Monday, September 28, 2009

Autumn in Centerville...

By now I am sure you all know I LOVE Autumn and Halloween... the other day my neighbor invited me over to see her beautiful Autumn arrangements... she had gathered gorgeous Autumn leaves up the canyon at her cabin and brought them back to place about her home... here is her dining room table centerpiece, isn't it stunning!... the leaves dry but stay in place all Fall and look so pretty...

That really put me in the mood to head to our local fruit and vegetable stand... I have been patiently (ok, impatiently) awaiting my all time FAVORITE apples arrival... Yippee!!! That was the day!!!... So many yummy things to buy, but first I made sure I headed back through the peaches, squash, melons, gourds, and all the other treasures to get my apples...

Ah ha! There they were... right by my other favorites, the pumpkins! These are the absolute yummiest apples in the world! I bought a half bushel to take home, and ate one in the car on the short drive back...

Here are my treasures, they are called Honeycrisp and if you have never tasted one, you are in for a real treat! They are sweet and sooo juicy and BIG... I love big apples! I bought some caramel apple dip to dip some of them in... mmmm....

You can see some of my New Guinea Impatiens are still blooming pretty, but we are in for a drastic change in the weather here over the next few days... today was in the 90's and they are forecasting a high of 50 degrees for Wednesday... I hope it is a brief cold spell... I love Autumn and want it to last well into Indian Summer... in the mean time, I will enjoy my Honeycrisps with some caramel on top... and maybe bake some pumpkin nut bread tomorrow... hope you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn where you are!... Bisous...


  1. Oh it is my favorite season also, but I enjoy decorating the outside more I think then the inside.I will have to wait till my foot recovers a little more before I get the way I had a bone removed from my foot since you asked on my blog. Thanks again for your kind words.

  2. Happy Autumn to you Julie Marie!!! Enjoy those apples (they're one of my favs too)!

    :) T

  3. Hi Julie Marie,
    I can only imagine how delicious those apples are...yum. My favorite is the Gala Apple. It's sweet and the skin is nice and soft...just like I like 'em.:-) Oh! and I can already smell your pumpkin nut bread baking. Delicious! Have a wonderful evening.


  4. Julie you crack me know why!
    Those leaves are so brilliant and I love them even when they dry up, mother nature is so good to us.
    Enjoy your apples, my husband keeps bringing our in, they are just a bit tart for me, but this week could make a difference.
    Enjoy the bread making in the cool weather. And hope your enjoying your new Life book, its as delicious as those apples.

  5. Hi!!
    Love this Post...
    The pictures are really pretty... I love when you used to grow pumpkins when me and Liz were kids and we would get to pick some... I also love the bread you make... I was just saying the other day that I wanted some of your Zucchini bread, but Pumpkin nut bread sounds yummy too!! Those apples look perfect. We have caramel dip as well for our apples it is always good around this time of year! If we head up to Dear Lizzie's again def come with us... Have a good night!
    Lots of Love~ Filly

  6. Your photos had my mouth watering. I don't see the honeycrisps around here very often.

  7. Darling, I wished that I had your enthusiasm for autumn…however, unfortunately I don’t. I am more a spring and summer person and get really depressed during autumn and winter. I will keep looking at your blog in the next few weeks, may be it will rub off on me!! Have a terrific Tuesday

    Love & Hugs

  8. Look at all those lovevly fruits.I love apples. That centerpiece is just stunning.What a wonderful idea also.XXOO Marie Antionette

  9. Oh those fruits look so yummy!! I love apples. I want to make some caramel ones with the boys when I feel better!

    Thank you so much again Julie for the bunny :) I love her so much and smile every time I look at her. Even my boys think she's cool :) You are just too sweet to think of me like that :) I went back and highlighted Taco Soup in my post, if you click on it, it will take you to the recipe. It is really good, I hope you like it :)
    Love ya sweetie,

  10. Hi Julie,
    Sweet Fall post.. Soo enjoyed your pics.. I just wish it would feel more like fall here, and cooool way down !! Have a happy,creative day.. Blessings and love..
    hugs ~tea~xo

  11. Beautiful photographs of the beauty of fall. Have fun baking. Hope to see you soon!

  12. Dear Julie Marie,

    I am so glad you are enjoying autumn. It is my favorite season! Last night and today we have had a bit of cool weather! I am so thankful!

    Your friend's arrangement is just beautiful. I love using things found in nature for decorations. The farmer's market looks like a wonderful place! Oh, all of the fruit looks so delicious. I love honeycrisp apples and pink lady's, too! I can imagine how crispy and yummy those are being so fresh.

    Lovely picture of your autumn flag, impatiens, and apples.


    Love, Paula

  13. Oh...I adore all your lovely Fall images...nothing says fall like pumpkins and apples..that is kinda whats happening at our home as well!

  14. I love honey crisp apples! Also, pink lady apples are very good, too. The temperature is supposed to drop here, as well, though not nearly as much. Unlike you, I never want summer to end. Luckily, for most of the year, that's exactly the kind of weather we do have here. Perfect, in my mind. Anyway, I am glad you are getting the fall weather you love where you are.

  15. Hi Sweet Friend,

    As you know my home internet is down and I've been missing you something terrible.

    I wanted to check in with you from work on my lunch and say hello and goodbye... I'm going to miss you when I'm on vacation, that's how much I adore you sweet friend!!

    It's finally starting to cool down a bit here and I've even seen a few trees changing colors. This is my favorite time of year and your friend’s leaves are gorgeous!

    I have never heard of Honeycrisp apples before I'll have to be on the lookout for them. I'm a miserable everyday cook, but I do enjoy baking and pumpkin nut bread sounds so good!

    Hope all is well with you and I'll talk to you soon!

    Big Hugs and Toby kisses,

  16. Sweet Karyn, if you are reading this (on your lunch at work no doubt!) have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!! Bisous! Julie Marie

  17. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I am loving this cooler autumn weather, too. Those apples look delicious!! All of the fruits and vegetables look wonderful. I love pumpkin loaf, one of my favorite fall recipes!! Those autumn leaves are stunning. How great that they will stay pretty for a long time. Thank you for stopping by Bunny Cottage. I love when you come by for a visit!! Sending happy autumn wishes your way!! Vicki

  18. Precious Julie Marie ~ This is a wonderful presentation ... you ladies have a special touch.

    IF EVER you can find a Gravenstein apple (older variety) it is the best of them all ... crisp, sweet/tart ... when applesauce is made using this apple it states clearly on the can GRAVENSTEIN vs ordinary apples.

    I am glad that my post today honors your Father & all men like he, who valiantly for our freedoms.
    TY for sharing this with me. Some day do a post on your Father & his military memoirs/history.

    Hugs, TTFN ~Marydon

  19. We are still having a wonderful farmers market here is South Jordan
    every saturday. We're waiting for our favorite apple too. I'm going to take my camera this saturday and snap it all up before it's gone. I sure don't want the fall to be over either.

    Have a nice evening.