderella post! So funny! And I absolutely love your Cinderella book - I totally agree with you about old children's books... I think there is something magical about their illustrations!!


  18. You are so dreamy! Which girl (and woman) wouldn't love fairytales eh. :) Thanks for your sweet post. It sure brings back some wonderful memories. Stay dreamy!