Monday, August 24, 2009

White Wednesday... bending the rules a little...

I had a post all ready for White Wednesday this week, then a very special package arrived today... the minute I saw the label that said "Bunny Rose Cottage" I knew I was in for a special treat... Beautiful, sweet Amy makes these gorgeous treasure boxes and sells them at her Etsy shop... all proceeds from her sales go to help a precious little boy with Down Syndrome named "Parker" that she met through her blog and fell in love with... I knew I wanted to help as well, and asked Amy if she would make a special box just for me... she said she was happy to do so... I want to leave this post up all week so everyone can see what beautiful treasure boxes she creates, and what a kind, sweet, caring and giving person she is to donate her proceeds to such a special child...

She enclosed the prettiest little card with a bunny on the front and a sweet message for me inside...

I love this tiny little bunny on the lid...

Lace, silk ribbons and roses are all around the box on the sides...

When I opened the lid, it was already full of beautiful treasures!...

At the bottom of the box inside is a pretty butterfly... I love butterflies!...

Knowing what a Nature lover I am and that I begin each day with a Nature walk, Amy created this beautiful little Nature Walk Journal just for me... how precious is that!...

Another special treasure, a "J" dangles from a pink silk ribbon and is made from vintage pearls and rhinestone jewels...

Then tucked in a pretty white silk pouch with a pink silk rose was the most beautiful gold bracelet I have ever seen...beautiful butterflies on the sides and a pretty flower on the front of it, I do believe that is a Lily of the Valley (Muguet in French), my birth flower...

Knowing that I am of French heritage and adore ALL things French, she enclosed these pretty note cards that read "Merci Beacoup"...

Here are all my lovely treasures nestled back in the box...

This beautiful vintage white millinery flower sits atop the lid, with a wonderful vintage rhinestone jewelry piece as the center of the flower...

There is also a beautiful arbor, covered in roses (possibly from a vintage greeting card?) with a little pink butterfly who has landed on a rose...a little white dove and the teeny bunny at the bottom, and a horseshoe above it (for good luck, of course!)...

I have never seen anything sooo exquisite! Sweet Amy, I will treasure this always! I am saving one of my special "wishes" and the other one I will make a wish for sweet little Parker..."I wish you a long, healthy and happy life little Parker"...

I hope you will "hop" on over to Bunny Rose Cottage and visit with Amy too... I first met Amy at Jo~Anne Coletti's blog, thank you also Jo~Anne for "introducing" me to Amy as well... So now you can see why I needed to "bend the rules" a little this week for my White Wednesday post... a little early, but still full of many "white" treasures inside my gorgeous box... I hope you will visit Faded Charm this Wednesday too, as I will, and visit all of the other beautiful blogs that day featuring their lovely "White Wednesday"posts...
Sweet Amy, I adore you, thank you so very much!
Bisous...Je t'aime Amy!...


  1. Lovely projects and the pearl "J" is beautiful too!

  2. Bonjour Julie Marie~
    Everything is beautiful, each layer upon layer of charming items. A pretty package within a package over and over again. I can see why the parcel made your day (I mean week!).

  3. Wonderful box, expecially the pearl "J". I'll check her site.

  4. Julie Marie,

    This post was SO worth bending the rules for. I am in awe of the "box"!! I love every single treasure!! What a wonderful gift a box like this would make for someone you love. And all for such a worthy cause. Amy sounds like a sweet, creative and generous person. I am on my way to her blog!!

    You are a lucky girl today!! ;-)


  5. Okay, Julie Marie, I am officially in TEARS right now!!!! I am crying!! You are the sweetest most caring person and oh my gosh, I dont even know what to say!!!! THANK YOU so much for the kindest words anyone has ever said about me!! You don't know how much this post means to me! And that you helped my sweet little friend Parker. When I first discovered him, I cried for three days. The pain and suffering that little guy has gone through and the strength he has to fight, he has taught me so much. Whenever I complain or feel down, I go visit him and he puts me right in my place. I love that little guy and want to do anything I can to help him. THANK YOU so much for taking the time to read about him and see the beauty and strength in him. You are a gift Julie, a true gift!!

    YES, the arbor is from a beautiful vintage greeting card and I knew it would be just perfect for you! I was hoping to find one with roses on a fence like you painting from Jo-Anne. The arbor was the next closest thing :) Your box is my favorite one I have ever done! I love the little hidden bunny :) When I was little, my favorite store was the Hallmark store. I loved looking at the cards. Everyone I would ever pick out for someone, had to have a bunny hiding somewhere in flowers or behind a mushroom or in a little house, something, lol! I still love cards and tend to pick out ones like that, lol! You are a beautiful, giving, loving person Julie Marie and I am so glad you are a blogger!!
    Love you lots,

  6. Dear Amy, YOU are the one who is priceless...I adore the rose arbor and it DID remind me of my roses by Jo~Anne... thank you!

  7. Oh Julie,

    What a gorgeous treasure filled box! I adore sweet Amy too and you can tell the love and care she put into creating this beautiful box and filling it to the brim with love!

    You deserve it as you are truly one of the kindest people I have ever come across.

  8. ps julie

    i have left you a comment back on my blog. I usually forget to do that but i remembered this time.

    cindy stiches

  9. Darling sweet and perfect for you miss Julie Marie!

  10. It's all so beautiful. And so delicate-looking. The butterfly on the bottom of the box is a great idea. Even after you've taken all the treasures out, there is still one more.
    The fact that Amy makes and sells these boxes to benefit Parker just makes them all the more special. What a loving, kind person she must be.

  11. What a kind girl to donate her time and talent to this little boy. This is what it's all about. Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a wonderfully special box (it doesn't even seem right to call it a "box" because it is just so lovely). I just LOVE hearing about someone doing something so good, from the heart, like Amy!

    :) T

  13. Dear Julie Marie,

    What a wonderful treasure!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful box and all the pretties enclosed!!! Amy is such a sweetheart and so are you! You both are very giving, loving, kind and thoughtful!!!

    I love everything! Amy did a beautiful job making this box and filling it with things you love! Not only is it such a blessing to you, but it is a blessing to little Parker as well!

    Love, Paula

  14. Well, well....hello back to you Ms. Julie Marie! So nice to see your blog and learn a bit more about your days. Amy is a sweetie, that is for sure. See you soon...xo~ Janet

  15. Hello, Julie Marie,
    Isn't that box so precious? And all the beautiful things inside, too. What a special treasure and also how good to help out little Parker. Thank you for sharing all your pretties. Have a blessed week. Vicki p.s. I am going over to visit Bunny Rose Cottage.

  16. Hi Julie Marie,
    What a treasuse trouve of lovely things. She created such beauty here and isn't it wonderful for Parker that she is so kind hearted and talented. Thank you for sharing this today, I love hearing of this kind of generosity of spirit, don't you?

  17. Gorgeous box and I love that J. Even better that Parker is helped when he needs it due to her generosity.


  18. Hi Julie Marie...there are some wondeful people in blogland, and you sure found one! I'm sure sweet thoughts and loving hands made each precious treasure just for you...the pretty box and all inside! Hugs to you and to Parker, too! Mary

  19. Bon jour Julie Marie,
    Your box is so lovely. And all the surprises inside are so sweet! Amy is a very giving, loving, creative and sweet person. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a beautiful day.


  20. Hi Julie Marie! I can attest to the fact that Amy is truly as sweet as her beautiful creations! She & I have been in an eBay group ~ that is where I first met her. She & I have been lucky to be partenered up twice for swaps & she throws in extra love with everything she makes!!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog ~ you are entered in my giveaway for the ballet slippers~ good luck!

    Big Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  21. What a wonderful treasure that she created just for you. You are both lovely people...thank you for sharing.

  22. What a *treasure* box...just so pretty.

  23. What a sweet surprise to receive in the mail. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog and looking forward to your next white post.

    Take care,


  24. What a beautiful box Julie and great cause to support too! That gold bracelet is stunning!

    Hope you have been well...sorry I haven't been by for so long!

  25. Hello Miss Julie Marie! We see your comments all the time & thought we'd better come over and introduce ourselves and say "Bonjour!" What a darling hat box filled with goodies - the nature journal is such a wonderful idea - too cute!
    Well, we are off to read some more of your beautiful blog!
    Karla & Karrie

  26. Miss Julie, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back with you sooner. You ask me the name that I had given my new little shelf girl. COLLETT,
    that's her name. She's named after one of the most influential people of my life. The sweetest little girl, and I just know, she is a prima ballerina. The clouds are her stage and the hearts that are open are her audience.


    It's a long story - when we get to meet I'll bring pictures and tell you the story if you'd like.

  27. What a special treasure! Tout y est magnifique.