Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have the nicest "ghoul" friends...

I really do have the nicest "ghoul~friends"... I met my good friend Elaine through my good friend Jeni, her daughter ... Elaine was the winner of the little sparkly birds in my "Just Because" giveaway recently... Elaine lives in a neighboring city just to the south of me, so I took her little birds up to her... she loved them and immediately put them in some of her Autumn decorations...she then took me on a tour of her beautiful home... it belongs in a magazine! Before I left she gave me this pretty porcelain teacup and saucer filled with yummy chocolate kisses and chocolate bars...

Then yesterday, I found a little package on my doorstep from her... inside was a pretty notepad with the Eiffel tower on it, some raspberry buttercream frosting handcream, and some little candies... what a lovely surprise...

I first met Elaine's daughter Jeni through Brenda, who owns Just a Bed of Roses, our favorite antique~boutique shop in Farmington... We all love to shop there...Right now Brenda's shop is full of bewitching Halloween items along with all of the other treasures she sells... on one of my recent visits, after I came home and started unpacking my treasures, Brenda had tucked in this cute little vintage~look Halloween magnet... what a fun surprise!... She sells those in her shop too, not sure if she has any left though, everything sells really fast there!...

Then I needed just a "few" more things from her shop last week, and once again, when I unpacked my finds, sweet Brenda had surprised me with this little jar of "spoon fudge"... this is the "before" picture... it is all gone now! ...

What could be nicer than good friends and fun surprises... Merci sweet "ghoul~friends" Brenda and Elaine!... Bisous...


  1. You have lovely friends you have indeed! What gorgeous treasures you received and the teacup is so beautiful!

    I hope to meet you one day sweet Julie!!

    Hugs and Toby kisses!

  2. Hi Julie!
    What sweet treats (literally!)! Your friends sound like such wonderful girls. I wish I lived closer! I have seen A Bed Of Roses on Make Mine Pink and often wished she had a web store! I love everything Julie and you deserve it all!!
    Love ya,

  3. Julie............what can I say?

    What beautiful pictures, kind words and friendship.You have to know that if it were not for you and Elaine I may not be open! Don't tell Jack.

    It's been such a pleasure in my life to be in Farmington and meet wonderful people from Davis county and you and Elaine/Jeni are there at the top. Thanks so much.

  4. Oh Brenda, you are embarassing me! Yes, let's NOT tell Jack EVERYTHING! Julie

  5. Hi Julie,
    What sweet presents from a sweet friend..I bet that yummy sauce is all gone.. I've met the sweetest friends ever in this bloggy land we play in..Have a fun rest of your Sunday..Blessings and love~

  6. Hi Julie Marie, what a lovely post. All of your treats and gifts are so pretty and you are blessed beyond words with a life filled with such love and friendship!!
    Have a wonderful day (the weather is crisp and beautiful here today, I hope to wear a nice fall sweater!!)

  7. Hi Julie Marie,
    You have very sweet friends, as sweet as you. Enjoy all your goodies. The teacup is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Monday!


  8. Hi, what would we do without our girl friends. I feel priviledge to have both you and Brenda as friends. I look forward every day to the beautiful thoughts and photos you share with all of us and the good times we have at Just a Bed of Roses. It such a visual treat! Merci. el

  9. Hi, Julie Marie,
    Thank you for sharing all your sweet treasures from your kind friends! I am sure they value your friendship very much. Wishing you many autumn blessings! Vicki

  10. How wonderful your sweet friends are! My sparkly tag came over the weekend while I was was such a nice treat to come home too! Thank you Julie Marie!!!

    :) T

  11. You are so creative. I love it. Ghoul friends. That's good stuff.

    Sweet gifts for a sweet girl.

  12. Dear Julie Marie,

    You have such kind and good friends, and you are such a kind and good friend!!!

    How sweet of you to take Elaine her gift. It is wonderful the two of you live close. I love the beautiful gifts she gave to you and the sweet things Brenda tucked into your packages. Lovely photos!!!

    Love, Paula and Pearl