Tuesday, September 8, 2009

White Wednesday and My "Just Because" Giveaway Winners...

Last Friday, two of my favorite girls, Filly and Ellie invited me out for coffee and muffins... my other favorite girl, Liz, couldn't make it that day... The coffee and muffins were delish! We all had a nice time talking and laughing...and just enjoying being together... then they surprised me with this beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower... My niece Filly actually took that photo herself several years ago when she and her sister Liz (my other sweet niece) went to Europe (their graduation from college present from their mom and dad),... (my sister and my brother~in~law)... I was sooo envious!... Can you just imagine standing there, looking at the Eiffel Tower... sigh... Filly found the perfect shabby white frame for it, making it so perfect also for my White Wednesday post... (Black and white photos are her latest passion)...

They also gave me these yummy chocolate and white chocolate covered espresso beans... yum, yum!...Also the pretty little card by my favorite Nature artist Marjolein Bastin with a heartfelt message inside... These girls are just the sweetest ever!...Merci sweet Filly and Ellie... Je t'aime!...

Monday morning I put the little papers with the names and blogs of everyone who entered my little "Just Because" giveaway in my pink Bauer bowl... Jack closed his eyes...(he is soo much fun!), and used his left hand to pick the winners (he is right handed)... stirred up all the little folded papers and drew out Amy of Bunny Rose Cottage as the winner of the little fufu'd up dress form and sparkly tag, and Elaine as the winner of the two sparkly birds...(I believe it is you Elaine, who commented as anonymous, from the message in your comment)... Elaine does not have a blog but MUST start one now as per my rules! Please email me with your mailing addresses... And "Just Because" I really wanted everyone to win, I am going to send everyone who entered my little giveaway a pretty sparkly tag as shown in the top photo... just email me letting me know you would like one and giving me your mailing address... This was sooo much fun!... I will do another one again soon because I love giving presents!... Merci and Bisous!...


Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Congratulations to Elaine, I'm sure she will be delighted to know she won. This was so nice of you Julie to give such a nice giveaway. You are SWEET! I think that is so funny to let Jack pick out the winner. My husband thinks all this blogging thing is a waste of time, but let me tell you he has learned quite a bit from it. I have him doing things I don't care to figure out, so he does that for me. What a guy huh?


Blondie's Journal said...

You are a very special person!! Obviously, Filly, Ellie and Liz think so (love the gift) and now you are having a giveaway on top of a giveaway!! I adore those little tags and am wondering if you made them your little crafty self!!

Julie Marie, I mean it seriously whwn I say that I have so enjoyed reading your posts and comments since coming upon you in Blogland. You really are the sweetest!! I'd like you to send my little tag to someone else who will love it!! I appreciate your goodwill, but being friends is pretty 'sparkly' indeed, all by itself!!

Wishing you a **wonderful week**!!!


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Congrats to Amy and Elaine! I was fortunate to receive a tag from you...so I won't be a hog! Thank you for hosting such a fabulous giveaway and for being such a generous and kind soul!

Love to you sweet friend,

blushing rose said...

What a sweet idea, Julia Marie.

Congrats to the winners.

Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

tales from an oc cottage said...

Just love that picture!!

m ^..^

June said...

You have been blessed with two very sweet nieces. They seem to know just what you love. I too would love to see the eiffel tower in person. Traveling for me is difficult, so I guess I will just have to be an armchair traveler.
congratulations the winners of your giveaway and kudos to your man for being a good sport. You're a lucky girl!

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JULIE!!!!! ARE you serious????? I won the dress form?? Oh my gosh, I have butterflies right now!! I LOVE that piece so much, especially the way you dressed it up! Oh thank you Julie!! My gosh, I feel so spoiled!! You are such a good friend to me Julie! THANK YOU JACK!!! Big Bunny Hugs to you for drawing my name!!! I am left handed, so maybe it was meant to be, lol!!!!

Congratulations Elaine!!!! Julie is so talented, generous and sweet!dont you just love her??

I LOVE the picture your sweet niece gave to you Julie, it is stunning! Such lucky girls to visit the Eiffel Tower! I too love black and white photos, so nostaligic. The frame is just perfect!! I love chocolate covered coffee beans! I havent had them in years. You have such a beautiful, sweet and loving family Julie!!

Love you to pieces sweet friend!

Kitty Valerie said...

Bon jour, chere amie:

Your Eiffel Tower pic in black and white lookes just fantastic in that white frame. I loved it so much.

Great you had a big time with your favourite girls. Sharing love is always the best way to bond.

I can imagine how excited you were during the picking winner process, he, he, he. I'll surely e-mail you to get a tag!

Have a georgeous Wednesday. Je t'embrasse,

Paula said...

Dear Julie Marie,

Congratulations to Amy and Elaine!!!! I am so happy for both of them!!! You are such a sweetie! I love the beautiful photo and frame your niece gave you! They sound like such sweet young ladies! The candy and card are so pretty, too!

Have a blessed day!
Love, Paula.... doggie kisses from Pearl

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

That's a pretty vignette that will bring you, we are sure, always great memories!

Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Bon jour Julie Marie,
Just wanted to congratulate both winners. How exciting for them! What lucky gals! Oh! And I love the picture and frame your nieces gave you...how truly sweet they are. Enjoy! Have a wonderful day!


Jeni said...

What a gorgeous photo from your nieces! It's so you. Those girls know you well.

Cheers to your first giveaway. I love that Jack participated too!

Vicki said...

Hello, Julie Marie,
How sweet that your nieces remembered you in such a special way. They knew how much you love France and French things. I love the black and white Eiffel Tower and the shabby white frame. The little vignette you fixed with the Eiffel tower picture, yellow bird picture, expresso beans, and white feathery bird is so pretty. Congratulations to Amy and Elaine on your "Just Because" give away. They are lucky girls! Thank you Jack for helping out, too. I am excited to receive one of your pretty tags. That is very thoughtful of you. Sending many happy thoughts your way. Vicki

Duchess of Tea said...

So sweet!! Congratulations are in order. Darling the frame c'est magnifique!! I love the shabbiness of it, enjoy it ma cher.


Duchess xoxox

junkdreams said...

The Paris picture and frame is absolutely wonderful!!!

Faded Charm said...

Very sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your evening.


Rose said...

Congrats to the winners!
It was such a sweet giveaway...i still love those birds! :)


Tracey said...

You're such a sweet, generous soul Julie Marie! How generous of you! I love your black and white Eiffel Tower picture (b&w pics are one of my favs too), it's beautiful and it was very kind of your nieces to give you. Happy Thursday!

:) T

Anonymous said...

What a treat to be a winner! I love the birds and look forward to displaying them for Fall. You are lucky to have wonderful nieces that are fun to spend time with. Enjoy! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness. el

Sandi said...

What a beautiful Eiffel tower picture! You are blessed with some very good friends and that is worth everything.
Congrats to the winner also!!

Shabbyfufu said...

Congrats to the winners of your contest! Those espresso beans are making me crave some sweets right now!! Hope you are having a lovely day...xoxo, Janet

Famille Gerdel said...

You are generous... wow! ;-)