Wednesday, August 19, 2009

White Wednesday... getting cozy...

My new Fall Pendleton catalog arrived yesterday, and I just had to share the cover with you... such a sweet, soft little white lamb... so precious... and so deserving of being featured on my White Wednesday post... I love Pendleton clothing and blankets and bags... especially as Autumn arrives and I want to be warm and cozy...

This is not Pendleton, but it is my very favorite cozy white sweater~shawl...I love it because it goes with everything...

I do believe I will go antiquing after I visit everyone for White Wednesday... I will take this pretty little beaded pearl bag my mama bought for me when I was a little girl at Auerbach's Department Store... even as a child I adored sparkly, beautiful things...

I must have some pretty jewelry to wear with my shawl... maybe my favorite pearl bracelet...

Or should I wear one of my treasured estate sale rhinestone bracelets... they look so pretty in my vintage little white cup, I do not want to disturb them...

Perhaps I will find a new beautiful vintage bracelet to wear... I already have a special place to keep it in my pretty little "treasure pouch" made from a vintage linen napkin and adorned with an heirloom salt spoon...

Wishing you a beautiful White Wednesday... what makes you cozy for fall?...

P.S. Please visit Kathleen at Faded Charm for more beautiful White Wednesday posts... Bisous...


  1. Miss Julie, as always your blog takes me away. I remember shopping there. I love that you've kept your treasures. Your bracelets are stunning. Have fun shopping.

  2. Hi Julie,

    What a beautiful post and the lamb is so sweet...I want one!

    Love all of your pretty white treasures, it all so gorgeous!

    Big Hugs,

    p.s. Toby says hello and sends you big doggie kisses.

  3. Julie your whites are so enjoyable, oh to be snuggled up in a pendleton and that pretty white sweater. I'm so tired right from working out of the garage, now I should just go to bed and COUNT SHEEP...hey thats an idea!!!

    How fun to go antiquing with your beaded purse, I would too!

    Tonight I am wearing white paint, does that count? I painted white today, maybe I will have to get up early and take a picture or two, oh maybe 3.

    Love your pictures, its nice to see your creativity.

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet gift. I absolutely love it. And I love your White Wednesday. Your sparkle bracelets are amazing. You should wear those when we go to France.

  5. Oooh Jeni! I WILL wear my sparkle bracelets! Is Shane flying us to France????? I will start packing tonight!

  6. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I always enjoy stopping by for a visit with you. You alway have something beautiful to share! I love all of your whites, but I think my very favorite is that little beaded bag your mama gave you. You will have to tell us about your antiquing trip and show pictures of your finds. Thanks for stopping by Bunny Cottage. Vicki

  7. Love the sparkles and the shawl.

    Can I come to France, TOO!??????


  8. Pendleton's lamb just the cutest! Lovely post.

  9. Hi, what a great memory jogger. I loved going to Auerbach's as a little girl, too. We lived in Ogden so when we got to shop in Salt Lake it was a real treat. As a young married I worked in Auerbach's credit department and on my lunch hour would stroll through their beautiful floors - dreaming of the day I would have money to spend. I wish we still had that store. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Also, thanks for the beautiful post card. I'm using it as a bookmark.

  10. Dear Julie Marie,

    Oh, I love that sweet little lamb! I would love to have pet lambs... I always tell Pearl she is my little lamb. I think poodles have that look, don't you? Must be the curly fur! :) I can imagine how warm and cozy the items are that Pendleton's offers. I am ready for Autumn to arrive!

    I love your beautiful white shawl, it is so romantic! Your little beaded bag is gorgeous! How wonderful to have a childhood treasure! The pearl bracelet is so beautiful and I love your estate sale rhinestone bracelets, too!!! You have shared such loveliness this morning. I will be dreaming of white all day!

    The little pouch is darling! I hope you have a wonderful afternoon antiquing and find lots of pretty things!

    Love, Paula

  11. JULIE!!!! This is the most fabulous post :) The lamb on the magazine is just the cutest! I love lambs :) Your jewelry and that purse are to die for!!!! I am swooning! Those rhinestone bracelets are my favorites :):) The shawl is gorgeous and looks so warm and has such a romantic feel to it! Especially paired with that pearl bracelet...*sigh*

    Love ya sweetie!

  12. The little lamb is so sweet. As for fall, although I now live (and have for the last 8 years) in Southern California where fall is probably our best time of the year, the 10 years I spent in Chicago really scarred me. Fall there is lovely too, but it was what came after (namely the 8 months of winter) that made it impossible to enjoy. No, I prefer summer and sunshine all the time.

  13. Whatever you decide to wear, you will look Fab! on those pretty whites!

  14. Bon jour Miss Julie,
    I love, love, love your pearl bracelet and your shawl does look very cozy. You have such lovely things thank you so much for sharing and for visiting me at A Petite Cottage. Hope you drop by again. Have a wonderful White Wednesday.


  15. I love your blog and your bracelets and purse are to die for. Just beautiful.


  16. Love the adorable lamb and the pretty bracelets--all of your pictures are pretty! Have a great White Wednesday antiquing :)

  17. Julie Marie,
    What beautiful treasures! I especially love all your bling.
    Happy White Wednesday!

  18. Love ALL your whites, but there for a second I thought I was going to love the little lamb that I "thought" you might have! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I'm especially in love with that little beaded pearl bag! I don't think I've ever seen one quite as pretty. :)

  20. Funny you mentioned Pendleton clothing....I was just talking about them to friends and we wondered if they were still around glad to know they are. Their products used to be made in the US but I'm sure no more(China no doubt).
    Well maybe we could find some good old fashion made in the US antiques after catalog browsing.What ya say?

  21. and all. What a great idea to turn a vintage napkin into a little pouch. AAHHH....cooler weather ;-)

  22. Dear El... I didn't know you had worked at Auerbachs at one time... it was such a beautiful store, I miss it... before my mama met my daddy, she modeled for Auerbach's... I must find the picture either me or my sister has of her modeling a beautiful wedding gown... Hope to get together with you and Jeni soon for another "girls day out" full of shopping and fun! Julie

  23. Beautiful shawl & your bracelets are 2die4! The rhinestone one is my favorite but the pearls run a close second.

  24. Oh Julie...must I think of autumn already? I'm still basking in the summer sun, but I DO love your pretty jewels and shawl! And what is this about France?? Count me in! xo Roberta
    p.s. yes, I do believe what you said on my blog about keeping watch!

  25. So, so pretty! I love those pearly bracelets...very sweet post about your daddy. You were blessed...

  26. Oh that little bag is special! I do hope you had fun antiquing! Thank you so much for the sweet, caring words you left on my blog the other day...I feel overjoyed to have such wonderful blog friends:)


  27. I'm running over right now to the Pendleton website and see about receiving their new catalog. I love your bracelets and shawl. I'm ready for cooler weather!

  28. Loving the sweater shawl, the neckline is adorable and so is the lamb. Great pretty white wednesday post! I think your on a role Julie doing a wonderful job with all your posts...


  29. I am definitely in love with your whites today. I LOVE the pearl bracelet. What a sweet little bag that is and such a wonderful remembrance too.
    I have a thing for sheep and lambs. I love 'em.
    Baa for now,

  30. Hi Julie,
    I found your beautiful blog through Bunny Rose Cottage & I have enjoyed reading your posts.
    I too love lambs (sheep) so I enjoyed seeing this catalog cover.
    I also enjoyed your comment on Amy's most recent post & I totally agree.
    Seems we have something in common too as I lost my mom young at 44 (1977) & then my sister next to me in age at 44 (2000) & also lost my Dad ten years ago.
    I will be following your blog now that I have found you.
    Take care.