Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Haunted Rio Grande Depot...

In a historic part of downtown Salt Lake City, which is about 10 miles to the south of where we live, is the old Rio Grande Station... once a bustling train depot, it is now home to the Utah State Historical Society... also housed within these walls is the Rio Grande Cafe, serving yummy Mexican food and spirits... not just the kind you drink... also the kind that sort of "float" around and cause a chill in the air... let me tell you the story about the Purple Lady... the Rio Grande Station was constructed in 1910 ... sometime in the early years there, a beautiful woman would come to Salt Lake City to meet the handsome man she was engaged to... she would come by train so they would always meet at the Depot... one night after she arrived, she and her fiance had a terrible argument and their engagement was broken off... angry, the man threw her engagement ring across the tracks... desperate to retrieve it, the beautiful lady ran across the tracks and never saw the train that was coming which then struck and killed her... Since that time she has been haunting the Depot...

Through the years many people have claimed to have seen the "Purple Lady" as she is referred to... they describe her as a beautiful lady, with raven hair and beautiful features, wearing a purple dress that appears to be from another time... many credible folks from the train crews, Historical Society staff, janitors, security guards, restaurant employees and patrons of the restaurant have either "seen" or "felt" her presence... I have eaten at the Rio Grande cafe many times and also visited the Historical Society and their gift shop (naturally) as well... I have never seen the beautiful apparition, as much as I would love to... but I have had an uncanny feeling that a beautiful, lonely lady is still waiting for her true love to return to her... if this tragic love story is indeed true, and who am I to say whether it is or is not... my heart aches for this forlorn lady in purple... I want to believe that she will one day find peace and no longer roam about the old Rio Grande Depot... do you believe she will?... Bisous...


  1. Darling story Julie, it must have been so fun to go there.


  2. I know the Lady In Purple still waits for her love to come back to her... On my sixteenth birthday my mom took me out of school and took us to the Rio Grande Cafe... They say her spirit is felt strongly in the women's restroom and I know on that day she was in the restroom... I felt a presence outside the stall and I know it was her... It is a good story to tell around this time of year but I know it is more than just a story and I am sure you do as well... It is sad that she waits and doesn't rest and I hope one day she will find a way to be at peace with what happened to her... Thank you for reminding me of the Purple Lady... I think she may stay put because she probably was the happiest in her life with her Love...
    Cool Pic....
    Love~ Filly

  3. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I love to hear stories like this! I, too, hope she is one day reunited with her lover!! Hope you had a beautiful day today. Blessings and love to you! Vicki

  4. Spooky story Julie Marie. I think I will skip this place next time I'm in town, as I like people best, alive. I like scary movies, but scary places...not so much.

  5. Moral of the story...hey, when your sweetheart throws your diamond engagement ring over the tracks...don't go running looking for it!
    May she rest in peace someday. You would think the men that hang around that place would scare her off!
    Your ghost stories are starting to come out now Julie...oh no! Rainy weather makes for a perfectly great ghost story, must tell more!

  6. Oh what a tragic story Julie!! But still so romantic. I have no doubt she is there. Thank you for sharing this with us! I would love to visit there :) Stories like this amaze me!! Love it!

  7. I have always been fascinated with stories like the one you told! I would love to visit that place one day ; ) Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs ~ Nichole

  8. Bonjour Julie Marie, I'm with Bunny Rose Cottage, tragic but still a romantic story. I believe in all of these things and I may sound a little nuts buy I swear sometimes I sense someone in our old carriage house. The original part burnt down over 200 years ago and I feel that happy spirits may roam...I especially like to think this during Halloween time!! I would love to meet you at that depot for some spooktacular cocktails and Mexican food...Oh how fun :)

  9. Julie Marie, this place looks incredible, I'm sure it looks beautiful inside. I bet the mexican food is delicious too.


  10. A very romantic, but sad, story. I wonder what would give the Purple Lady peace?

    About 23 years ago, when I was living in Downers Grove, Illinois, I had an encounter with ghosts. It's been so long that I do not remember the details, but I did write about it at the time, so it is recorded in one of my journals. All I really remember is they were having some kind of a party and I wasn't afraid. It wasn't scary and I didn't feel that any wanted to harm me. It was just very cool to meet them and, other than that one time, they never bothered me again.

  11. Loved hearing about the Purple Lady! Of course I am all about ghost stories and such, and can't resist a good horror movie (no slasher films, thank you very much, but give me a scary, haunted story and I'm there!)...

    I also love all your Halloween sidebars. I grew up on I Love Lucy and have probably seen every episode at least 100 times ... I can hear Lucy singing "I am the queen of the gypsies" right now!

    Spotty thanks you for the kitty kisses!... Donna

  12. Oh, and I just visited Amy Arnaz (your October 9th post) and what a doll she is! She had a post several days ago about a stray dog she picked up and reunited with its owners (don't you LOVE endings like that??)... It prompted me to post a link to one of my posts from last year about the exact same topic, in case you want to read yet another "happy ending" puppy tale!!!

    Have a great day and yes, I wish we could get together and watch some of those old I Love Lucy episodes as well!!!

    All my best,

  13. Oh, this was a great ghostly story for Halloween. My family teases me... because on Wednesday night you'll find me parked in front of my TV for an (uninterrupted)evening of Ghost Hunters,with popcorn of course!

    Sweet wishes,