Thursday, September 24, 2009

She really is "Charming"...

If you have never visited Karyn at French Charming, you simply MUST click here and do so! I am not sure if she is French, but she is most definitely charming... Karyn is the gorgeous blond on the far right in the photo below that I snatched off of her blog (with her permission, of course!)... This is the only photo I have seen of her on her blog... if I looked as stunning as she does, I would plaster my photo all over!!! She is beautiful inside as well... she was one of my very first followers and a big influence on me and my decision to continue blogging...

Today before I headed out for my sister's "ghouls day out" birthday party (which I will post about on Saturday), I stopped at the post office to get my mail... there was a package! Yippee! It was for "Moi" this time, not Jack! I hurried back home and opened it... inside was a beautiful card and heartfelt message from sweet Karyn, sending "love" my way for being a special friend of hers... the cutest little pink French Poodle (ooh la la) notecards! And an exquisite vintage rhinestone brooch!...

It is so gorgeous, I am in love with it! The colors of some of the rhinestones are kind of a plum~pink and sooo pretty!

Sweet Karyn, you are beautiful and sweet and truly "Charming"... Merci mon ami!... Bisous...


  1. Karen sounds like a wonderful person! I love your gift~the brooch is lovely!


  2. Oh are so sweet! Your kind words make me blush.

    I was born to American parents here in America, but I know there was a mix-up somehow... I just know I'm French...I'm sure of it! I just love all things French including you!

    I'm so happy that you like your gift, you are deserving of so much more!

    Big Hugs,

  3. WOW!!! ... and what day will you be sharing this gorgeous pin with me?!?!? Chuckle. What WONDERFUL gifts you received, my friend. TY for your sweet visit today. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Oh how special is that, now if that doesn't show you how many people love you my dear.What a great person and spectacular gifts.

  5. Karyn has also been my inspiration. It really helps to know someone is out there reading. I will be back to help support your blogging! What sweet things she sent you.

  6. Gorgeous! I'm very happy for you!! Such treasures to enjoy!

  7. How wonderful to get such mail from a friend . . . talk about a good day!

    I love the brooch! I just recently started collecting them and post one a month on my blog . . . I'm thinking of starting a brooch club! LOL!

    Your blog is lovely and I'll be back to visit often.


  8. Lucky you! I've missed all my blog friends. Going out of town is nice, but coming home is better! Now I've got to go and check out all your posts I missed by being gone. Dang! I already need a vacation from my vacation, as it is. I'll do my best to catch up! Missed you, sweet Julie Marie

  9. Those Pink French Poodle cards are darling... I think they are so perfect for you... That was very sweet of your friend Karyn... She seems like a very kind lady... It is nice you have met so many nice ladies on this blog... Thanks again for Ghouls Day.
    Filly xoxo

  10. Hi, Julie Marie,
    That vintage brooch is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors in it and the shape of it. Those French Poodle notes are cute as can be, too. Karyn is a sweet lady to remember you in such a special way! I am looking forward to hearing about your day out with your family. Sending sweet blessings your way. Vicki

  11. Ohhh how sweet of Karyn!! I love her also, and her blog is one of my fave's! She is STUNNING!! WOW! And that brooch is to die for!! You deserve it sweet friend, I love you to pieces because you are such a GOOD person!!! A true person :)

  12. What a sweet sweet friend. I love those notecards. So cute.

  13. Hi Julie Marie,
    OMG! How sweet of Karyn! Love the pink rhinestone brooch!

  14. Wow, I wish my friends would send me gifts in the mail! How lucky!

  15. Bonjour Julie Marie,
    How simply charming of her! :-D What beautiful, special and thoughtful gifts. The brooch is gorgeous! What a sweet friend she truly is. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs and kisses,

  16. Dear Julie Marie,

    Karyn is so beautiful!!!! I know she adores you as much as you do her! I love all of the pretties she sent you... especially the darling poodle notecards!!! They are so sweet, and the pin is gorgeous! It will be beautiful on YOU!

    Paula... doggie kisses from Pearl

  17. Julie,
    Love this brooch! I inherited oodles of beautiful brooches from my little mother and I'm very attracted to vintage brooches. By the way, LOVE your blog and your many wonderful photos. xoxo Amy