Sunday, August 16, 2009

My thrift store find...

The other day I went to a nearby thrift~store run by one of the local churches here... Many items are so reasonable! I have found alot of wonderful treasures there through the years... sometimes they simply need cleaned up a bit to be brought back to their former beauty... The other day I happened upon this beautiful vintage silver trinket box... fifty cents! I am thrilled with it and it will sit proudly on my dresser, perhaps with a vintage rhinestone brooch in it, as maybe it once did in the past... I love the tarnished, well~loved look... I too will love and care for it...


Bunny Rose Cottage said...

It's beautiful Julie! What a perfect find.


Jeni said...

What a find! It's lovely.

Paula said...

Dear Julie Marie,

It is exquisite, and will be beautiful on your dresser with a vintage rhinestone brooch in it. The price was wonderful, too! I love finding old things and giving them a new home. I know you will love and care for this!

Love, Paula

June said...

50 cents!!! Did I just hear you just say 50 cents??? Oh I'm leaving for Utah this minute! It is beautiful, you blessed girl.

Cindy said...

That is a very beautiful find. It will be beautiful sitting on your dresser. Did they have any milk glass? I would love to spend more time in Antique stores, I don't seems to do it by myself.

What are you doing for White Wednesday?

Vicki said...

Hello, Julie Marie,
What a wonderful find! It will look beautiful on your dresser, too. I am going to have to get to some thrift stores and have a look. I have seen so many beautiful things that have been found there. Your treasure was a steal for only fifty cents. Thanks for visiting me at Bunny Cottage. Hope you have a wonderful week. Vicki

Tutti Chic said...

How lovely! :) chris

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hello. Happy to make your acquaintance. I came over from a comment you made in 'Blondie's' blog. :-)

Mmmm, what a lovely on-line-journaling place you have here! Pink and soft and I too love the feelings evoked by 'The Wind In The Willows' and the 'Brambly Hedge' books, etc.

I hope to make a return visit, soon. And would love it, if you find time to pay a call over in 'the Attic.' :-)

Gentle hugs,
'Aunt Amelia'

Charlotte said...

Beautiful. I love it, and what a great find.

Cindy said...

Miss Julie, I just noticed your Lavender Book about Fairey's and your fairey statue. I LOVE IT!

Roberta said...

Sweet find Julie and a lovely post about your Dad. What a great picture of him as a child.
xo Roberta

KarenHarveyCox said...

Hi, so nice to meet you. I read what you wrote on Blonde's post and wanted to come and see your blog. I too turned sixty, and although facing the end of a chapter when I was so needed, I soon discovered me again. Now, I am so enjoying my life again, but in a brand new way.

Your blog is gorgeous, and I love the trinket box that you found. Another favorite thing to do, visiting Vintage shops.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Chère Julie, you asked what state I live in... NYS, but upper. No where near 'the Big Apple.' Thankfully. I'm not a Big City gal. :-)

Wishing you some rain, over in your state. Actually, we had loads of it. And now, less and less. It's actually beginning to seem like the usual August, complete with a mini heat/humid spell.

But, soon enough, all of us will be shivering in cold/snow/ice. ,-) Must remember that, hu?

√Čtreintes douces,
'Aunt Amelia'