Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Blessings...

Like so many of you whose blogs I visit, I am feeling very grateful for alot of things this time of year... I took the first photo today on our Nature walk of the glorious Autumn colors we walked past in our quaint little town... I am so thankful for the beauty of Nature in our lives... it never ceases to amaze me...

I am also so very thankful for my dear family and friends... yesterday the "ghouls" and I (Jill, Filly, Liz and Ellie) visited the pumpkin patch out by the Great Salt Lake... (I will post those photos soon!)... when I went to pick them up, Jill had this beautiful Eiffel tower pendant waiting for me... Merci sweet sister!...

I also am so thankful for the wonderful friends I have made through our blogs... today I received a very special card in the mail from sweet Dawn of Dawn's Crafts "just because"... how sweet is that! I love to visit Dawn and see the amazing cards she creates... I hope you will visit her too... Dawn was given my little Idyllhours award by someone (the original one, not the new and un-improved one someone revised!)... and found my blog through that... I am so happy she did, because then I found hers!... Merci Dawn!...

Also, you may remember I was the lucky winner of sweet Bunny's giveaway recently at The Paris House... the gift was a gift certificate to Bunny's beautiful boutique... here is what I chose.. a beautiful black toile canister... I love it Bunny! It looks fabulous in my kitchen (which is black and red, with Italian marble countertops that it is sitting on)... I believe I will stash my biscotti in it!...Merci Bunny!...

As the days are getting shorter and winter is approaching, that means more time inside... time to sit and relax some, time to daydream, time to think... and time to say thank you to my dear family and friends... Bisous... Je t'aime...


  1. Oh what a treasure you are my sweet Julie! I am so glad you are enjoying your card, but I count myself as the blessed one to have found your blog and you. Oh how I love your fall colors, since are fall has missed us this year.Thank you for the dreamy visit as always...hugz

  2. Wow. That first photo is stunning! The Captain liked it too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. After a few days of wintry weather, it's turned nice again around here.... so I enjoyed a pleasant walk in my own neighborhood today.

    Fall colours are so beautiful! Although around here this year, we missed the brilliancy autumn often brings, guess the snow did it.

    So it was lovely to see the colours in your world.

  4. Amazing fall colors. Just gorgeous.

    Too cute "the "ghouls" and I". I am so using that one. ;)

  5. I love the Fall...but then I love EVERYTHING about our earth. EVERYTHING (except bugs and you know, creepy-crawly-slithering-jumping-biting-stuff!).

    Love to you sweet girl.


  6. I skimmed back through a few of your posts, what lovely photos and treasures. I love all things French too. And Halloween. And autumn and nature. What's not to love!

  7. Hello Julie Marie, Your images are lovely, the first fall foliage scence is stunning!! I'm so happy you like the toile canister and it looks so French and elegant on those beautiful marble counter tops!! Toile is so timeless, I will love it forever. I hope you are enjoying this Sunday morning my dear friend.

  8. Julie Marie, I am so pleased that you have found my post helpful. When I first thought of doing this it seemed impossible, but letting go of things in increments really does work. It takes time but it does add up after a while and you can slowly see thing coming together. It has been enlightening for me and I love that my things are being enjoyed and used by someone else. Hugs.....

  9. Hi Julie Marie

    I echo what every other comment has already said and add that you are a blessing in my life, too!

    Love the Eiffel Tower necklace! What a sweet sister you have!

  10. Happy Sunday Sweet Friend!

    Love the photo of the goregous trees, we don't get many trees that change in our neck of the woods.

    Love the Eiffel Tower necklace and your canister from Bunny is fabulous!

    I to am grateful for all the blessings in my life and you dear friend are one of them!

  11. Hello, Julie Marie,
    Those autumn colors are breathtaking! Your sweet sister certainly knows you well, doesn't she? I love the eiffel tower necklace! The card is very cute. I love that biscuit jar, so very beautiful. Sweet blessings and love to you! Vicki