Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sarong Sisters...

When my sister and I were just little girls, growing up in the little rural town of Bountiful, we were enchanted by two beautiful blond ladies who we would see around town when we went shopping with our mama... the two ladies were sisters... they were both beautiful, blond, wore gorgeous gold jewelry, gold shoes, carried gold purses, and wore what I believe were sarongs... thus, we named them "the Sarong Sisters"... these ladies definitely stood out in the local Safeway grocery store! They were each married and neither one had children... they went everywhere together... when you are six and ten years old as Jill and I were at the time, they seemed like some kind of fairytale princesses... as the years went by, these ladies never seemed to age... Jill and I were all grown up and still in awe each time we saw them about town... they were quite outspoken and always said what was on their mind... like telling Centerville City off when the City tried to close down a little vintage farmer's roadside veggie stand that had been there in the same spot for over 40 years, said he created a parking hazard, yada, yada, yada... you know, government! (they ALL bought their veggies there too!) These ladies got on the news and really gave Centerville @#**! Several years ago, I went to an estates sale ( I am luckily one of a few who are notified ahead of time of an estate sale company's sales that I get to preview before the public)... When I arrived at the sale, I immediately knew who had passed away and my heart melted... the last of the two "Sarong Sisters" had left to join her sister in Heaven and all of their worldly possessions were for sale... I felt some kind of special "bond" with these ladies that I never really knew... but felt like I knew them well... I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my sister Jill and I each some of their beautiful gold jewelry.... a gold rhinestone bracelet for Jill and the two gold ones you see below for myself... Jill loved hers!... I also bought shiny gold purses of theirs for Jill, me, Filly and Liz (my nieces)... and some beautiful etched crystal goblets, wine glasses, candy dishes, much, much more... they had traveled all over the world with their husbands... they loved life...and lived it to the fullest... they were "Bling" when "Bling" wasn't cool... they invented "Bling"...

When I told the fellow running the sale about their history in Bountiful and Centerville, he gave me this picture of the beautiful sister who had just passed on... Her name was Helen, I believe her sister was Adele, and I will try to find the little picture I received of her... he wanted me to have them... only a distant family member remained, and they did not want anything, (but the money! I hate that!)... So, these ladies are part of my "family" of old photos now that live with me... Helen was in her late seventy's when this picture was taken... I found out the two ladies were in the Daughters of the Nile, and both taught belly dancing their entire lives... wow! She looks pretty good to me at that age!... I had planned on doing this post for some time, but decided to post it today, after a comment that Roberta at Tresor Trouve left me on my post about my new shawl...

So to Roberta, this post is for you, and Jill, it is for you and me with happy memories, and for Helen and Adele... I hope you are both belly dancing away in Heaven... you never knew us but were loved... we miss seeing you... Bisous...

P.S. Roberta... if I looked like HER I would do it!!!....P.P.S. I found the little picture of Adele, but I could not seem to drag it down to here, so it is the top photo (newspaper article) and Adele is on the far right in the black off the shoulder gown...sorry about the blurry photo, that is the best I could get it...


  1. She definitely looks great. the fact that she is over 70 means she looks amazing! What a great story of the Sarong Sisters! It's nice you got mementos to share with your sister of the two sisters that are a part of your history. Thank for sharing!

  2. What a sweet story. I'm sure she's dancing away in heaven and her jewelry now has a very good home.

  3. thank you for sharing that story. This guy on a radio program that I listen to did a monolougue the other day about love and one of the things he said was that "someone you don't even know loves you". I thought HOW CAN THAT BE? You just explained it.
    Thank you

  4. Dear Julie Marie,

    This is such a touching and beautifully written story. Thank you for sharing your wonderful and happy childhood memories. Helen looks lovely!!! It is amazing she was in her late 70's when that photo was taken. I am so glad you have photos of the sisters and some of their beautiful jewelry. I know you treasure and appreciate it.

    Love, Paula... doggie kisses from Pearl

  5. Dear Leslie... thanks for sharing that comment! I do believe it is true...Bisous... Julie Marie

  6. Dear Julie Marie,
    What a lovely heart warming story. (Wow, I can't even look like that and I'm in my 40's, how inspirational!!!)
    It is so nice to read your blog as you are so loving and sentimental. I am that way too and things like that and memories mean so much to me. I was just talking to my husband about my grandparents and how my heart still breaks because I miss them so much. It is so wonderful to be a "rescuer of the Past" and to keep memories alive in our hearts.
    thank you for being you...a sweetheart

  7. What a great story. I really enjoyed and it am sure the Sarong Sisters are smiling to know that they are now famous in Bloglandia!

  8. Such a sweet story, I am so glad that their jewelry and photos went to someone who cared.

    And wow, they were some beautiful women!

  9. They sure do look and sound quite glamorous! I am glad that some of their precious trinkets and treasures are now with someone who will cherish them and who even has memories of these fine ladies! I always find it sad when family members don't want to keep these precious things themselves...but to each their own I suppose...lucky for you to be able to treasure them now ;)

  10. What a lovely story Julie, I enjoyed every word! I am so happy that you were able to have something from these lovely ladies that you and your sister admired so much. I think there may have been a little divine intervention there!

    It makes me smile to know that they are together in heaven. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Love and hugs to you sweet friend!

  11. This truly is a great story and thanks for sharing it Julie. Glamour! Some have it and the rest wish we had it like Helen & Estelle. Look at that fab black shoulderless dress! Love it! I still have my 'shawl'(hip wrap)from the belly dancing days. Perhaps I'll don it for Halloween! I think not...ha! Beautiful post of childhood memories and how they shape us. Lucky you for having mementos from these 'Glamour Girls'. xo Roberta

  12. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a lovely story ~ I so am glad you were able to purchase some things you know they loved. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Julie...lovely tribute to fantastic sisters and all of the wonderful memories associated with them!!
    So glad that you were able to bring a bit of their lives into your world!!
    Enjoy your treasures!!
    Have a fantastic day!!
    Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

  14. How wonderful that you care enough to keep their memory alive. They were very beautiful and I can see why you were captivated as a little girl. Everytime you see something of theirs it will evoke a memory, how lovely, Maureen....

  15. Oh how I loved this post Julie!! I just got lost in your beautiful words. How wonderful that you were able to receive these pictures and that the belongings went to someone who will love and cherish them as they should be. What wonderful memories. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Love you sweetie,

  16. Oh I just loved this story Julie...I always feel like a crazy person for wanting to share some history or learn about people when I acquire their personal objects. I don't feel we collect things to have but to perserve and carry on for the person that is gone.To remembering!
    Thank you also for my fun bookmark Julie,I am placing in my bedroom with my crochet and linen gloves.
    You are just such a sweetie.

  17. Hello Dawn, I love learning and sharing about the people who once owned the treasures I find... it is like I said, they become part of MY family, especially when their own family does not want their things... (how sad)... you are most welcome for the little tag, thanks for entering my giveaway! Bisous... Julie Marie

  18. What a beautiful story Julie Marie...I am so glad you were able to get some of their jewelry..I know you will love and appreciate it as they did.

  19. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Such a sweet story about Estelle and Helen. I am glad you and your sister got some of their things because you both would appreciate it and cherish it. My next door neighbor, Ellen, was one of the most glamourous and sexy women I knew when I was growing up. I wanted to be just like her. Sending much happiness your way. Vicki

  20. Love your Sarong sisters story, they would appreciate you telling how you adored them.