Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tresors pour Moi...

This has been a very exciting week for me... first on Monday my beautiful treasure box arrived from sweet Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage... (my previous post)... then yesterday, another package was waiting for me at the post office when I went to pick up my mail... the ladies who work there get as excited as I do when I receive a package... they know something wonderful will be inside... they are right! It was my gorgeous book "Waterside Cottages" by Barbara Jacksier... Barbara visited my blog recently and I immediately recognized her as the previous editor of one of my favorite magazines "Romantic Country"... Her book "Waterside Cottages" just came out and I ordered mine from my sweet blogger friend Roberta at Tresor Trouve... her shop is called "Enchanted Treasures" and you can visit there through her blog... Roberta's breathtaking seaside cottage is featured in this book... her chapter is called "Harbor View Haven"... and that so describes her little piece of Heaven by the sea... I LOVE the ocean and seashells, actually, I love everything that has to do with the ocean... I have not been there for a while and I miss it... I am now dreaming of visiting Roberta in her sweet cottage by the sea, and sipping tea with her on her back deck that offers a view of the ocean beyond...

When I ordered the book, I asked Roberta if she would mind signing my copy for me... when it arrived there was a lovely inscription inside...

Roberta also enclosed this beautiful shell, a "tresor" from her personal collection, just for "Moi"! I will cherish this always... I love holding seashells up to my ear and listening to the ocean... Roberta is such a lovely lady and new friend I have met through blogging... you must get a copy of "Waterside Cottages"... and visit Roberta not only at her blog, but inside her "Harbor View Haven" as well... Merci Roberta! Bisous!

The treasures just keep coming... today, the girls at the post office told me I had "another" surprise waiting (they are sooo sweet to get excited for me!)... Inside the parcel pick up locker was a beautiful little package... the return address told me it was from another one of my new blogger friends, sweet Paula of Rose Cottage by the Lake... Paula and Pearl, her adorable French Poodle sent me the most beautiful sachet Paula made for me and filled with organic lavender that she grows in her garden in Louisiana... She also enclosed a sweet card with a lovely message to me... I would love to visit Paula one day too, and see where all of my French ancestors lived...and give Pearl doggie kisses and sip herbal tea in their garden... the front of the sachet is soft pastels with lace and satin ribbons and vintage buttons...

On the back are the prettiest pink roses with more satin ribbon...

Merci Paula and Pearl! I will cherish this always... you are so very kind to think of me...

A year ago, I did not even know what a blog was... today I am part of a wonderful group of ladies (and some guys too I believe!) who love so many of the same things I do, and enjoy sharing their new finds, ideas, thoughts, support and love..... To all of my sweet blogger friends who visit me, Merci! Bisous...


  1. How wonderful Julie! You are such a kind, sweet and genuine woman...who wouldn't love you?! You are definitely having a love filled week. Enjoy all your new treasures sweet lady!

    Big hugs to you and doggie kisses from Toby.

  2. Hi Julie!

    What wonderful treasures you have received! Roberta and Paula are both such sweethearts :) I want that Waterside Cottages book so badly :) It is on my long list, lol! I saw the pretty gifts you sent Pearl! How sweet of you! And how kind of Paula to send the beautiful gift in return. Bloggers truly are the sweetest!
    Love ya!

  3. Julie Marie,

    You are such a lucky girl!! I'd be green with envy but green is not my color!! lol!

    I am going to have to get my hands on this book!! I don't live near the ocean, but the next best thing is my home on the lake. Drifting in the boat in the early evening when the setting sun is glinting off the water is as peaceful as it can get. Sitting on my beach in the morning, in a sweater with a big mug of coffee in hand, letting the water tickle my toes is another favorite time. When I lay down to sleep at night, I turn my head toward the balcony where I can see the lights across the bay twinkling like little beacons.

    Now you have another place to visit, Julie Marie!!


  4. Okay dear Janie... how do I get to your house??? You just described my idea of a perfect day... wearing a cozy sweater, big cup of coffee in my hand, water tickling my toes, sun glistening off the water... the closest thing I have is the Great Salt Lake (not nearly as pretty as the ocean or a fresh water lake) and I have a "sleep machine" that plays sounds like ocean waves crashing against a rocky cliff...just not the same either... I will bring the coffee and treats! Julie Marie

  5. Oh, now I can see why you were sending such a lovely thank you to dear Paula. This sachet is so pretty and just so you. What a sweet lady Paula is. I just love Pearl as well.

  6. It looks like you'll be making the rounds Julie! Lovely photos and sentiment with very pretty vignettes of the shell and book. You certainly have a knack for blogging Julie! Your wording and photos are lovely. I can imagine the girl's delight at the post office too! Have fun with all your goodies this week. xo Roberta

  7. Dear sweet Julie Marie,

    I am so glad you have had a happy and exciting week! It is such fun to receive 'love' in the mail! :) The ladies at the post office sound so sweet. I know they adore you because you are so SWEET! Pearl and I adore you, and we are so thankful we met you through your lovely blog!!!

    The Waterside Cottages book sounds so delightful and beautiful. I love the vignette in your lovely photo. You should submit your vignettes to sweet Alice W. for her Romantic Vignettes blog!

    Thank you for sharing the links.. I look forward to visiting them. Roberta and her cottage sound so sweet and charming! How kind of her to inscribe your book and include the lovely shell and pretty tag.

    I loved making the sachet for you sweet Julie Marie. Pearl and I are so very happy and blessed that you like it. Your photos are lovely. We hope to meet you one day and Pearl would LOVE to give you doggie kisses and we would sip tea in our garden. You are so welcome! We will cherish the beautiful hankie you sent Pearl and the gift of your beautiful friendship!!!! Thank you for the kindness you have shown us! Much love to you!

  8. So very sweet and fun. I love the excitment at the post office.

    Serrt dream my cute friend


  9. Hello, Julie Marie,
    I am so glad you have received so many beautiful things this week. You have a heart to appreciate such beauty. The book looks enchanting, and I absolutely love that sweet pink sachet! Thanks for sharing all your pretties with us so we can ooh and aah, too. Have a good end of the week and a great weekend. Vicki

  10. What lovely treasures you had waiting at the post office! Isn't that the best...when you get a package from a sweet friend...that you just know will contain beauty and inspiration!

  11. Beautiful treasures Julie Marie! I love Barbara's book too~so full of inspiration. Nice to see my Murphy on your sidebar. Happy weekend~ xo~Janet

  12. Hi, What lovely goodies you received. How sweet that the girls get so excited for you when you go to the post office!! Isn't it so nice to live in towns were people care about you!!
    I love listening to the ocean in my seashells too, it reminds me so much of my travels to the beach with my parents when I was a little girl.
    Have a lovely weekend

  13. A love to get happy mail. {That's what I call anything that's not a bill.} And you got REALLY happy mail on this day. What fun surprises. I'm going to have to checkout that book now. Looks lovely.